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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Offering a higher rate of energy return than any other midsole unit in the world, BOOST FOAM uses thousands of polyurethane capsules to capture excess footstrike energy and fire it back into your stride every time your foot hits the ground. This edition of the shoe also incorporates a revised TECHFIT upper for lightweight support, improved ventilation, and enhanced flexibility.

An updated TORSION CONTROL SYSTEM also allows the rear and forefoot to move independently for smoother transitions from heel-to-toe and a more naturally efficient running gait. TPU Cage - Single piece translucent heel to mid-foot fit cage, holding your foot in posistion, creating a more stable experience.
While the addition of a new TPU heel and forefoot cradle improves midfoot integrity and provides better lockdown through the gait cycle.

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