Speaking of workouts – which we talk a lot about here at Burpees for Breakfast – today on The Fit Dish, we are chatting about 5 people we’d like to workout with or be trained by. Much like Jen Sinkler and Neghar Fonooni, Molly is all about promoting positive body love, fueling your body properly and lifting heavy things.
I’d love to train with Jillian Michaels sometime, although I’m not sure if I could handle her screaming in my face?!?
It is just about halfway through June already (what?!) so I thought I would share some of the things I have been obsessing about lately.
At the moment I am suffering from Runner’s Knee I think it is a combination of pushing myself too hard too fast and I think I need new shoes. I am surprised with how much I am enjoying it, although I have only been doing it for a week now.
It looks like I am going to have to rest my knee for at least another week But I plan on including yoga as a post-workout stretch and also to have a longer session during the week on it’s own. When I'm not crafting I'm usually being a huge nerd, or hanging with my hubby and our two kitties, Nala & Batman. This yoga practice will help aide in healing a broken heart or help to lift your spirits and find peace.

Maybe since she and Neghar are friends, we could just do a combined workout with some HIIT intervals, kettlebells and other lifts.
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I find now the reason I have never liked it is because I’ve never had an instructor that I have liked or identified with. I don’t have much because it is a bit more expensive than patterned paper, so I always went for the patterned paper instead. She combines high intensity intervals with strength training – two types of workouts that my body craves. This is one of my go-to resources for tips and tricks on certain lifts and to find answers to questions on nutrition and proper form. Either way, I am so inspired by this Fit Fam and it would be an honor and JOY to workout with everyone! So, as I heal I want to do some active rest, and I want to also start building up a foundation of core strength and increase my flexibility. She makes me feel like I can push myself to do better, but at the same time says it is OK to just do what feels right in the moment.

Maybe once I have some more time in my life I will take a class so I can get some advice on doing it safely.
What I love about Adrienne is that she is not afraid to laugh at herself, or even make jokes during practice.
Still, I have a good amount – it is not so over flowing that I will never ever use any of it up. It isn’t giving me the next step, but it is giving me a much needed time out from my problems. So after I am done with a yoga session I can come to my desk feeling refreshed and focused and ready to tackle the day.

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