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We are now able to remove surface imperfections and dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles with a new procedure called laser skin resurfacing. Scars can develop as the result of acne or other types of inflammations or trauma, such as infections, chickenpox or surgery. Raised scars respond to steroid injections while vascular scars are better treated with a vascular laser to decrease their blood supply in conjunction with occlusive dressings. More than 80% of the population is affected to some degree during their teen years, twenties and even into their thirties with a skin condition called acne. Treatment of acne scarring is often dependent on the size, shape and depth of the scar since some treatments are more effective on certain types of scarring. With the introduction of fractional resurfacing technology such as the new Fraxel laser, treatment of acne scars has become effective and easy. Punch techniques are minimally-invasive surgical procedures that can be highly effective in improving the appearance of acne scarring. Punch excision removes the base of the scar, and the skin is then closed with sutures and allowed to heal.
These punch techniques are often combined with laser resurfacing to even out the surface and tone of the skin and are highly effective in improving the appearance of the skin. For some scars, a surgical procedure that will detach the scar from deeper connective tissue may be required. Although aging may be caused by the same factors, the rate at which it does so, researchers have recently discovered, is different.
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Striae distensae: prophylaxis treatment - medscape, Striae distensae, commonly stretch marks, pose significant psychological burden patients. As we go through life, skin is subject to numerous experiences that leave it less than perfect. Using the computer controlled CO(2) or COOL-SKIN laser, we can gently remove sun-damaged, aging skin, helping to stimulate regeneration of the healthy skin producing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. The treatment is bloodless and does not involve chemicals.  In the first few days after the procedure, your skin will weep as new collagen is formed to rebuild the skin from the bottom up.

Alternatively, one can utilize a needle under the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis (subcision).
Joelynn Amos Cosmetic Plastic SurgeryBreast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants, … and many more. Most of these treatments provide long-lasting or permanent smoothing out and lightening of the acne scar. Laser skin resurfacing takes less time and allows penetration of the skin layers to be more controlled than in some other methods. This method involves injecting material such as Restylane, under the scar to plump up the surface to the level of the skin around the scar.
There are three types of punch excision and they all use a punch biopsy tool to correct deep acne scars. Punch elevation uses the punch tool to remove the base of the scar which is then sutured to the surrounding skin. For many of us, our first exposure to skin problems is with chicken pox in childhood, then acne scars in our teen years. The laser uses a beam of light to vaporize scarred, lined, wrinkled, and other skin imperfections. Other scars are better treated with laser treatments such as the fractional carbon dioxide laser. The skin cells absorb and convert the solution into a chemical that makes the cells extremely sensitive to light. Though this treatment needs to be repeated to maintain the desired effect, the procedure is simple with little discomfort and the results are immediate.
Punch replacement involves the removal of the scarred skin which is then replaced with a skin graft (most commonly from behind the ear). This new skin will have a pinkish to reddish quality which fades over the next few days to weeks.
Depending on the depth of the scars, more than one treatment or type of treatment may be needed. However, early intervention may affect the way a scar remodels itself and may minimize its appearance.

The affected area is then treated with a Blu-U light which kills the bacteria that triggers acne, and reduces the size of the oil glands. For others, acne can result in scarring that is disfiguring and affects self image in a negative way for the rest of their lives. Results from treatment with the Fraxel are dramatic and may take four to six visits to achieve desired results. This acne scar treatment is also usually combined with laser resurfacing for optimal results.
Dr.Zakhary never made me feel rushed, she always took her time to make me feel confident in the procedure and in her. However, time, heredity and gravity are still doing their part to create fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes. Dermabrasion (rubbing the skin with medical grade sandpaper) can also be used to treat some scars.
Also, a non-ablative resurfacing laser may be used to stimulate collagen to give a more raised appearance. Over-exposure to the sun, alcohol use, and smoking are all known to significantly accelerate the signs of aging. Thick ointments are applied liberally for the first few days to protect the new skin, followed by moisturizers with sun block or Aloe Vera lotion. Patients must apply sunscreen immediately following treatment and avoid any bright lights for 48 hours. Kristina Zakhary, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgeon, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon practicing in Calgary Canada will determine the best plan for treatment according to your individual needs and goals. The effect of the treatment develops over a few months following the procedure and can be expected to last for several years.
The results of any cosmetic procedure can be expected to fade over time as the natural aging process takes over, at which time the procedure can be repeated.

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