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Please note that only items sold as new, blem or with damaged packaging are eligibile for the listed warranty.
Something that’s hard to show when your boots are knifing your feet and compressing too tightly when on an edge.
BOOST foam withstands repeated impact without packing out and resists the heat and cold to deliver the same performance no matter what. You will often find the addition of layers of metal, carbon, bamboo, or other stringers in these.

Adidas Energy Boost Snowboard Boots take out all the complications and get riders back up to optimal energy levels. Here at evo we have standardized the manufacturers' number ratings to a feel rating ranging from soft to very stiff. All thanks to their proprietary BOOST™ foam midsole bringing unheard of comfort to the mountain, you’ll wish the days were longer and the lifts spun faster cause your feet could shred for weeks on end.
Generally you will find flex ratings of 1-2 as soft, 3-5 as medium, 6-8 as stiff, and 9-10 as very stiff.

A Torsion® System Shank keeps the flex sturdy and consistent throughout its life and provides a sturdy heel hold for the perfect fit.

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