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Patrick Sullivan, who co-owns White Crane Clinic with his wife Kathleen in Tarpon Springs, demonstrates how acupuncture is administered. Acupuncture is thought to have originated about a century before the birth of Christ in China and is still referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Reviews, studies and opinions about acupuncture’s value differ from that of being totally useless to highly effective. By examining the tongue in detail and taking a pulse followed by a 90-minute verbal discourse with a patient, Patrick can ascertain what ailments are in need of treatment. Patrick administers only one needle at a time at four acupuncture points located between a knee to the toes and between an elbow to the fingers. Florida regulates acupuncture and requires four years of training before one can become an acupuncturist. Dr Mahr was in one of the first groups of registered Chinese Medicine practitioners in Hong Kong. Born in a traditional Chinese medicine business family, Dr Fong was a student of Zhen Shan Gao, one of the famous doctors in Beijing. This small group of acupuncturists can treat stress and other ailments.¬†Appointment required. Locally trained physiotherapist Alice Yuen offers a comprehensive one hour¬†acupuncture assessment and treatment. That practice known as acupuncture has been widely adopted all over the world and many believe it’s beneficial for pain relief and other maladies. However, patients at the White Crane Clinic in Tarpon Springs advocate the latter conclusion, thanks to treatments provided for the past 30 years by clinic co-owners and husband-and-wife team Kathleen and Patrick Sullivan. They became immersed in the culture and eventually one of Kathleen’s students introduced her to Oh Sung Bae, a practitioner of acupuncture. A combination of acupuncture and the intake of special herbs provided by the clinic help integrate the mind with the health of the patient so he or she is in sync. A needle approximately twice as thin as a normal hypodermic needle and typically one inch in length is inserted in a plastic guide tube and carefully implanted on a body point that’s been wiped clean with a sterilization pad.
It involves stimulating the skin and muscle to produce therapeutic effect for the whole body. In decades pf practice, she has healed numerous diseases by her acupuncture treatments and massages. He claims to have created his own style of acupuncture therapy after combining various learnings.

Patrick soon met him as well, and Bae became their mentor into the ways of Korean Constitutional Medicine.
The company is based in the heart of the South Downs, less than 2 minutes walk from Lewes railway station.With a well equipped treatment centre and experienced friendly staff, the company delivers a professional complementary healthcare service to the general public as well as local firms across East Sussex. Acupuncture is known to cure chronic pain, respiratory conditions, skin problems and gastric problems.
Believes in maintaining a balanced having a lifestyle that allows her to take care of herself.
The service is designed to be cost effective, helping clients to live a healthier lifestyle. Residents of Wong Tai Sin call him the genius doctor as his acupuncture successfully healed a patient a heart patient. With a team that includes over 30 fully qualified practitioners, Equilibrium Health Centre has a caring professional team, highly skilled and waiting to help develop, maintain or improve the client's health. Equilibrium was awarded the Customer Service Award by readers of the Sussex Express for its outstanding service, and continues to work hard to maintain this high quality and constantly improve client experience.
The clinic offers acupuncture, allergy tests, aromatherapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy and many other therapies and workshops. Tailored to individual requirements, all treatments and classes are designed for all health levels and abilities and can also be enjoyed at home. The clinic is now open 7 days a week (Sundays are reserved for courses and pre-booked appointments).
Equilibrium Health Centre has an expanding customer base, located throughout East Sussex and beyond, including private clients and organisations. Equilibrium staff look forward to welcoming all clients at the clinic in Station Street and course and workshop participants at the new studio at 33 Cliffe High St. I had an appointment with Robin, who was much more indepth than I ever imagined it could be. We're pleased that Robin was able to help - over the 16 years he's been with us, he has assisted many people with their allergies and intolerances. I decided to try a massage after two weeks of this and was lucky enough to be able to book a massage with Oscar on his last day before he takes a break.
The treatment was gentle and thorough and resulted in a huge reduction in my pain and discomfort beyond anything I could have imagined as well as leaving me really relaxed. I've had 3 sessions so far and I've already noticed a difference in my energy levels and stamina on a day to day basis, as well as seeing some improvement in my symptoms.

Oscar is a skilled and sensitive practitioner who is able to combine techniques to fit your individual needs - for example he suggested incorporating some acupuncture into my treatment. Oscar is going to Nepal in March for 2 months as a volunteer acupuncturist to work in small clinics funded by the Acupuncture Relief Project charity.
He will be working 5 days a week treating roughly 20 patients a day, free of charge, under the wing of a local Ayurvedic doctor, providing traditional healthcare to the urban and rural populations of Kathmandu valley. Most of those reached by this project either can't afford or don't have access to basic medical care.Before he goes, Oscar is running a Charity Day at Equilibrium on Sat 26th Feb. Half hour Clinical Massage & Acupuncture treatments will be available from 9am-5pm for donations to the Acupuncture Relief Project (min. Thank you Lucy, for understanding my body's foibles and needs so well and working so diligently and sympathetically on them! I had alot of tension and pain, but after just one hour I left feeling calm happy comfortable and relaxed and actually felt like I was floating on air. I felt totally safe in her firm yet gentle hands and afterwards I had an awsome pain free evening and enjoyed the best nights sleep I have ever had, waking up this morning feeling relaxed, refreshed and re energised. There's always a warm welcome and every treatment I've had or class I've done over the past ten years has been excellent.
I had a Shiatsu with Paul last week - he worked gently but very effectively to release pain in my back and shoulders and I left feeling much calmer as well as inches taller! I have also in the last 6months had very good and successful clinical massage from Oscar Hewitt. He has diagnosed the cause of my hip pain which I have been struggling to get correctly diagnosed for some time. I am now free of the pain I have had for at least 3 years and this has given me a much better range of movement.
Lucy does a personal but brief consultation each session, and quickly works out what focus is needed and where. It has been easy to book and she sends a text the following day to see how I am, which I really appreciate.

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