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Today we are looking at simple ways to save money in your regular day to day activities that will yield $20.00.
Did you know that a car with tires that are not properly inflated use around 11% more gas than those that are properly inflated? There is very little that white vinegar and a box of baking soda can’t clean, not to mention that they’re a lot healthier for your family than mainstream cleaning supplies.
At $1.50 or more per bottle, drinking (3) 20oz bottles of water per day can get really expensive, really quickly. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Jesenia MontanezJesenia is the blogger behind The Latina Homemaker where she shares homemaking tips, frugal living advice, delicious recipes and everything in between.
I love cleaning my tub with vinegar and dish soap, as it’s the only thing that’s actually worked for me so far! If you’re motivated to start saving and just can’t seem to find the money in your budget, these 20 ways to save money in your 20s will help get you there! Second, you can also settle for buying something at a price-point more affordable to you, rather than getting the whole package for more. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even rent out a spare bedroom on Airbnb and make new friends, but be aware this does come with some costs (keeping the apartment clean and stocked). Alternatively, if you use a loyalty card from a store, you can load digital coupons onto it so you don’t forget them at home.
With Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Instant Video, you’ll be able to watch all your shows for a fraction of the price.
The one caveat with this is you should be 100% sure you can pay off the balance within the allotted time frame, otherwise, your balance will start to accrue interest again. As a young adult, it’s easy to get swept away doing the same expensive activities over and over. While you don’t have to give all of that up, focusing on free entertainment options such as having a potluck, movie, or game night with friends once in a while will save you money.
Not all gym memberships are pricey, but unless you go on a consistent basis, they’re not worth the money. Instead, why not splurge for the quality item that may cost you $60 to begin with, but will last for years? If you only contribute 4% of your salary ($1,600), your employer will match that 4% contribution for a total of $3,200. Besides using websites for coupons, you can also use deal sites to score some great savings, but be careful not to overdo it.
In addition to that, you can use websites like Swagbucks to earn gift cards to buy things, so you don’t have to touch your cash! In your 20s, you may feel invincible, like you don’t have to think twice about any sort of health or life insurance.
It’s better to take the preventative care approach with your health than to skip out on going to the doctor for 3 years, only to go there and find out something serious is wrong.
Remember, if you need to find extra money somewhere, it always pays to look at your spending.
J?oin our online community and get the first chapter of our new book Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE!Learn everything you need to know about how to make money through side hustles! The three things that I am going to practice over the next few months are: delaying purchases, trying new alternatives to the gym, and ditching cable.
Eyesonthedollar Making good financial choices in your 20s does lead to a much easier life down the road.
I’ve done a lot of these! Buying generic brands for certain items and bringing my lunch to work saves so much money.
When I posted 17 Ways To Save Electricity one of the comments mentioned hand washing dishes takes more water than using a dishwasher.
Most of the time hand washing dishes does take more water than a newer dishwasher, but I did find a method at Frugal and Thriving that uses only takes 1-2 gallons of water to hand wash an entire load of dishes. This was a great way to monitor how much water I could save with each sink load, although I’m glad to have our dishwasher functional at the moment. Use Rewards Credit Cards: We earn about $1,000 a year using a rewards credit card for our everyday purchases, many of our monthly bills, and all of our big purchases. Improve your credit score: Credit scores affect everything from the interest rate on mortgages and other loans to auto insurance premiums.
Go with a prepaid cell phone: Many have saved a bundle by getting an iPhone 5 through T-Mobile. Increase insurance deductibles: This is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to save money.
Get prescriptions from Costco: I was surprised to learn recently that the cost of a prescription can vary significantly from one pharmacy to the next.
Use Manilla to avoid missed payments: Manilla is a free tool that enables you to link your monthly bills online. Check the expense ratios of your mutual funds: Expenses are a significant drag on investment returns. Drive your car longer: Every year you can keep your car saves you money not only on the new purchase, but also on insurance that is likely to be higher with a new card.
If you are building an emergency fund, have the amount saved automatically transferred to a saving account each month.
Advertiser Disclosure: This site may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website. Editorial Disclosure: This content is not provided or commissioned by the bank, credit card issuer, or other advertiser. Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice.
Best Calgary HomesCody Battershill - Calgary REMAX Real Estate Agent, Calgary Homes and CondosCall me any time! I am still wondering why the American’s choose to spend billions of dollars importing and protecting their oil imports from OPEC nations, when they have the worlds 3rd largest oil reserves just north of their border! My priority is providing the best possible service and representation in every aspect of your Calgary Real Estate experience. What most people don’t realize is that saving money is not as hard as we make it out to be.
She is a God loving, happy wife, mom of 3, that loves indulging in a delicious cup of coffee paired with a great book. First, you can practice delayed gratification, which basically means sleeping on your decision to buy something. This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the easiest is to rent out a spare bedroom.
While negotiating with your cable provider can be helpful, you’ll save the most by completely canceling your service.
Sports fans may need to find other alternatives (like going over to a friend’s house that has cable). Going to see a movie, going out to dinner, going to a bar, or going to a concert, sports game, or comedy event can add up week after week.
Going to a party at someone’s house is also probably cheaper than a night at the bar.
This could mean traditional ads to getting jealous of friends who just got back from a fancy vacation, dinner, or shopping haul.
Keep your financial goals in mind at all times, and don’t be easily swayed by what you see in the media.

If you’re spending $7 on a meal every weekday, that amounts to around $1,820 per year. By using your car less, you’ll save on gas, maintenance, and, stress if you encounter a lot of traffic!
If your employer offers a 6% match, and you earn $40,000, you’d need to contribute $2,400 (6% of your salary) for your employer to match it, giving you a total of $4,800. If your family loves to give you gift cards that don’t make a whole lot of sense, you can always sell them for money or trade them in for another gift card you can actually use.
Sites like Groupon and Living Social offer a lot of attractive deals, so stick only to what you were originally looking for. You have many years ahead of you – eating tons of fast food, drinking often, and getting next to no sleep is pretty normal. Making your health a priority now by spending a bit more on healthy food, making sure you get enough exercise, and going to your doctor for routine checkups will actually save you money in the long run.
Do you focus on the bigger expenses, target the little things, or go for a balance of both?
Eventually, some of it will need to be replaced and I’ve decided that we will be looking to buy used. Although I’ve realized that really focusing on the little things is what makes the biggest impact for me.
We try to save whenever we can on big or small purchases, although I don’t sweat it if we want to go out to eat or paying for exercise classes.
I think that by getting into a routine of saving money in your 20s, you’re setting yourself up for success well into the future. There’s definitely a compound effect for getting into good financial habits early on! My coworkers who go out for lunch each day HAVE to be spending $1,000+ per year just to pick up food and eat it at their desk.
Over 31 days we’ll publish 31 podcasts, each designed to help you move closer to financial freedom.
Betterment and Personal Capital are two tools I use to make investing easier, less expensive, and more effective. Of course, you have to be prepared to handle a larger deductible, but that’s the purpose of an an emergency fund. In addition, if you use the right credit card, you’ll get an extended warranty through the card.
Even a .50% difference in expense ratios can mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost investment returns over a lifetime. We just had a furnace and air conditioner installed, but I didn’t get multiple quotes.
You save a bundle on transportation and parking costs, while avoiding the headache of rush hour traffic.
Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of the bank, credit card issuer, or other advertiser, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the advertiser. No matter what side of the debate your on, chances are you drive a car, eat packaged foods and live in a modern home. Open the blinds during the daytime – Unless you need your privacy, open the blinds and let in the daylight. Clean or replace any household filters – By cleaning a filthy air filter, you will save your house from working harder. Look for energy star label when purchasing new appliances – Energy star appliances are the most efficient in the amounts of energy they consume. Turn off standby appliances – Many new appliances have lights that stay on in standby mode after their use. Use covers on your cooking pots – Covering pots and pans with lids when cooking will save approximately 70% of the energy required to cook food without them. Use lukewarm water in the washing machine instead of hot – Water heater’s will use less energy if it doesn’t have to heat up the water as much. Buy a water tap filter – Stop buying dozens of plastic water bottles at the supermarket and buy a canteen to fill with filtered water.
Get reusable shopping bags at the grocery market – Usually for a dollar you can buy reusable grocery bags that can carry more weight than the plastic ones. Plant some trees in your yard – Trees are instrumental in carbon dioxide absorption and can actually lower your air conditioning fees by a considerable amount! Buy foods from local producers – Fuel is needed to transport foods from one place to another.
Purchase fresh foods rather than frozen foods – A whopping 10 times the amount of energy is required to produces frozen foods when compared to fresh foods! Eat more vegetarian protein and less red meat – Did you know that cow farts are the number one contributor of methane gas pollution to our atmosphere?!
Use public transportation – Reduce the amount of gas burned by the ever increasing amount of cars on the roads and save some money on fuel in the process!
Car pool on the way to work – Get together with some friends from work and plan a morning car pool every week if it’s reasonable to do so.
Replace your regular light-bulb with an energy saving CFL light bulb – Compact fluorescent light bulbs use approximately 60% less electricity when compared to regular models.
By being conscientious about some tiny little steps we can do in everyday life, we can save energy and money as well.
I’m sure that some of you have heard about the often exaggerated negative environmental impacts that the oil sands has on our planet. My husband abandoned our family and due to physical safety and no income, my kids and I ended up in a women’s crisis shelter. Yes, in some cases, it may mean changing a habit (or three!), but that’s when you’ll really need to decide whether saving money is truly important to you or not. If you don’t own one, *Brita makes really inexpensive filtered water bottles and pitchers that you can purchase. I’d add to limit your driving as much as you are able and make the most of your miles when you do drive. You can do this if you own a house with a separate living space (basements work well as long as they’re legal), or get a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. You can transfer your old credit card balance to a new card without incurring a fee, and without having to pay interest on the balance for a set period of time. Be happy with what you have, and make it a point to ask yourself if you truly need something before bringing it home. I still get decent service, the phone works just as good as my old iPhone 4S, and I’m saving over $500 every year. You might be surprised at the amount you’ve spent at restaurants, bars, grocery stores, or Amazon. She writes about balancing financial responsibility with living life, gratitude, and tackling student loan debt on Journey to Saving. That might be from Craigslist, an estate sell, or a used store, but there is no reason to spend extra to buy new. I’m more likely to overspend $5 here and there that add up to a substantial amount than overspend on one huge purchase.
Even at Target, I always ask, is there a way to save money on this that I’m missing (to the cashier), they frequently point me to a mobile coupon or something, what’s better is that they pull it up on their own phone and scan it!
Most of them just sit there, and if I really want something, I know what people can get me for the holidays!

That said, if you can look into setting up a home gym or going to a cheaper gym, and either will make you happy, you could go that route, too. There are so many little tricks to saving money now, apps that track prices and deals are pretty valuable.
If you are working to get out of debt, make sure you put the savings toward that debt each month. You can get unlimited everything including 4G data for $40 a month or you can switch to the $10 a month plan and you get unlimited talk and text anywhere but only can use data on WiFi but you can switch you plan 2 times a month from your phone and the rates are prorated so you only get charged for the days you use that plan!! For inner city infills, new condos, first time buyers, moving to Calgary, luxury homes, resale condos and more. Here are a few simple things all of us can do more often to save some energy and for the most part some cash as well!
By purchasing local products, demand for foods produced far away becomes less and you save the extra cash added on to the price that pay’s for their shipping. Lets face it, we aren’t going to be cutting out the use of petroleum products any time soon. Here are some articles that will hopefully bring some truth about our nations great asset into perspective. If you use a *Keurig to brew by the cup, you’ll find that you’re paying an average of .65? per cup unless you scored a hot k-cup deal. Yes, you may be spending money to begin with, but in the long run you’ll save much more than what you invested. Many of us have to drive to work, but then, go grocery shopping on the way home rather than making a separate trip. Make your own foaming hand wash by diluting shower gel one part shower gel to four parts water. I do really like to delay purchases though, that’s been a great way for me to evaluate how important a potential item is to me if I still want it even 48 hours later.
And I’d much rather go out to dinner with my family every once in a while and spend my money on other things. In today’s podcast, we talk about other ways to save money without pain or sacrifice. Some of these ideas will yield savings on a daily basis and others will allow you save once or twice. I was a stay at home mom all of my kids lives, and while we were not rich, we had enough to get by. But losing it all and still being able to survive, made me realize that I don’t need all those things to make me happy, thus, there in that homeless shelter, I truly learned what contentment was. Last Christmas, I went out and spent $600 on a Wii U and had no second thoughts about it or budgeting to figure out how I was going to pay for it.
It might take you less or more, depending on your situation, but you CAN, read it again, ABSOLUTELY CAN DO THIS!If it seems hopeless, take heart, I was once there too.
In order to make your income go farther and stop your money from flying out the window, you need to stop the leaks.Bills are like little leaks, stealing your money every month. Get those leaks plugged up as best as you can, and your income can actually stay the same, but you’ll have more of it.
Perhaps living in a smaller place until you are debt free, and once you are debt free, you can have an even better place than where you live now. Pay your bills from that Paypal debit card and make money on bills you’re ALREADY paying!4) Lower your grocery bill.
From saving money on meat, saving money on produce, to using portion controls your family won’t notice, even playing games with your family to eat from your pantry. Why buy minced jarred garlic that will go to waste when a head of garlic is like a quarter. Here are 8 Household Chores Your Probably Forgot to Do and many of them will save you money in the long haul!7) Bundle your bills.
Bundling your bills will help you save money on your monthly bills without changing anything! Sometimes you might have to get creative, sometimes I’ll use a gift card someone gives me as a gift to someone else. Internet is not free, but are you using it to it’s full potential to save money on your monthly bills??? Things like bill pay, we can easily understand it saves us money, but what about letting your fingers do the shopping instead of your legs?
Instead of wasting gas running all over town pricing something to save money, price it online.
Trust me, in my banking career I used to have to deal with all the nightmares of people who never balanced to the penny. I mean, if your neighbors’ milk is going bad and they can’t drink it all before it does, why NOT give it to them? Getting with friends or neighbors and planning your meals together as more of a community trading for food, would really work out great and could ideally cut your grocery bill quite a bit!
Over the course of your life, it’ll save you and your family quite a bit, since you won’t ever have to pay the higher stamp prices!
Learn their secrets and be prepared to KEEP your money right where it belongs, in your pocket!But it’s not just banks you want to watch out for…did you know that Target charges you 5? every time you shop there for grocery bags!
You see, you probably don’t notice because you only get the discount if you bring in your own recycled bags. I know it’s a little thing, but can you imagine the billions of dollars they make on those bags each year. In this post (click here), I give an example of a cell phone cover that had horrible reviews on it. Now, I don’t reuse things like paper plates, but there are a lot of things you CAN reuse very easily.
For me, one of the major ways is on paper! We go through so much paper in this house and we reuse it all.
I have scraps of paper I use for notes as I can’t remember a thing without writing it down and I just LOVE me some checklists.
Before I started getting essential oils for free, I always couponed and took surveys to get free products. I even had a separate email address to apply for all the samples that every company loves to give out.
Carrying change has saved me from some pretty embarrassing situations when the debit card machine breaks down or when the total comes to $.99. Keep in mind that every penny counts and every dollar you spend is another dollar you must earn back!Did I miss anything?
What’s your favorite way to save money on your monthly bills?Are you a mom that wants to stay home with your kids? Ordering a product through this link may result in a commission, which helps pay for the cost of running this site and keeps the content free. Likewise, the health advice that may have been shared in this post has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help.

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