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A while back I attended a media breakfast for the introduction of Abreva Conceal, a new cold sore concealer that keeps cold sores hidden and protected while they heal.
Recent survey results by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare revealed that women feel self-conscious (86 percent), unattractive (77 percent) and embarrassed (72 percent) with a cold sore. For those women being affected by cold sores, Carmindy demonstrated makeup "how to" tips for concealing a cold sore and incorporating the Abreva Conceal clear patch into your everyday makeup routine.

The Mommy Factor Blog is a PR friendly blog that would love to share your family friendly product, website, company, deal, or program with all our readers and community of moms 25-40. Disney’s upcoming film, THE JUNGLE BOOK hits the big screens on April 15th and I am beyond excited to see it. The patch allows makeup to be put on top and uses MicroAir technology, which creates a protective barrier allowing air in while keeping harmful contaminants out.

Nine in ten parents have avoided kissing their child because of a cold sore and 40% have also avoided interacting with other parents because of their cold sores.

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