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I see there are a lot of butt hurt jamaican people in this comment section who don’t want to be honest about their own people.
The rape of young girls and general mistreatment of women is also a bad problem that is rarely punished.
And a lot of these men keep more than one woman even if they have been really good at hiding that from their women.
Please inform yourself and ead the statistics of actual birth records and what can be assessed from records as many live far off the grid and no ID at all and getting worse.
Thank God in the Mighty Heavens I’ve met a wonderful, educated Jamaican man who shares love with me.
Fourthly; something to think about AA women is less like to get married because their men cannot stay out of jails or use the opportunities they have to educate themselves. Many still think that you should do the bulk of the house chores even when you work as many hours as they do.
I can only speak from my own experience when I say that only 1 of my Jamaican boyfriends really impressed me in bed. I’m AA and recently ended a relationship with a Jamaican because he started asking me for gifts and money. Many, if not most, of them are just the way you described them!There are a few good ones though. One that I knew from high school is here illegally and was acting as if I’m obligated to marry him so he can get a green card. As a born and raised West Indian I can emphatically declare that this is the most ignorant list from MN I’ve EVER read. Like someone earlier said their culture dictates that the man is on top and should always be in control. VERY TRUE, my ex husband (who, is Jamaican) was he11-bent on not getting our son circumcised because he wasn’t lol. I was confused when you say you are not Jamaican but your grandfather, aunts and uncles are. Oh, and they also LOVE to use a woman, have her pay his bills and when she wises up move to the next unsuspecting fool.
I, for years disregarded Caribbean men because I did not believe we could overcome the cultural differences-I am Black American.

You will never get his respect and don’t think the second, third, or fourth date works either.
And did you know that AA in general have a lower literacy rate than Jamaicans and other third world countries. But I generally tell Jamaican wives not to swear for their Jamaican husbands unless they have a tracking device on them. I’m not even going to go through the trouble of pointing out all the stupidity in it. You were still raised with those cultural values just instead of being there you were here. This doesn’t fly well usually with Black American women because we are raised to believe that men and women are equal. Is it true that the family sleeps with each other and incest is prevalent in the Jamaican culture? Many Jamaican wives have had a rude awakening when they thought that their husbands were faithful. Many Jamaican men think they’re special and better than women so we should give them anything they want from us.
Education, proper upbringing and church rescued some of them from being extremely aggressive, selfish, mean and backward in their views of women. 2nd all of these people on here saying that Jamaican men basically sound like Black American men you must be out of your dat blame mind! West Indian men don’t go downtown and if you finally persuade them to do so its wack because they have hardly no experience doing it. Find exactly you want with extensive member profiles, photos, video introductions and more! I wish the black communities would open their eyes and tell these bungaloo island rats to shut up and get out. Just take time to understand one another-love is a wonderful thing-don’t block your blessings with rumor and myths.
And for the baby mama thing; a lot of Jamaican men in the past had kids young and if you are the one to fall in that trap then you get the crop shoot but when he is older nothing comes before his kids and family. A combination of healthy eating (again you’re right about the fast food – Jamaicans love healthy natural food like meat, fruit and veg) and the workouts in the bedroom!
I dont know much about AA men but i believe this article is quite accurate… for me at least.

Just remember that there are many children in Jamaica whose fathers do NOT support them financially. I dated a few West Indian men and their behavior in public whenever we would come across gay people was embarrassing. Their murder rate specifically has been one of the highest in the world consistently for decades now. AA men at least have higher standards of behavior because of the American ideal codes of conduct the country in general has even though they may not follow it anyway. People dont marry often and there is much child rape that goes on every where and in every parish as it is not prosecuted often at all and not encouraged to come forward either. The whole talking about sex thing in front of the family is also a no no when it comes to Black American men. They grow up seeing a lot of violence in Jamaica and many (not all) become comfortable with it and practice it themselves. The females are so rude and obnoxious it’s a wonder why any men would DATE them in the first place! My husband loves his family, takes care of the home provides and protects (no different than my 6 AA brothers). However in Jamaica people may say things here and there but men in general can display bad behavior and this is just accepted as the way things are. Jamaican guys hear lots of negative stereotypes about non-Jamaican girls too but people are people no matter what country they are from, you just have to find the right one! Is it true that when you have young daughters and nieces in your home, that when you turn your back he will try to sweet talk them into bed? It seems some Jamaican men have no pride and will readily ask a woman for money or try to take it from her. At least in America there are many feminists quick to call out that behavior but in Jamaica they just live with it or ignore it. Is it true that they don’t like to have a regular 9 to 5, and would rather have an occupation that allows them a lot of free time to play and cheat? Is it true most are a mama’s boys who can’t make one adult decision without her irradict advise?

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