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If you have a problem that has defied solution, or just want to feel better, you may want to try Chinese Medicine. Read in this month's Vogue how acupuncture helps significantly boost fertility and IVF success. It is frightening to read that after the age of 35 a woman’s fertility drops significantly. Luckily there are ways to help boost fertility and if you do find yourself going down the IVF route help is at hand to support you on this journey.
I have three clinics in London, two of which are very suitably placed near IVF clinics so ideal to have the two treatments simultaneously. Experienced London Acupuncturist Kate Winstanley has prestigious clinics at Harley St and in Parsons Green, Fulham. Acupuncture can improve the prospects of people with severe heart failure, research has shown. Researchers found the ancient Chinese practice has the potential to dramatically reduce the pressure on the heart. This is because it can reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates involuntary movements such as heartbeat and blood pressure.

It damages their long-term prospects because it forces the weakened heart to work harder, as the blood has to be forced through blood vessels that are constricted by the nervous activity.
It also makes it more likely that the heart will develop potentially lethal rhythm patterns. The lead researcher is Dr Holly Middlekauff, of the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine.
Dr Middlekauff said advanced heart failure patients often had two or three times more sympathetic nerve activity than normal.
It has been shown that the greater this activity is, the worse the outlook for the patient. The researchers divided 14 critically ill chronic heart failure patients referred for heart transplantation evaluation into three groups. The second received "non-acupoint" acupuncture in which needles were placed at sites not traditionally believed to be useful in acupuncture. Finally, the third group had a "no-needle" simulation of the treatment, in which a needle holder is tapped to the back of their neck, but no needle was inserted. Blood pressure, heart rate and sympathetic nerve activity were measured in all the patients following a four-minute mental stress test.

This involved, among other things, participants performing math problems in their heads and answering aloud.
Dr Middlekauff said further study is needed before acupuncture could be recommended as a routine treatment for patients with severe heart failure. According to recent statistics there was a 150% increase in women over the age of 40 having children between 1994 and 2010. And research shows that having acupuncture whilst undergoing IVF increases pregnancy rates by 10%.
In Harley Street (near The Portland Hospital) and in Chelsea (near the Chelsea and Westminster and Kensington Wing). But until now, no one had looked at acupuncture's effect on the very sickest heart failure patients.

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