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These men's all-terrain running shoes are built for wet conditions and treacherous terrain. TORSION SYSTEM TORSION® SYSTEM provides lightweight arch support while allowing the forefoot and rearfoot to move freely for surface adoption, and to stabilize the foot. We kindly ask you to write your correct address and telephone number, so that a courier could contact you and deliver your ordered item to your address.
Pick up from LP Express terminal: during the order you can choose LP Express terminal in Lithuania where to pick up the item (you dont need put your address).
It is great for neutral runners as it allows for the perfect fit, the incomparable comfort, and amazing adaptability.
Years of development have resulted in versions of the TORSION® SYSTEM which are specific to forward motion sports or lateral movement sports.

All information connected with item pick up you will get by SMS message to provided phone number.
Push…adidas Energy Boost 2 Shoes for Men adidas Energy Boost 2 Shoes for Men Run like the wind in the adidas Energy Boost 2 Shoes. Being a light-weight pair of shoes, it is ideal for speed running while also useable for normal training.
These activity-specific systems support the midfoot and serve as plattforms for extended control.adiWEARA®adiWEARA® is A an extremely durable non-marking rubber used primarily for tennis shoe outsoles and for other high- abrasion applications which offers the optimal balance of excellent abrasion resistance, traction and flexibility. With the latest shoe technology infused in the perfect pair, one can only expect to achieve optimum running performance while enjoying the coziness of a heavily-cushioned shoe.With boost in the midsole, these men's running shoes put a spring beneath your step. In linear sports (such as running or golf), adiWear is used to reduce wear in the heel landing area and the toe-off area. This revolutionary foam packs tons of energy-filled comfort beneath your feet without sacrificing stability or ground feel.

This results in better explosive movements, where power or speed is key, such as Running, lateral cutting movements (Tennis), stopping and starting (Football) or lifting (Training).
Featuring stretchy mesh in the forefoot and a FITFRAME heel for maximum comfort and support.
Allow the surface to dry naturally.Do not soak in water!Do not wash with a washing machine and put in the hot-air dryers!Do not tumble draining!

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