Please remember to never listen to brainwave entrainment whilst driving, if you are pregnant, under 16, suffer from seizures or wear a pacemaker then brainwave entrainment is NOT for you. It has been said a few times that those listening to it want to go to the bathroom due to the sounds of the water – so please go prior to listening! Japetus is an Australian ambient musician who has been composing music since the early 1980's. More relaxation music than meditation music, I had to include this here as Vangelis is something to behold. The vibrations of the crystal bowls is perfect for activation of your pineal gland as well. Put on your headphones and chill out big time to this meditation album which has specially embedded brainwave entrainment for ultra deep relaxation. I don’t believe you just stumble onto things for there is a reason for all things in heaven and on earth. There is such a diversity of music on youtube that tracking down exactly what will suit can seem daunting. Most of the full albums are available here from Relax Me Online, or some are totally for free.

The album has been elegantly composed by Clarke who produces some of the finest meditation and relaxation albums in Australia. Unfortunately, YouTube is not allowing me to embed it here, so please click on the link to be taken directly to the album.
This full album is available for FREE – simply add your name and email to the top of the page and you will have access to gain the full album (plus others!) at no charge.
This music is ideal to chill out to and put on when you simply want to let go of stress, put your feet up and relax.
Great for sleep as well as meditation, this has all the top elements of an exceptional meditation music album. It takes you into a deep Theta state of Mind where you will be almost in a trance whilst you meditate. With medical statistics revealing one in four people will experience mental health issues at some point, finding ways to cope with anxiety can be crucial. The accompanying music can't be too intrusive, so that rules out noisy guitars or thumping dance rhythms. It is used by occupational therapists in hospitals and health clinics, with patients encouraged to relax in large bean bags while the light classical or spacey electronic music forms a gentle backdrop.

It's been a best seller for years and when you meditate to it, you will understand why.
Meditation is highly recommended as a way of staying relaxed, with background music an important component. The comments I've been receiving are really encouraging to know that it is actually helping relive many people from aches and pains (especially migraines).
Simply type 'meditation music' into the search box, and youtube will sift through millions of videos, bringing up a list of appropriate examples.
This features an extended mix of chill sounds by Duke Skywalker, and is typical of the relaxation sounds which can be trapped into.
These ambient soundscapes wash over the listener, with luscious keyboards and dreamy synth effects adding to the beautiful score.

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