A Georgia elemantary school has officially banned the practice of yoga on its grounds amidst, as has been documented by Inquisitr, a recent groundswell of complaints from parents. Administrators at Kennesaw, Georgia’s Bullard Elementary School have been forced to say good day to Namaste as a relaxation method in the classroom, MSN reported, following a number of documented reports of concerned moms and dads who feel that it represents the growing tide of non-Christian beliefs.
Yoga, which has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, has become an increasingly popular and more practiced form of meditation and excercise for U.S. In particular, yoga’s mindfulness, or its associated meditative state, is used with increasing frequency for its perceived usefulness in helping clear the human mind of distractions, de-stress, and, in general, help yoga-ites lead happier lives. Yoga’s close relationship with Far East religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism has drawn criticism from Bullard Elementary School parents.
Many of those who practice yoga, however, see it as more of a harmless way to blow off some steam – a method for calming anxious students who are concerned with academics, bullying, anger, or any number of other issues that come up.
In other words, many of yoga’s followers actually view its practice as the opposite of endorsing any specific creed or faith. Crawford and others of a similar mindset, therefore, see the act of performing yoga poses and stretches as the ultimate form of stress relief for the young children dealing with academic pressures.
In that respect, it may actually be the protesting parents of Bullard Elementary school students who are actually the ones wasting their breath.

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Ken Fitzner, first-year principal of Audubon School, knew budget cuts were coming but "the extent to which the cuts are happening is shocking," he said at Monday night's Local School Council meeting. The net loss for the school amounts to $400,912, which would translate into four to six teaching positions being cut and class sizes rising to 37-45 students, according to Fitzner. The budget cuts, which are happening across the district, are largely due to a new system in which CPS is allocating funds to schools on a per-student basis. School budgets and the districtwide budget will not be complete for several weeks, and, as is practice every year, this information will become public once this process is final and we are prepared to propose a budget to the public and the Board. There are lots of factors that influence how much a school will receive in funding, such as increases or decreases in enrollment, children living at the poverty level, and the number of children with special needs, among many others. Despite having a billion-dollar budget deficit, the impact of that on schools will be minimal this year by the time this process is over because we are using multiple tools—from one-time revenues in our reserves to spending reductions at Central Office—to eliminate that deficit despite a $400 million increase this year in our pension payment and other contractual obligations, as well as flat and declining revenues that have created this historic deficit facing the district. A teacher at a neighborhood high school who, of course, wants to be anonymous for job security told me.

Continue the conversation on Facebook here and type your email address in the box below and click the "create subscription" button. Crawford’s comments were delivered to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, also per MSN. Jois Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes Ashtanga yoga, provides twice-weekly, 30-minute classes to the district's 5,600 students.About 30 families have opted out of the classes since they began in 2011. Our children are sweltering in un-air conditioned schools, due to making up the days they missed back in September during the teacher's strike. Eliminating one of two seventh-grade teachers would result in 61 students in a single homeroom, he said. In previous years, schools were allotted per-position, not per-student, funding from the district's Central Office. Beard is a specialty school that serves children ages 3-8 who all have special needs-primarily Autism and Severe Emotional Disorders.

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