Minnesota Zen Meditation Center was formed in 1972 when our founding head teacher, Dainin Katagiri Roshi, (1928-1990) was invited to come from California to teach a group of Minneapolis students interested in the dharma.
Today MZMC works to maintain a vibrant, welcoming community committed to the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism.
Following OAC’s win in the international design competition and completion of the master plan for the Famen Temple Zen Meditation Center in 2012, the architects recently completed the schematic designs for the buildings, landscape, and experiential features and art installations for meditation in the first phase of the project called the ‘Eightfold Path Forest’. Activities include zen meditation (zazen), lectures, work practice (volunteering in a way that’s meaningful for the participant), retreats, classes and workshops on Buddhist studies and daily-life topics, and practice help and support from teachers and sangha members.

Succeeding Karen as head teacher is Tim Burkett, a long-time student of both Katagiri and Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.
First-time visitors, those just beginning a meditation practice, and long-time students (current and returning) are all welcome.
Visitors who may be expecting to find an exotic group of people at MZMC are sometimes surprised to find that the sangha is made up of average, householding Americans who are committed to Buddhist practice. Everyone can develop a meditation practice, and people who participate at MZMC are encouraged to establish meditation practices that work for them.

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