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Adidas ditches the common EVA midsole foam, used in running shoes since time immemorial, for something altogether more fancy in this new kicker. When put to our 15km road test, the Boost material proved to be surprisingly springy – adding what was initially, a disconcerting bounce to every step we took.
And despite looking like disposable packaging foam, the Boost material is admirably resilient – looking none the worse for wear even after three weeks of long distance runs. For us, the Energy Boost’s heel-to-toe transition was the highlight of the shoe during our road test – it made the much-vaunted Boost foam quite ordinary in comparison.
And though it has been positioned primarily as a shoe for neutral-pronators, the Energy Boost came with a moderate amount of stability – courtesy of cleverly-placed plastic devices at the outsole of the shoe. And it was the Energy Boost’s stability, springiness and moderate heft (278g) which enabled it to offer top-of-the-line heel-to-toe transition. So versatile is this kicker, you’ll find it good enough for most mid- to long-distance training runs and races – from your IPPT 2.4km to the marathon.
No thanks to the stretchy, feet-encasing material of the upper, we felt temperatures in the shoe rising inordinately quickly. Despite its understated silhouette, it’s hard to deny that this all-black Adidas flagship is one handsome-looking shoe. MH Runners7 Ways To Perfect Your Running FormSome common running mistakes that you should correct to help you run faster and further. MH RunnersChocolate Milk After Running Is Ideal For RecoveryBelieve it or not, the sweet brown milk you loved as a child is actually good for you. MH Runners4 Easy Post-Run Tricks To Hydrate QuicklyUse these expert-backed strategies to prevent dehydration and pump up your running performance.

MH RunnersTraining Guide For Your RunsNot sure how to train after signing up for a full or half marathon? MH RunnersStitches, Cramps, and Other Running IssuesHere's how to over come all the aches and pains that come with running.
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The adidas Energy Boost ESM silhouette is now releasing in its all-White colorway for Spring.
This clean all-White running shoe is built with a form-fitting woven tech fit upper, along with mesh detailing hitting the toe box.
The Nike KD 9 Black White release date is an upcoming Nike KD 9 that’s set to debut later this June 2016. Christened “Boost”, the brand’s new midsole material is fashioned from a hi-tech plastic compound – also used in the dashboards of BMW cars. Our only gripe – the pristine creamy-white colour of the foam was turning an unflattering dung-brown. Like the highly acclaimed Adizero Adios 2 and Feather 2 before it, Adidas had gotten quite a few things right with the Energy Boost. These gave the midsole more structure – meaning that even mild over-pronators like us could do away with the services of our pronation-correcting heavy-duty trainer. And you’d want to try the Energy Boost out for fit because the Energy Boost appears to fit a little small.
While our feet did not exactly overheat, it made for a slightly uncomfortable running experience, especially on hot afternoons.

Expect more great-looking colour variants to be hitting our shores soon.$239, available at selected Adidas retailers.
The lively midsole, on the other hand, took us some 7km – near the midway point marker of our run – to get used to.
While it had a footbed which was decidedly firmer than some other trainers in our recent test list, we never found impact absorption wanting.
The Energy Boost might not have exactly lessened our post-run fatigue during our trial sessions with it, but it's hard to deny that the shoe is very much a heel-striker’s wet dream. Our wider feet resulted in us opting for a pair which was a full size larger than our current shoe. For a more comfortable running experience in the Boost, don’t pair it with thick running socks. If you've tried the Adidas Energy Boost, we'd love to find out what you think of the shoes!
Better still, ditch the socks altogether: The shoe has an interior which doesn’t chafe bare skin.

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