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Mayor Garcetti demonstrated the new app this morning at a press event in the city’s Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control (ATSAC) bunker, four floors below City Hall East.
Xerox Senior Vice President David Cummins stated that the app includes a broader spread of multimodal options than typical transportation apps, such as Google Maps. Great app but in addition to this, the city needs to work much harder with Metro in implementing more effective TODs next to Metro stations. Copyright NoticeThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Oceania Saker.
Select an image for your comment (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG): Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Kevin Hester { I am very honoured to have our interview cross posted on The Vineyard Saker. When things fall out of place then another layer is laid down to teach us a lesson – how to behave and how to be a good human being.
The Road Safety Week is an initiative that is being observed every year from 1 Jan to 7 Jan. The state government at times modifies the date set by the Ministry and they declare a new date for the Road Safety Week in the state. In the city like Jaipur the helmet was made compulsory a decade back, followed by helmet for pillion and they have also planned to launch the penalties for pedestrians who do not follow the rules on road. Although it’s not too late yet, learn something new and enhance your knowledge during this Road Safety Week. If you’ve never played Dragon’s Dogma, the new version that has already released on both Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 known as Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen may be your best bet in going through this RPG. Diablo is a massive video game franchise and with that said there are plenty of clones out there looking to ride on the gameplay style bandwagon. The Technomancer is an upcoming video game by Spiders, developers of Mars: War Logs and Of Orcs and Men. The second part of The White March for Pillars of Eternity will be released in late January 2016. The development team behind Albion Online prides themselves on having the first truly cross-platform video game.
The sixth installment to the Persona series, Persona 5, is currently in development from Atlus with a slated release schedule starting in the third quarter of 2016. Originally meant to reach a release date within 2015, Versus Evil’s The Banner Saga sequel will officially release at some point in 2016. Final Fantasy XV is an upcoming action role-playing video game that will be marked as the fifteenth main installment to the Final Fantasy franchise. Cummins expressed enthusiasm about future features planned, including not just viewing multi-modal trips, but booking and paying for them via GoLA. 5-7 story stumpies isn’t going to give more people access to mass transit in the long run and apps can only do so much. In my case nothing vulnerable happened, but is everyone lucky like that girl who managed herself and safely crossed the road.
The initiatives are then taken by the Government and different NGO’s which are committed to improve the statistics of road accidents that happen every year.
This year the 24th Road Safety Week would be observed from 16th Jan 20 22nd Jan in Rajasthan. We, the people of Udaipur must take and learn the lesson from Jaipur and we should ask our self where we stand in terms of following the traffic rules and what driving sense we have on road.

While already available on both the last generation consoles for Sony and Microsoft, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is set to release on PC this coming January 15, 2016, and being the updated version of the game it will feature various updates and tweaks. Set in 1403 within the Kingdom of Bohemia, the old king has passed leaving his heir to struggle in maintaining order within the lands. However, Lost Ark is something truly unique and beautiful and that’s a rare thing to say about a game that takes so many similarities from a bigger release like Diablo 3.
Set over a hundred years after the planet Mars is colonized by humans, players take control of a technomancer, a human with magical abilities revolving around technology. This new part of the expansion by developers Obsidian is said to bring in a slew of new quests, abilities, and even a brand new Barbarian companion, Meneha.
This RPG is set within a fantasy medieval world and will be releasing on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, along with Android.
We don’t know too much about this game quite yet and it’s not set to release until December of 2016, but so far the development team Larian Studios has revealed that the game will include a period in which all the sorcerers have been persecuted. This time, around players will take control of a 16-year-old protagonist who meets up with fellow students and a shape-shift cat-like species known as Morgana. Not too much has been revealed about Dark Souls III quite yet though developers FromSoftware has confirmed that the gameplay will act similar to the past installments with the protagonist being viewed from a third-person perspective. The Banner Saga 2 will pick up after the events of the first installment, though who is present within The Banner Saga 2 will be determined from your initial The Banner Saga save. This RPG is set in the distant future where the fall of civilizations has left humanity into a more simplistic medieval state.
After the Panchaea Incident which caused millions of augmented individuals to mindlessly attack those without augmentations, more people have sided against the act of implementing augmented parts within humans.
There’s still plenty of mystery as to what we can expect exactly from the upcoming Blood & Wine expansion though we do know that there will be twenty hours of gameplay that will take Geralt to a new land that has been untainted by war. The game is also said to take a darker atmosphere with more realistic characters than ever before. Instead of playing the hero or some peasant farmer resisting the big bad guy, you’re one of the Overlord Kyros’s Fatebinders—a bit like Judge Dredd. The app is a collaboration between Xerox and the city of Los Angeles, shepherded by the Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Chief Innovation Technology Officer, Peter Marx. There are various other apps that offer approximations, including Google Maps, which nearly everyone with a smartphone already has. You might have seen on a TV channel like Discovery and Animal Planet when a flock of millions of birds fly and migrate.
The Transport Department, Government of Rajasthan in collaboration with Traffic Police and other NGOs would work together to make this Road Safety Week successful. As always, if we missed out on an RPG video game title that should be included within this list then let us know by leaving a comment down below.
Seeking to further his advancement within the kingdom, the new king’s brother kidnaps the king leaving our protagonist, a son of a blacksmith, to set out to restore order in a story of retribution and revenge. Unfortunately, the game, while looking incredibly well developed and polished, seemed to be an exclusive release within Korea. Our protagonist Zachariah is on the run from the secret police, but it’s unclear just why he’s on the run.
Furthermore, the level caps have been raised along with a new Story Time mode which lets players go through the game narrative at a faster pace. Every player within the game will be placed on a single server allowing players to meet up no matter what system they are playing on. This has left a small group of four sorcerers to embark on a grand quest to defeat the Bishop that has sought to destroy the remaining sorcerers within the world.

These individuals form a group known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, where their goal is to explore a castle known as the Palace and to fight off the greater enemies that lurk about. Players will also have a variety of weapons to choose from, Bonfire checkpoints will make a return along with a magic meter feature similarly to the one from Demon’s Souls. Players are up for another grand adventure in which an epic tale will unfold that showcases strong leaderships, hard sacrifices, new heroes, along with the strategy combat the game series is known for. Players take control of a protagonist known as the Last Castoff, the final vessel that was used by a man capable of using his consciousness in other hosts bodies, thus granting him eternal life.
Players take on the role of Adam Jensen once again as he works against new terrorist attacks along with locating who is responsible for the control of his own organization from a few years prior.
This time around the game centers between two empires that have declared war, Lucis, and Nifheim and after Nifheim successfully captures the kingdom’s crystal of Lucis, a group of friend’s sets out to regain it.
Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, Tyranny an isometric role-playing game in the vein of Pillars of Eternity that looks to expand the horizons of the genre with intriguing new concepts and a strong focus on choices and consequences. I saw the snaking long line waiting to board and figured I'd try out the Breeze bikeshare to get on at a different station.
Many different activities would take place during the week to impart traffic and traffic rules awareness among the mass. As mentioned, developers Warhorse Studios has taken great care in presenting a game that would show an accurate depiction of the period with various armor, clothing, combat techniques, real-world castles, and even period correct music. That is until recently when developers revealed that they are working to bring the game out of the Korean market where it may see a western release within 2016. While trying to escape and searching for answers that will lead Zachariah to uncover a hidden past, players will find that there are a number of different routes to make their way towards the end of the game. Players can also take on quests, battle within a guild, acquire their own land settlement with a home, sell goods in the player generated market, and much more.
Players who have already completed Divinity: Original Sin will find that most of the gameplay aspect will be brought over for the upcoming sequel.
Ashes have also been revealed to play a bigger role in this title according to Hidetaka Miyazaki, Dark Souls III game director. These vessels awake with no prior memory though they become attracted by an enmity known as The Sorrow, who looks to destroy the remaining vessels along with this ancient man’s consciousness. Players take control of Noctis, prince of Lucis, who teams up with his friends in a grand journey against a massive empire force. Gamers can enjoy the Diablo-style gameplay of Lost Ark with its PVP battleground system, extensive economy, and the variety of quests that can be given through endless NPCs. Additionally, development team Spiders have also revealed that The Technomancer will include five unique endings. The Last Castoff must locate other vessels and search for this consciousness before they are destroyed by The Sorrow. As of right now, it’s unclear just when Lost Ark will release, but it’s nice knowing that a western release for the game was not ruled out by development team Tripod Studios. We have got different vehicles, different speed limits, different direction and a different purpose to drive. Meanwhile a girl, pedestrian, was also crossing the road and her eyes, ears and hands all were occupied in her cell phone. Due to this diversity in our driving habits; traffic rules were made to keep a control on us.

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