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We deliver to over 60 countries worldwide, such as the UK, US, Austrlia, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia and so on. This dress isn't just pulled from a warehouse - once your order is confirmed, our tailors begin selecting materials in the color you requested and cutting fabric based on your measurements.
You will always get personally tailored dresses from us no matter you choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements. Generally it will take 3-9 calendar days for professional dressmaker to tailor your dresses. Generally it will take 15-25 calendar days for professional dressmaker to tailor your dresses. If you don’t have special requirement for the shipping motheds, we usually ship them out by Standard Shipping.

The total delivery time is composed by tailoring time and shipping time, and it's various from different designs.
But it will be sewn to fit your body type, and the fabric type and color will differ if you've requested such alterations.
If your size fluctuates or you want to modify the dress slightly, we always leave a few inches in the seams so that your local tailor can easily make alterations as needed.
Then it will take EMS about 4-8 working days for the finished dresses to travel from our country to the destination. Generally speaking, it will take Standard Shipping about 4-8 working days to ship out the items.
Free Shipping to the majority of countries worldwide on orders over USD 99, and we always use the fastest and the most appropriate shipping method that can be tracked online.

The custom nature of our dresses means our cancellation and return policy is stricter than for other items, so it is important to order carefully.
But if you need your items urgently, please select Expedited Shipping (It's about 2-5 working days and not free on our website). Select your country as shipping destination, and then, pay for the shipping fee, so that we can ship out your items ASAP.

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