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Serving Inspired Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw & Ayurvedic sweets, savories, soups & salads, organic coffee and tea, fresh juice and daily creations!
And what better way to prepare for the Holiday Season than having an Ayurvedic consultation?
The Akashic Records are a dynamic, flowing library that preserves the personal history of everyone born on the planet and beyond. One of Baltimore's first suburbs, Mount Washington was originally part of a 17th-century land grant owned by Edward Stevenson. Michael Olesker has been writing for newspapers since he went to high school at Baltimore City College and imagined nothing in the world could be more fun than meeting interesting people and writing about them. Join Susan's other half for a workshop on dowsing, a practice that yields tangible answers to your questions by bridging your rational and intuitive sides.
If you want to find the best way to develop sharper vision and use your eyes as effectively as possible, take a leap of faith and work with Meir Schneider. Alison Baughman, a successful professional numerologist, author, lecturer, and frequent radio show guest who has had a life-long affinity and passion for numerology, will join us via Skype. Learn the secrets of spice mixing, how to make ghee and how to combine beans, grains, and greens to make the most delicious, nutritious, filling and fulfilling foods ever!
Susan Weis-Bohlen, owner of breathe bookstore cafe, is an Ayurvedic cooking teacher and life-style consultant.
ACIM teaches that the way to universal love and peace is by practicing forgiveness, focusing on the healing of relationships, and translating our interactions from hurt to healing. In the Vietnamese Zen tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, the practice includes sitting mediation, both silent and guided, and walking meditation. Extraordinary Intuitive Reader Jael connects to Spirit and offers you advice and guidance to help you on your path. Learn  how to heal yourself through food, daily routine, breath work, meditation and yoga. You can change your life by incorporating Ayurvedic life-style tools and techniques into your daily routine. In addition, we carry a wide range of Ayurvedic products including herbs, oils, body products,  skin care, balms, churnas, spice tins, organic spices for cooking, organic ghee, raw honey and teas, and, of course, many books to support your Ayurvedic lifestyle. As a collaborative community open to all people, the work and vision of The Loft is dependent on gifts and donations beyond the cost of fees.
Each month we will be showcasing and selling the work of different artists in our community.
Hosting an Event The Loft is an open and collaborative space!  Pricing to use the space varies depending on the type of group and the time and frequency of use.
On the last Wednesday of every month (May 27th) we will have a pot-luck picnic meal at Waterfront Wednesday.
Emergence is a new community of practice forming duringthe summer (June - August) that explores diverse methodologies and practices to cultivate personal growth. What we need to integrate the wisdom of these different methodologies is a collaborative laboratory and a community of practice. A balance will be sought during our gatherings between the study of the practice, the experience of the practice and a collective debriefing of the practice. You may have been told it is an attention deficit, when really it's a matter of attention priority.
After this 12-week class, you will feel empowered, focused, relaxed, productive, calm, balanced, and you will have the accountability, community & toolbox to harness these feelings after the course is over.
HANDLE exercises, which are movement based activities that work to re-organize the neural pathways. Finding Our Voices is an opportunity for teenage girls and women to share their experience of finding, affirming and expressing their voices. When done in a group setting, group members are invited to represent a person's family members and are placed in relationship reflecting the inner image.

Family Constellations work, through the context of a larger inclusive view of that which has been excluded or hidden, allows for discovery of potent healing movements towards harmony and reconciliation with life, love and true change. Middle school girls will work with Looking for Lilith artists to decide on a topic or issue around which to create a play.
The Epson TM-T88V-i combines Epson's world-renowned TM receipt printers and the new Epson TM- "Intelligent" solution, offering direct web application printing. In today’s fast-paced retail environment, the widespread use of mobile devices has spearheaded a new era in transaction processing. Epson has developed a new solution that enables direct printing from web applications (HTML 5 compatible) without a PC or print drivers. With their HTML 5 CANVAS function; the TM-T88V-i can converts pictures, fonts or handwriting elements to black and white graphics before sending them for printing. Use easy-to-develop web applications without the need to consider different Operating Systems (OS) or Software Development Kit (SDKs) for various smart devices or to install printer drivers. The TM-T88V-i comes with the ePOS Print Editor: a graphical developer tool that makes it easy to create web applications from a browser interface. The TM-T88V-i offers a low cost method of adding web application printing capability to small networks without the need for additional PCs, and are able to host web application databases stored on MicroSD cards. For a holistic transaction processing system, the TM-T88V-i features a printer hub function that can send different print instructions relating to the same transaction to as many as 20 connected Epson POS printers. Now that we have 11 people working here I want to make sure you know who is feeding you, who is curating books, and who is making your chai! You can easily learn how to set yourself up for success, eat and sleep better and be practically stress-free! The hilly terrain provided a sense of privacy and isolation from the commerce of downtown Baltimore, and the cool summer breezes and cleaner air attracted city dwellers. The former executive director of Steppingstone Farm Museum, Noll invites readers to delve into the past of these neighborhoods, as seen in more than 200 vintage photographs collected from local libraries, museums, and various institutions. Andrea holds a safe and nurturing space to de-stress, release blocks, and connect with the true gift of your Highest Self.
Kurt Kaltreider, doctor of philosophy and clinical psychology and Native American author, will be signing books and presenting the talk 'Are We Still Fully Human? She also likes world religions, shamanism, psychic phenomena, meditation, poetry, yoga, feng shui, inspiration, stones, angels, and Ayurveda! We'll take a deep look at your current balance and imbalances, see how your lifestyle works for or against you, and talk about what you can do about it! Your gifts and donations allow us to continue offering holistic and engaging programs that cultivate human growth and collective transformation.
The space accommodates up to 30 people and can be configured for a classroom presentation, a board room discussion, a sacred circle, a yoga class, or a casual friendly conversation. The Loft is now a collaborative partner with a new not-for-profit organization called The Global Human Project, which is an incubator for a variety of organizations and programs seeking to cultivate consciousness, community and social change. Frank has survived a brain tumor, addiction and depression, and now is living a life of growth and contribution to the greater good through compassionate self discovery.
Do you have a tendency to feel scattered, disorganized, misplace items such as your keys or wallet, take on too many projects and have trouble completing them, or that you just don't have enough time in your day to accomplish everything you want to? Holding attention and finding balance is a skillset you can learn, not a magical gift you either have or don't have. We will also learn about complementary exercises and nutrition options for optimal brain function.
She is a holistic educator and lifestyle coach with a Masters in Elementary Education, a BA in Humanities with concentrations in Spanish and Religious Studies. My goddesses are archetypes but not obvious representations, while connecting strength and femininity to creation, to life. An embodied picture emerges and the dynamic forces impacting the family system through generations reveal their presence.

Web-based applications and databases built to connect seamlessly with mobile devices have now made retail transaction processing faster and more convenient than ever, with low set-up costs compared to traditional systems. Our innovative ePOS-Print technology delivers a straightforward solution for XML printing using smart mobile devices and tablets. This allows for capabilities such as customers being able to sign their names for credit card bills or customizing orders by handwriting on smart devices, which are then printed. Should hardware be discontinued, no follow up is required by the user, as there was no driver installation. A POS transaction system could be as simple as a single smart mobile device wirelessly connected to a single TM-i printer! Simply drag and drop program elements and specify required parameters, and the ePOS Print Editor will generate the necessary codes for your needs automatically! For example, in a restaurant, order information can be routed to a kitchen printer for preparation, while billing information for the same transaction can be sent to the cashier counter to be printed in the final receipt. It's a true testament to YOU, our loyal customers and supporters, that WE, a small independent bookstore, are not only still open, but thriving and shining and evolving everyday!
Gaining access to your own Akashic Records will introduce you to the experiences of your past lives with the intent of assisting you in making fundamental shifts and healing in your consciousness today. He began writing a column for The News American in 1976, and after three years moved to the Baltimore Sun. All groups meet in breathing space, the carriage house behind the bookstore cafe, unless otherwise noted. He believes that if you gently turn towards what is inside you with compassion, you will dramatically change your life.
HANDLE is a systems based approach understanding that nutrition and other complementary therapies assist in it's effectiveness.
She is a Certified HANDLE Screener through The HANDLE Institute in Seattle, WA; has attended quite a few classes through the Kentahten Waldorf Teacher Training as well as several Rhythmic Movement Training workshops. This OS-independent solution eliminates the need for the hassle of software maintenance and updates each time a new version of an OS is launched, creating a superior and unmatched printing solution for users.
I think we made it through most of the drastic changes in the bookstore world, and we have seen the sea change as more and more people realize the power of the physical book as well as the physical bookstore.
The nearby communities of Pimlico and Pikesville were established by Jewish families who migrated from the downtown area. The Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method is a unique combination of therapeutic massage, movement and natural vision improvement exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions. Bring items to assist you in being comfortable lying down, as space allows: yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc.
Susan also studied and works with Ayurvedic cooking and lifestyle teacher  Amadea Morningstar. Frank has been coaching his life changing process for years, helping people across the country transform their lives, overcome barriers, break habits and live to their fullest potential. People living today have the same genetic structure as a Paleolithic person 100,000 years ago, yet we do not live in the pre-technology Paleolithic world.
Some chairs and cushions are available, or bring your own cushion or bench if you have one. Mostly silent, with occasional toning, lasting about one hour, recipients drop into a meditative state for the duration of the session.
Deeksha Oneness Blessing Circle with Tracy EshoDeeksha is a transfer of Divine Energy flowing through Oneness Blessing Givers, who have been prepared through processes developed at the Oneness University in India.

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