Through being still and observing the patterns of our thoughts and emotions, then letting go of our clinging to them, we can learn how to deeply keep the Buddhist precepts.
To help us live from the heart of compassion, love and wisdom we undertake to stop killing, stealing, coveting, and saying what isn’t true. We see how our infatuation with emotional idealism is a form of intoxication and that indulging in alcohol and recreational drugs fogs our mind and our ability to act in a compassionate manner.
We learn how to respect ourselves and others instead of  being caught in comparisons that lead to he constant judging of ourselves and others . Through meditation we learn what true wisdom is, being an expression of a compassionate  and loving heart. We can develop the humility of checking our understanding with those who have trained longer than us and with Buddhist teaching, enabling us to have advice on how to deepen that understanding.
As we engage with these principles we are led to the question of who and what we are the question that this training teaches that we can find the answer to these questions in our engagement with meditation, from our own experiance. It's exquisite sounds summon your consciousness out of your meditative state with a series of subtle gongs. We can see  how to let go of our fear and foster a generous attitude, spiritually and materially. Everyone makes mistakes and when the precepts are taken seriously they provide a way of checking that our actions are expressing the truth.

To specifically exercise our body we go to the gym or go for a walk in the park, same with finding true self and enlightenment.
A study by the University of California-San Diego, the Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation International, and the Amen Clinic of Newport Beach, California, found that Kirtan Kriya, a simple twelve minute Kundalini yoga meditation, increased oxygen delivery, blood flow, and energy in the brain, while improving neurotransmitter (chemical messengers of the brain that communicate with the body) function. These services, while informal and meant for beginning and advanced practitioners alike, trace their structure and format back to the founder of the Soto Zen School of Buddhism, Master Dogen Zenji. Being open  and accepting of ourselves we can learn how clinging to anger hurts us and other beings as we learn to respect and acknowledge the Buddha within ourselves and in all beings. For two minutes, chant in your normal speaking voice; for the following three minutes, whisper.
Our Yoga Timer & Clock can be programmed to chime at the end of the meditation or yoga session or periodically throughout the session as a kind of sonic yantra.
We experience enlightenment through our lives, usually unexpectedly; Maybe while washing dishes or driving.
Sitting meditation for 40 minutes followed an informal dharma talk and discussion conducted by Rev. Zen meditation is a specific exercise that is designed to explore our true self and have enlightnment on demand. Then reverse the order; whispering for two minutes and chanting the mantra aloud for two minutes.

This session is conducted by Will Holcomb, (Genro) who has been a Zen practitioner for over fifteen years. Shinzo Zen Meditation Center was formed in 2005 and moved into its current location in 2008. As part of its efforts to apply the Zen teachings of wisdom and compassion to daily life, Shinzo Zen Meditation Center is sponsored by Inside Dharma. Outreach programs are dedicated to offering information, support and encouragement to incarcerated and recently released individuals in a manner consistent with Buddhist principles. Inside Dharma --supplies Volunteers in Corrections to Missouri prisons where meditation is taught, in addition to introducing dharma teachings to inmates.
Cell phones, clothing, bicycles, and other needed items are provided to people who are released to St.

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