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On his upcoming album The Cure, fans can also hear this multi-genre influence while he stays true to his roots. In one of his famous “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger” segments, Stephen Colbert “tipped his hat” to the Susan G. Over the past fifteen years, the Foundation has reviewed eighty-three different groups who have attempted to use the phrase “for the cure” or “for a cure” and pursued legal action against half.  Anne Thompson, “Trademark protection by Susan G.
In addition, under the initial-interest-confusion doctrine, courts find infringement when confusion creates an “initial interest” in potential customers, even when confusion “ceases to exist prior to the sale” or the customer fails to purchase anything.  Id.
Non-profits have found success in challenging the extent of protection owed to the Foundation’s marks.  In The Susan B. Next, it reviewed the “services” of each mark and noted that there might be people who encounter both as they share a common goal and sponsorships.  The factor only “slightly favored” the Foundation. Finally, the factor of “critical importance” was the “number and nature of similar marks in use for similar services by third parties.
III.  Even if the Foundation has appropriate basis for litigating these matters,  is continued litigation “abusive”?
Under unfair competition doctrine, § 43(a) of the Lanham Act requires “’that a representation of a product, although technically true, creates a false impression of the product’s origin,’ and that the representation harms plaintiff’s reputation’.” Id. It provides fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals and protein, everything that a person needs for a healthy start to his day.

It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin E . The Montego Bay native just began his musical career, with reggae veterans like Capleton, Sizzla and Beres Hammond taking him under his wing, when it came to a screeching halt after a controversial case that led to incarceration. His evolved sound creates a well-rounded album that will resonate with roots reggae listeners and R&B lovers alike. Salgado, “Piracy and Chaos in the Marketplace of Ideas: Why Money Cannot Be Everything When Assessing Initial-Interest Confusion and Nonprofit Trademark Holders,” 61 Ark. Greene, “Abusive Trademark Litigation and the Incredible Shrinking Confusion Doctrine—Trademark Abuse in the Context of Entertainment Media and Cyberspace,” 27 Harv. MacDowall led the National Trial Team as team-captain and participated on the National Moot Court team.  In addition, Mr. Oatmeal is rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals that protect your health and give you the energy. Cottage cheese is a versatile ingredient that can be used to create a variety of yummy and healthy breakfast.
With his beguiling vocals and soulful conviction, Cure effortlessly blends street poetry and sufferer’s tales with beautiful love ballads into one cohesive collection. However, Cure’s popularity rose to new heights during this time, becoming one of the fastest rising reggae stars worldwide.

He was able to secure professional recording equipment and released multiple albums (Free Jah Cure, Ghetto Life and Freedom Blues) for worldwide distribution before his release in 2007. The American Cancer Society, Mid-Atlantic Division, Inc., the Foundation filed an opposition to The American Cancer Society (“ACS”)’s attempt to register the mark “CARS FOR A CURE” claiming priority and likelihood of confusion under § 2(d) of the Trademark Act. MacDowall intends to practice general business litigation with special emphasis on employment and labor law. Since then, Cure has continued to top the reggae charts with hits and has released several albums True Reflections, The Universal Cure and World Cry. Yogurt is highly nutritious and is an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium, which is essential for maintaining colon health and reducing the risk of colon cancer. His latter album featured collaborations with Rick Ross and Jazmine Sullivan, blending hip-hop, pop and R&B into his sound. 1997).  Therefore, the Foundation certainly has a protectable interest in its trademark even though it is not for-profit, but as we will see below, the right to a protectable interest does not automatically justify protecting that interest. Companies must recognize the difference between a “right” to protect a trademark and a “responsibility” to refrain from enforcing that right when the societal interest weighs against its enforcement.

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