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The Cortland Precision Competition Nymph line has been uniquely engineered to help the nymph specialist create ultra-precise presentations and achieve the highest degree of strike detection, sensitivity, and accuracy – a perfect line for French, Spanish, Czech, and high-stick nymphing styles where the fly line is held off the water.
The fine tip on the line prevents the need for extra long monofilament leaders, yet the complex taper provides enough energy to make accurate longer casts and turn over multiple fly rigs when conditions demand it. Get the maximum performance out of your favorite 9-11’ nymph rod by matching it with the proper Competition Nymph line to increase your productivity on the water!

Second thing is that i get horizontal colored lines over right side,but only on last part of right side.
They don't flash or anything it actually looks as if someone just painted 3 blue lines with paint on my TV screen however it's not paint it's an issue with my TV's display. The 3 blue lines you see do not affect the rest of the TV at all however it is very annoying to see those lines on my screen while I am watching TV so I was hoping you could tell me how to fix it and get rid of them.

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