If you’re a kids yoga training organisation, kids yoga teacher, kids yoga teacher trainee, or are thinking about teaching kids yoga…and are fed up with spending so much time creating yoga lesson plans, you’ve come to the right place. I created the Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit™ in 2012, and have spent countless hours over the years testing, tweaking and adding new resources. Every single resource I create for the Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Kit™ is tried, tested and tweaked within my Kids Yoga Programme. With kids yoga lesson plans you can track what you have taught throughout the months and years. All you need to do to find any lesson plan that you’ve created is click “Search lesson Plans”.
You’ll save lots of time creating kids yoga lesson plans when you have a structure to play with.
Winging it (on-the-fly teaching without creating a plan) sounds good but rarely produces good results. You can also practice the kids yoga lesson plan within your mind using this yoga lesson planning visualisation technique.
You can easily make fun detours by looking at the “yoga imagery” section of the kids yoga lesson plan. Attention Getters are life savers during a kids yoga class. A kids yoga class never goes 100% according to plan. These magic hand exercises (Kid Mudras) build self-empowerment by learning how to access and send energy where it needs to go for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.
A child’s fragile and still-developing brain is less suited to handling stress and negative emotions, such as fear, anger or sorrow which is why approximately 170,000 UK children are seen by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) each year. That’s where kids relaxation can come to the rescue.
Meditation helps children in many ways including: positive self concept, reduce stress, deal with stress better,  strengthen immune system, improve relationships,  replace anger with self acceptance,  improves focus, memory and opens the door to inner peace.
Save, copy, download, edit, print or e-mail practices any time across any device (PC, Tablet, iPad, Smartphones). Click the “Search Lesson Plans” link to search for any lesson plans that you have created (or any that other members have created and shared). Click the green “Getting Started Video” button and within 5 minutes you’ll know how to use the Kids Yoga Lesson Planner…even if you hardly know how to turn on a computer. You can create kids yoga lesson plans effortlessly with our time-saving drag & drop technology. Click the golden “Ask Genie” button anytime you want Yoga Genie to create a kids yoga sequence for you.

Click the “Download” link when you’re ready to download the kids yoga lesson plan as a PDF. When I first started teaching yoga, I was…well, I was taking approximately 7 hours to create one kids yoga lesson plan!
After over a year of my lesson planning woes, it dawned on me that the planning had become pressured, stressful and a whoppingly large energy leak in my life.
So, I set out on an epic mission to create a yoga lesson planning system that would shave 6.45 hours off the current 7 painful hours it was taking me to complete a lesson plan. You may laugh at the perfectionist streak that was causing me to spend an average of 7 hours of my life energy on something as seemingly simple as a yoga lesson plan.
And the 100’s of kids yoga teachers worldwide who have already got their yogic hands on the Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit™ were also shocked. You then seek salvation by flicking through 15 year old, musty-smelling yoga and health magazines. After hours of blood, toil, tears and sweat you end up in the dreaded yoga lesson planning hole of doom. Comments are closed here, but feel free to stop by the Unearthed Comics Facebook Page for some intriguing conversation or to share your comments there. In the video below you will see an actual demonstration of two popular breathing exercises.These exercises are known as the the Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma.
The stuff that doesn’t work is weeded out, leaving the really, really, really cool stuff that made a connection with the kids. And to make the tracking even easier, you’ll be able to effortlessly search your lesson plans by name or date. The myth is that if you’re a really experienced yoga teacher, you shouldn’t need a kids lesson plan. For example, the dolphin asana (see below) gives the following imagery: playfulness, transcendence, gentleness, harmony, intelligence, contentment, friendship, community, generosity and power. That means you could create a kids yoga lesson plan on a bus, in a queue, on a train, at your local park, in a coffee shop…or even at home (though, the coffee shop sounds better).
The best part is that you’ll be super duper organised…all your lesson plans and handouts in one convenient place.

This is an advanced feature for users who are keen to add poses that aren’t already available within the categories. This is a great option if you’re planning a 6 week course and want to tweak each lesson plan a little. When you click the “Ask Genie” button, you’ll be given the choice of “Default Lesson Plan Formula” or “My Lesson Plan Formula” where you can enter how many poses you want from each category. I simply had to find a way to lessen the stress of lesson planning or burn out, stop teaching yoga and do something bone chillingly dull such as give businesses advice about their marketing (umm, which was my job before becoming a yoga teacher). Within minutes of purchase, you’ll be emailed a link to register your username and password. One of my design clients even bought me a sign to hang in my office to remind me to take some deep breaths.
The Kit has all the tips, tools and templates you need to immediately start teaching yoga to kids, even if you’re not a qualified yoga teacher.
Then throughout the day I’ll take the lesson plan out of my pocket and as I’m looking through it, I’ll imagine myself teaching the class.
For example, if you’re glancing down at the kids yoga lesson plan and the word “gentleness” catches your eye, you might say to the kids, “Did you know that dolphins are gentle and loving? For example you might want “5” standing poses, “3” seated poses, “1” relaxation, “1” mudra, etc.
If, however, you want to give a simplified version of the lesson plan, I recommend choosing either “6 Poses Per Row”. Luckily, I don’t have the same problem that this dragon does or else my whole office would be a disaster. I used to play professional golf and used to “mentally play the golf course” in my mind before actually playing it for real.

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