For years, travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India's ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda healing. From by-donation yoga programs at a southern India center to luxury wellness retreats at an upscale Himalayas destination spa, these 10 retreat centers accommodate every budget and level of interest, from the yoga-curious to experienced meditation practitioners. The Art of Living International Center, a 65-acre campus located on top of the Panchagiri Hills outside Bangalore, is a popular destination for peace-seekers from abroad heading to India for the ashram experience. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. The meditation at Holistic Retreat Bali is to teach people a simple, effective way to quiet their body and mind. This is a journey inspired by the Balinese nurturing traditions to regenerate and renew you.
When your life turns out to be too stressful and you cannot find a moment to honor yourself or to dedicate a few days to take care of your body and mind, relaxing can be very beneficial for your general wellness. Respecting the peculiarities and needs of each participant, treatments and guidance along these days will be held individually and customized.
The original suites are made with natural materials using the most creative Balinese designs following organic shapes of nature in the forms of sacred spirals and leaves. Each suite has an open veranda featuring a tropical lush garden and open-air bathtub made of stone with color therapy system, where you can relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. These beautiful rooms are ideal for an opening of unconscious healing, completing the total experience of this program.
The retreat restaurant offers vegan healing cuisine, a combination of raw living foods and healthy cooked dishes. Participate in a relaxing and rejuvenating 60 min morning yoga class with Breathwork and inner reflections, and in the afternoon, receive your choice of a one-hour Spa Treatment or Healing Session. This class is practiced in a beautiful warm sunlit space and is a counterbalance to the more dynamic and active styles (yang) of yoga.
In meditation we move into a higher consciousness where we unify our mind with the Mind of Spirit, and it is during those moments in the Silence that we receive answers to questions, solutions to problems, and true spiritual understanding.
3-Month Sadhana RetreatFrom the end of January till the end of April, Swami Janakananda and Swami Ma Sita Savitri guide around 30 participants from different parts of the world on the annual 3-Month Sadhana retreat. Our programmes are designed for those who want to experience the strength and depth of yoga and tantric meditation. The Main Menu you can access by clicking on the icon “3 lines”, at the top right of the screen.

The Submenu of each menu item under the main menu will be visible when you click on the icon “3 dots and lines”, at the top left of the screen. Respecting the peculiarities and needs of each participant, treatments and guidance along these days will be held individually and customized. At the feet of a Sacred River while it carves its way through a valley, you would be hypnotize by the peaceful sounds of the forest and waterfalls. Our secluded, hilltop retreat center provides a quiet environment for spiritual renewal supported by the practices of yoga, meditation and the undisturbed beauty of the natural world. Scheduled silent meditation and yoga retreats for up to 11 participants are offered throughout the year in an 1840’s renovated New England farmhouse on 100 acres of walking trails, fields, gardens and a spring-fed swimming pond. The yoga and meditation retreats provide a supportive environment to begin or deepen practices, to shed light on habituated patterns of behavior, to take personal time for digesting life experience and to recognize the ease and peace of your True Nature. The resident teachers, Sunyata (Patricia) and Surya offer the rare opportunity of shared silence during the yoga retreats, except during the sessions.
To receive occasional (4 or 5 times a year) e-mail notices of scheduled events please go to this page. Whether you're looking for a disciplined daily meditation routine at a spiritual center or a luxury spa with a focus on wellness and healing, the country's many retreat centers all promise visitors stress reduction, self-discovery and an escape from a busy urban lifestyle. With mountainside trails, gardens, a lake and organic farms surrounding the facility, it's the perfect place to get some peace and quiet. A practice that is too complicated will be abandoned by most on returning to their daily routines.
The combination of body treatments with meditation will revitalize you with more energy to return back to your everyday life Empowered. This holistic approach is designed to balance your physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Its reduced number of rooms makes it an ideal place to find the privacy and intimacy necessary to fully enjoy this experience. Through focus on breath and meditation each posture is held for long periods of time to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues, stimulating the energy flow in the body and leaving you with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness and peace. The individual yoga instruction will be developed to best fulfill your body, mind, and spirit needs with an Ayurvedic approach. Prana is the essence of our breath, the vehicle to bridge our divinity with our physicality. This holistic approach is designed to balance your physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

From the sun-filled rooms, the expansive views create a feeling of openness while relaxing in the intimate atmosphere of a farm built 150 years ago. Silence is restful, being the mirror of your natural state.  The silent community creates a supportive environment for opening to inner silence, allowing the body and mind to quiet while being aware of conditioned beliefs and the ever available presence of your True Nature. Guests (who come from all cultures and religious backgrounds) are invited to participate in voluntary service, helping with cooking, cleaning and general upkeep of the ashram. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion.
By week’s end, all guests have noticed the differences this meditation has made and are confident in continuing alone at home.
In the late afternoon, participate in either a guided 40 minute walking meditation or a guided seated meditation.
Each class will be a culmination of yoga philosophy, meditation, affirmations, mudras, chanting, pranayama, warm-ups, yoga asanas & vinyasa, and shavasana. We can master our breath to positively affect our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states. Includes two nights' accommodations, healthy organic breakfast, one morning yoga and meditation, and one afternoon meditation. Many people have asked where the shift originated, and I always pinpoint it at your retreat.
This multi-level practice is perfect for all but especially for beginners to experience and learn basic awareness and meditation techniques. Choose from one of our totally rejuvenating Blissful Healing Spa Packages and one personal Healing Session along with 3 guided meditations with pranayam and individual instruction. Christine will insightfully guide you deep into your own Being-ness, allowing you to merge and experience the Highest of Yourself in Light & Love.

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