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There have been many studies suggesting that delayed gratification and self-discipline arethe biggest factors to success in life. Unfortunately, commitment devices are a constant reminder to us that we don’t have good self-discipline. Block time for important tasks:  Allocate a block of time to get your most important task of day done. Create to do list: Make a quick list at the beginning of the day of what you must accomplish, then prioritize the list and begin working on the most important item first.
Associate good habits with existing habits: For example if you always start with a cup of coffee in the morning, associate this with the time you write out your to do list for the day or the time that you start your first blog post. Try anyone of these tips and let me know how you go in the comments below.  Or, if you have any good self-discipline muscle building tips, please share them. About Latest Posts Follow meDanny SheehanDanny lives in Australia but lived for 7 years in Hong Kong.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Lacrosse MagazineLacrosse Magazine, owned and published by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, is circulated to more than 430,000 members of the organization as one of the benefits of membership. 10 Ways to Drink More WaterJuly 11, 2013 by Kimberly BrownDrinking enough water everyday can be a challenge if you are not someone who loves water. Wearing bracelets (rubber bands) and the left arm and moving one to the right arm through out the day to make sure you get your “8” glasses helps for beginners! When I was younger the only thing we didn’t have to ask permission to drink was water. Get ready, you are about to improve your productivity and get more things done, with more energy, higher awareness and able to speed up the process of achieving your goals.
What you are going to discover in this article can be powerful, if you are willing to implement them. If you want to learn more about setting goals, read this, 7 Simple Steps By Step Methods How To Set Empowering Goals. In order to be more productive and get more things done, try to turn your important task into your habit. This rule basically is saying that you focus and do the task for 30 minutes, without distraction and do it with 100% concentration. When you stop for a short break and do something else that totally not related to your work, you will be able to shift the focus of your mind and when you come back to your work again, you will feel refresh and able to tackle your work better. That is why you need to use both sides of your brain, just like what Leonardo Da Vinci did. Learn to utilize both your left and right brain and you will maintain higher level of productivity compare to most average person. When you get ready and start your day right, you will tend to go through your day more smoothly because you already expected how it is going to be. It is said that Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors, takes nap in the afternoon to maintain his energy level and his awareness? Power nap, as the word ‘power’ suggests, should make you feel powerful and energetic after the nap and not making you more sleepy or tired. If you are very tired and sleepy, take shorter length for the nap because you do not want to fall into deep sleep.
Let me explain, when you do things with 100% commitment, you will get better results because you put in your whole heart.
You don’t necessarily reward yourself with a 3 day 2 night trip, unless you have accomplished a big goal. If you follow through these 10 tips above, I’m very sure you will increase your productivity and get more things done.
As most of you know, I have a booth in an antique mall where I sell the majority of the items I transform.
To those of you considering renting a booth, I hope this answers questions for you as well.
I tend to stick to whites, off whites, soft blues and occasionally grays and it all flows together to give a cohesive feel to my space. I did craft markets for around fifteen years or so long before blogging, and one big one since I started blogging. Here you can see that I have furniture, but I also have many smaller things to attract buyers to my booth if they aren’t in the market for furniture. I try to keep a tall piece or two in my booth at all times, just because it makes the booth look better.
When I started, my pieces were flying out of my booth, so I knew I needed to raise my prices a bit. Your pieces are one-of-a-kind treasures that they won’t be able to find anywhere else.
Another quick tip that I have finally learned with lamps, end tables, night tables, chairs… If they typically come in or are used as a pair, they will typically sell better if you have a pair.

This is a great idea that I have yet to employ myself, but thought it was worth mentioning.
Some of the girls there are great at filling in the empty spaces and tidying up for me when something sells, but some…not so much.
Much like Odysseus lashing himself to the mask of his ship in order to resist temptation to the Sirens.   One example, of a commitment device is to not keep junk food in the house in order to resist eating junk food.
Another problem is that they make our will power and self-discipline muscle weak, because they act as a crutch. You subconscious can sneakily have you standing in front of the fridge ready to snack on those brownies before you know it. It will help you prioritize your goals as you realize some tasks you perform are really not that important and just waste time. Danny's passions are freedom, adventure and discovery, mainly in nature and science but also spiritually.He is a great believer in living in the NOW and mindfulness. Maintaining your cools when the crowd is booing, players are grumbling and coaches are complaining is not easy. I LOVE water and it really boggles my mind when people tell me they hate the taste of water. Let us go straight to the content right away, below are the 10 proven tips how to have more productive days, period. Just like each morning after you wake up, you will automatically go to the bathroom and brush your teeth.
For example, if you are a salesman and you need to cold call every day, make it into a habit by calling it in the same place and at the same time each day, until you get use to it. When you are doing works that do not require your creativity, you can listen to songs to boost your awareness. They often wake up at 5am or so and they workout, meditate, exercise or read books before they start their day. Of course, sometimes thing will just go out of hand, but in the end, when you are more prepared, you will be able to get more things done and be more productive. Drink more water to keep your body hydrated, especially right after you wake up in the morning.
I personally like this technique and have tried it many times, and still do, you should try out yourself.
However, when you do things half-heartedly, most likely you are not going to achieve the outstanding result you want. If you are just “trying” to do it, you know it very well that you will not get it done properly and most likely, you will just give up half way when you face obstacles.
Thus, celebrate all wins, whenever you have done your task, give a pat and reward yourself. If you want to improve and maintain your productivity, you have to review how you go through each day. Not everyone can afford a large dresser and although I will make much more money on the time I invested in a dresser, typically it will take much longer to sell.
You don’t want to turn off a potential buyer who feels they have to dig a piece out from under a ton of small things to purchase it…too much trouble! And I did. Some feel that if you price things low, you will sell more and in the end, likely make more money, but will you be able to keep up? Luckily my space backs up against a wall and I was able to screw these directly into the wall. I have sat on one too many end tables, chairs, etc where I had only one (and still am), but pairs never last long. List your individual items for sale on Craig’s List, with the address listed of where the items can be seen. For my booth, I am on a month to month basis, so I only need to give 30 days notice prior to vacating. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in to a disheveled booth after a busy weekend. It will be important for you to have a booth that isn’t too far away for that reason.
If you have anything to add or if there’s anything I missed, feel free to share or ask in the comments below! I am the same way about my booth…nothing feels better than checking in to see a few pieces have sold. Another example is the stikK accountability website.  But, do commitment devices really work?  In the following TED talk, Daniel Goldstein says commitment devices do more harm than good.
Danny would like to be remembered as a life longer learner who finds inspiration learning from passionate people and sharing what he learns. Knowing the rules, being in the right spot and looking professional are all well and good, but what you need in these situations is solid game management skills.The first thing you need to realize is that officials manage the game, we do not control it.
Know exactly what you want to accomplish in the future and what you want to achieve by the end of the hour or day.

Conversely, you will use your right brain for creativity, emotional and intuitive thoughts. When you are thinking or brain storming for ideas using your right brain, use mind maps to utilize your left brain or simply use a pen to scribble your ideas on paper. If you eat too heavy during lunch, you will feel sleepy after your lunch break when you get back to your office. If you are in doubt and just wanted to try out, it is better not to start and put your time to do something else that you are more committed to. And if you are not going to get the result you want, why do you try to do it in the first place? Do the things that will move you closer to your goals and stop doing things that will take you further from your destination. If you have a bunch of tiny things, consider adding a shelving unit specifically for those items, or group them in baskets or on trays that are easy to move if need be.
I mean that is kind of the point. You need to find a balance of getting a good return on your pieces, with offering them at a fair price. If you will be making things for your space, be prepared for the time and effort it will take to keep it stocked. I live in a very well populated area and yet there really are very few places to sell items even around here. Of course there are times when nothing has sold…that’s when I move it all around!
I need an app to remind me about the helpful apps that I have downloaded and should be using. However, if you are still lagging behind and are chasing with time, it is always a wiser choice to say no. I recently shared updated photos of my booth HERE, and each time I do, I get many questions from readers who want to take the plunge and open a booth of their own, or who are struggling with having success in their own booths. I am lucky that mine has done well, and I thought I would put together a few tips that I feel have helped me, and that others may find helpful as well. If you paint mostly furniture and are considering renting a booth, you’ll want to keep this in mind. I did take a break at the Holidays so I could enjoy the season, but I knew my sales would suffer as a result. For me, my booth space fee is pretty steep so I need to be able to cover that, but things seem to sell at those prices. I flip flop things and remove every thing from the shutter backboard and rearrange. It looks new and fresh, and different things get a chance to shine and be seen.
Coaches and players may not have a firm grasp of mechanics, but the closer you are to the play, the less likely they are to argue a call. If it’s close, sell the call!Be FocusedBeing in the right spot won’t help you if you’re looking in the wrong place. During live-ball play, concentrate on your keys: on-ball and off-ball, goal and crease as the lead and the shooter as the trail official.
If you are trying to control behavior, the last thing you need to do is incite more misbehavior. You do not want to throw gasoline on the fire.Be BriefIn the same vein as being calm, be brief. Once the game starts, focus on what you need to communicate to manage the game and no more. It is not to win arguments or punish players, coaches or fans.Be QuickThe best way to get a coach and players to stop complaining is to restart the play quickly. The added advantage is that once play has started, you must now move away from the table area and into position.Be HumbleYou will screw up.
The Ramp is a series of options you have when dealing with coaches.Talk it through with the coach.
You don’t want to appear to threaten a coach or player.Your next option is a loose-ball or dead-ball conduct foul.
This gives the ball to the opposing team without putting anyone in the box.Next is the 30-second conduct foul.
No angry flags.You next option is the nuclear option, a non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct for one, two or three minutes. And finally, a second unsportsmanlike conduct, which by rule must be a three-minute non-releasable ejection foul.Follow these steps and try and leave yourself as many options as possible when dealing with players and coaches. You never want to paint yourself into a corner, such as:“Coach, the next word out of you gets a flag!” Sometimes, you can let the coach vent and move on.
So the next time you find yourself on the field surrounded by an angry crowd, disgruntled players and irate coaches, use these ten tips to better manage people and in turn, manage the game.Greg Hite is a high school and collegiate official in the Atlanta area. He is a member of the Georgia Lacrosse Officials Association (GLOA) and serves as a volunteer US Lacrosse Certified Trainer for the Atlanta area as well as the US Lacrosse sub-district training coordinator for Georgia.

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