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Before leaving your home for work, be sure to switch off all the lights and electronic appliances. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We put a few tips to help conserve , save 10 Tips to save Energy and MOney. Simple acts in everyday life Simple and efficient ways to save both money and energy. Avoid setting your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. Apparently, appliances can account for 25% of home energy use and although you may not be aware (I wasn’t), most appliances have a built in standby mode when they are not operating. Commit these points to memory,  pass them on to your friends and your family and save yourself some cash to buy next year’s Christmas presents. While some appliances are impractical to turn off, others are damaging the environment and costing you more each month… and here’s the thing, you’re not even using them. Even putting your computer on hibernation mode for 16 hours a day cuts the total bill to $4.57 per month.

A TV on standby costs you $10.56 per monthly electricity bill, when it’s not even being used. Okay so now we know what to switch off but let’s ponder this – if you wanted to change your energy provider for a different one would you know what to do ? If that’s the case, you need not worry from now on, for we will give you awesome tips on how you can save electricity and reduce your electricity bills.
These appliances use low levels of power that are needlessly hurting the environment and costing you more than you expect each month. Washing machine – New electronic models continue to use power even when switched off. Television – Switching your TV off by the remote actually turns the device to standby. Fax, printer and scanner – These appliances have a high consumption of power on standby.
Kettle – While you might only have a tea or coffee a day, a kettle that is turned on at the power point produces a significant amount of standby energy.

Mobile phone charger – These use unnecessary electricity when plugged in and not charging.
Electric toothbrush charger, cordless electric shaver, dustbuster – Turn off the changer when it isn’t required and only use when the appliance is running low on power. One energy saving method is to set your AC at the lowest temperature at night and set the auto timer to 1 or 2 hours after the AC is switched on.
Most phones only need to be charged once every few days (excluding the illustrious iPhone).

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