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Alternative Therapy Breast Cancer: How to Offer Relief to Breast Cancer Patients through Magnetic Therapy?
Alternative Therapy Breast Cancer - We have all heard of alternative therapy and alternative medicines which can provide relief from various kinds of medical conditions, though they cannot a€?curea€? them. Published in The Lancet, which was released on Saturday at the annual meeting on the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago, the research is based on the medical records of about 1,000 breast cancer patients, aged 45 or older. Breast cancer is responsible for 16% of women cancer and approximately 500,000 women died of this form of cancer in 2004.
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Amy Johnson of makes a carrot and apple juice in her Central West End home on Wednesday, Feb. Our holistic treatment can be performed in the doctors clinic, in your personal hotel room or if you prefer you can stay with the originator of the technology, providing he has room available in his home. Cancer is a lonely journey, but with the right help the outcome can be better than you have been told.
We have success where everyone else fails, so take time to get to know us and what we can do.
The reason that boosting your immune system will not defeat cancer is because your immune system does not recognize cancer as an enemy. Photodynamic therapy is the only technique in the world to actually teach the immune system that cancer is an enemy, and our version of PDT is the only one in the world that can reach down deep to metastatic lesions. There are several links on the immunity page to research papers from the best labs and hospitals in the world that explain and explore the unique ability of PDT to activate the immune system. Once this is done, then we increase the immune system and when successful it clears every last cancer cell from your body, and more importantly makes you immune to that type of cancer so it can never come back! Total immunity to cancer is the only way to defeat metastatic cancer and have permanent remission. If you are in the USA and you need help with arranging flights or after treatment support click on this logo. Click on the email link part way down the page and let the consultant know what kind of help you need. The definition of holistic is an all encompassing view based on the knowledge of the nature, functions, and properties of the components, their interactions, and their relationship to the whole. In our holistic treatment protocol we emphasize holistic treatment including the true nature of cancer, the factors of diet and vitamins, the holistic treatment of radiation damage caused by electronics or x-rays, the incorporation of naturopathic herbal supplements, plus the latest and most powerful version of Photodynamic therapy, a holistic treatment which kills cancer in minutes with few side effects. Photodynamic therapy is our primary technology, but far more advanced than any other version in the world, simply because we have the most powerful and selective sensitizers and we use three different light sources ranging from a 3 watt laser to 100 watt focused devices with narrow bandwidth.
Hyperthermia is a natural side effect of the Photodynamic therapy, and we control it by using different light sources for carefully controlled time periods to give the best hyperthermia effect. Alkalization is critical, we balance that with a custom drink containing the proper balance of potassium sodium calcium magnesium and ascorbate. Immune activation is critical, and we do that better than anyone else simply because of our superior photodynamic therapy. Two alternative treatments that we believe have some merit are used alongside these primary techniques.
Stopping Glycolysis is key to controlling cancer, and we have the best custom medication in the world for that, something developed by us and not known to others. Direct kill of cancer cells with harmless chemicals that are contained in food is not only possible, we have been using it for years. This is absolutely necessary for treating anoxic cancers, the ones that do not have enough oxygen in them to kill them such as head and neck and glioblastoma, melanoma and osteosarcoma among others. Anyone who does not have HBOT available is doomed to failure on the most difficult cancers. Cachexia control is managed with diet supplements, our custom chemicals that stop the cancer in it's tracks, and our custom drinks that kill existing cancer cells along with the photodynamic therapy. Heavy metal toxicity This can occur from lead or mercury in your environment or foods, from amalgamated fillings which were very common until recently or even breathing petrol fumes. IPT Insulin potentiation therapy can be used here when our testing indicates it will help you.
DCA Dichloroacetate is another well known treatment which we incorporate, but not with the weak Sodium dichloroacetate, we use a custom potassium dichloroacetate which penetrates cancer better.
DMSO The famous overnight cancer cure is of course not a true cancer cure on it's own, but it does have value so we have started using it to precondition patients before they start PDT. Diet is recommended based on patient preferences, but will consist of one or two known helpful cancer diets.
Vitamins are recommended based on tests that determine what you personally need or do not need. Artemisinin is one that we find is effective on nearly all patients, so we have imported a very pure version of it and after talking with Dr. Immune system Support Many researchers are trying to activate the immune system, often referring to targeted immunotherapy, but unless they are using a nano particle based treatment they have very little success. Killer T-cells are not created by most kinds of immune support, and that is exactly what you need to fight cancer so we have a new protocol which has been shown to produce complete remission in a high percentage of brain tumors. Adjuvants At present we are using over 23 adjuvants, mostly herbal with some vitamins and possibly a couple of injections depending on how depressed your immune system is.
There is a lot of important information on this opening page and I suggest you take the time to read it, but if you want to look into specific types of cancer you can follow these links and then come back to read the background information. Alternative Holistic Treatment for Lung Cancer Provides details on a few past holistic treatments of lung cancer with photo-dynamic therapy.
Treating Colon Cancer successfully Reports on past holistic colon cancer holistic treatments with Photo-dynamic Therapy.
Breast Cancer holistic treatments What to avoid in breast cancer pre-care, if at all possible. Photo-dynamic Therapy for Leukemia This link goes into detail on leukemia treated with a holistic approach and photo-dynamic therapy.
Osteosarcoma Osteosarcoma, like leukemia, is one of those nasty diseases that attacks our children and steals their childhood. Brain cancer  Primary brain cancer originates in the brain like the super deadly glioblastoma, but many brain tumors are metastatic having come from lung cancer or prostate cancer or breast cancer. Ovarian Cancer With conventional treatment survival with stage 3 and 4 is virtually nothing at five years, at ten years it is even less.
Angiosarcoma Angiosarcoma is a very lethal type of cancer with a short survival time, but we have cured it in the past and we presently have far better tools than we did then. Cancer holistic treatment options A quick overview of the main theories about cancer holistic treatments with diet, vitamins, antioxidants and many others.
The good news is it will not be wasted time, we have natural healthy options that can save patients and improve their quality of life rapidly.
If you or a loved one have cancer, you have entered the confusing world of cancer treatment. Doctors are required by the hospitals to recommend chemo even when they KNOW it will not be of any help. If an oncologist recommended chemo to you , ask them to show you at least 3 studies showing it works for your type of cancer. I tell cancer patients, if you only have 5 years of life left due to age, radiation will give some relief from symptoms and you will die from old age before the secondary cancer caused by the radiation is a problem. In 2011, researchers for Mayo Clinic College of Medicine reported that transperitoneal biopsy of cancer of the bile duct is associated with a higher rate of peritoneal metastasis and they recommend the procedure not be performed if a curative method exists. Surgery Promotes Cancer Surgeons will deny this, but the latest research from major institutions verify that surgery always promotes cancer, first by spreading it, then by suppressing the immune system. Read this, it covers the subject and after you read it rethink the whole biopsy surgery approach.
Doing surgery or biopsy is exactly like taking the seed pod from a dandelion and blowing the seeds all over your garden, except in this case you can't kill it with a weed killer, it is cancer and you are in serious trouble. There are many opinions about cancer, but as a patient or a patient supporter, it is your job to sort out the truth from the lies about the various options and that is NOT easy.
Most patients feel their only chance to survive cancer is conventional treatment, because that is what their DOCTOR said.
Take responsibility for basic research, because what your doctor told you is WRONG, techniques which support your body are usually better than conventional.
When it comes to cancer treatment you have to understand it is mostly driven by BIG money via the pharmaceutical industry, the hospitals and the doctors and they will do anything to drain as much money out of each patient as they can.
READ THIS STORY This young man at the age of 16 left his home to avoid chemotherapy, which left the hospital chasing him around the USA with the aid of stupid law enforcement agencies so they could continue to poison him.
You DO have the right to refuse Chemo surgery and radiation If you or anyone you know are being persecuted by the doctors using the legal system to threaten removal of children, read this link.
Conventional cancer treatment involves deception, cover ups and outright lies, driven by greed. Anti-oxidants speed up cancer Few studies had looked at the reasons behind these seemingly paradoxical effects. Healthy options use support mechanisms, including diet, vitamins and other remedies backed by hard science, if you are following the RIGHT alternative. Cancer treatment options You must read this discussion on your alternatives as a starting primer. The newest and most powerful cancer treatment was Photo-dynamic therapy, which at that time had some serious limitations in the depth of penetration to reach the cancer and penetration into cancer tumors and in how selective the required sensitizers were when distinguishing between normal and diseased cancer cells, so I set about creating a new vastly superior sensitizer. Intelligent researchers realize no matter whether they are researching wheels or cancer, you don't re-invent the wheel, so the first task was to find the smartest people in the world on the subject of treating cancer with photo-dynamic therapy and learn everything they knew.

In my opinion, there is only one way in the world to get long term survival with cancer, and that is to activate the immune system against it so your immune system hunts down every last cell and destroys them. Photo-dynamic therapy is an advanced cancer protocol which is capable of treating nearly all disease including cancer much more effectively than conventional medicine. Photo-dynamic therapy is the best way to do this, because it alone is capable of breaking down the RNA of the cancer and exposing the antigens. Of all of the cancer options available, Photo-dynamic therapy should always be used, but only if it is the right photo-dynamic therapy.
I have spent 9 years, 12 hours a day six days a week researching this and I have gone through 30,000 research papers on cancer treatment, both conventional cancer treatment and all other options, herbal, complementary, natural and a combination of all of them, with a main focus on photo-dynamic therapy. Let's give the nay sayers of natural options a chance to speak their piece, but remember at all times they are PAID by BIG PHARMA to try to shut down anything that the pharmaceutical industry does not make a profit from.
US FDA fake treatments On this page they attack many alternative holistic cancer treatments.
Good info here they never discuss natural cancer options, but you can sign up and get weekly email updates on the INSIDE story about conventional treatment. One of my favorite sites They are still driven by the pharmaceutical industry, but the Canadian group at least doesn't say everyone else is a fraud or a quack. Comments about conventional treatment This is a you tube video that talks about conventional cancer treatment from the point of view of some of the most reputable people in the world. US Government list of photo-dynamic therapy trials Just to give you an idea of how important photo-dynamic therapy is for cancer treatment, in addition to being already approved for several types of cancer in the US, at this time there are 322 trials for photo-dynamic therapy. Now that you know this, if you are talking to an oncologist and he says photo-dynamic therapy is unproven you will know that doctor is ignorant about natural cancer options, or he is just trying to promote conventional cancer treatment.
Before you rush off and make a decision about fighting cancer with photo-dynamic therapy STOP and LEARN!
We normally refuse to give out information about patients, as it is their privacy at stake. The picture to the left is one of our patients who was featured in a news paper in australia. Compared to conventional chemo surgery and radiation treatment, photodynamic therapy is far gentler and more effective. Brain metastases of any kind of cancer are difficult or impossible to treat with chemo or radiation.
We are introducing new protocols to elevate and sustain the immune response and the success of treatment. Vaidya of University College London and David Joseph of the University of Western Australia, have found in a study that Radiation Therapy, targeting the specific area of the breast is equally effective as compared with radiations targeting the whole breast. The study also studied the records of patients who had undergone whole breast external beam radiation.
We operate here to keep costs to a minimum and because we get the best medical support here. In the photo the left 12 story building is Chong Hua Hospital, one of 16 major medical care facilities in Cebu. There are typically 2 doctors attending you and I have never seen less than 2 nurses per patient, sometimes 4.
Availability of staying with the researcher depends on how many patients are already in treatment and your condition. We use several immune boosting meds nearly all of which are herbal or a food substance, but we know it will only slow down the cancer, can only end it in very early cases and even then it usually comes back.
They are our associates, and you will find them to be very understanding because they have been down the cancer path . They work with us to make sure you get the best care.They also have resources to help with financing. When the correct frequency is used this kills cancer directly, even more so when used with specific herbs. Most of our patients are pain free within two days, even those that arrive unable to survive without heavy pain killers. Our sensitizer is a nano particle, we use nano particles to deliver common food components that make cancer die in minutes, we use nanoparticles to deliver the compound which stops glycolysis and in several other treatments. It has been documented in Brazil that a huge percentage, like 80%, of cancer patients live within 500 meters of a cell phone antenna. Singh, who is the University of Washington researcher who did the most documentation of it, we incorporate other substances to make it more effective. There are many papers on this site based on research from the most respected institutions in the world all of which say that photodynamic therapy provides the best activation of the immune system compared to all other techniques. It involves a few injections of GM-CSF which causes the body to make many more immune cells, coupled with a vaccination which makes the immune system go wild. Interestingly, some of these interfere with each other and 6 interfere with the primary photodynamic therapy treatment, so the protocol is split into a pre-pdt session to stabalize your body followed by the pdt sessions which do not include the 6 adjuvants that interfere with pdt, then a maintainance protocol to keep you stable after you leave. Lung cancer responds well to photo-dynamic therapy, even when there are lung cancer mets in the bones, lung cancer mets in the brain and conventional medicine has completely given up on you, it is possible to recover completely from lung cancer with a more natural holistic protocol. Colon cancer often goes to the inside wall of the abdomen, and in that case conventional treatment for colon cancer has already lost the battle, but a holistic treatment still holds hope for remission. Do not trust PSA for prostate cancer staging, it is not a good indicator of prostate cancer.
Statistically conventional treatment has essentially zero percent success, but some alternatives do okay. Leukemia is one of those nasty cancers that attacks children and conventional leukemia treatments just cause suffering with little to no hope of long term survival. Osteosarcoma does not respond to surgery, it is just a patch to buy time but it actually spreads the osteosarcoma. Unfortunately, most patients undergo conventional treatment before they find out it didn't work, then they come to us, so by the time we get them their immune system is already damaged, all but destroyed, and the chemo has accelerated the cancer growth rate.
We have only treated one case of angiosarcoma, but we got complete long lasting cure which nobody else has ever done. Which cancer options work the best, what to avoid, which are completely worthless, which options can actually kill you!
We go into detail on this page about how to sort out which type of photo-dynamic therapy has the best chance of success, and we discuss the sensitizers used in photo-dynamic therapy. It takes years to sort it out, but I will provide information regarding various cancer treatment options to start with and we discuss which are the most effective cancer treatment alternatives including diets, vitamins, herbs and other alternatives. Speaking of weed killers, one of the very expensive chemo drugs they use is actually a weed killer, available at the hardware stores for $25 a liter.. If you are in the hands of a conventional doctor they will recite the litany, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, then palliative care while you die. If you do your research you will find that the best chance of survival almost always lies with a more natural protocol. I have been in medical research for 43 years in many countries on the conventional treatment side of this industry and then on the outside developing cancer therapies and being attacked by them for 9 years, and I know what I am talking about. He had lymphoma which has the best success rate with chemo, but even so it is at best 48% effective for a short term and always comes back.
More natural and comprehensive options, on the other hand, are always less expensive and usually more successful if you pick the RIGHT alternative. Bergo’s team, led by graduate student Volkan Sayin, began by feeding NAC and vitamin E to mice with early lung cancers, at doses comparable to those in human multivitamin pills. Conventional medicine has a very low success at treating advanced cancer compared to other protocols because it suppresses the immune system, but cancer treated with photo-dynamic therapy responds well because we are activating the immune system. Other options, while they activate the immune system, do not make the immune system attack the cancer.
Photo-dynamic therapy activates the immune system to attack cancer, and this is the ONLY way complete cancer remission can be maintained. I am sharing the key points of these years of research to make your journey as easy as possible and increase the possibility of finding the best most natural cancer protocol. I have had patients who made that mistake and paid dearly, they had bleeding troughs cut into their healthy tissue.
They reveal things your doctor will never ever admit, like the very poor results from most of the conventional treatment. Of course they don't actually recommend anything but conventional medicine and they say that all alternative holistic cancer treatment is unproven, but that is their job after all, to discredit everyone except for allopathic doctors. Most photo-dynamic therapy for cancer treatment is only useful on the surface of the skin!! It produces results you simply can not get with conventional treatment with virtually zero side effects.
Yes, there is indeed something called alternative-therapy-breast-cancer that is slowly gaining recognition among breast cancer patients.The other names for magnetic therapy for breast cancer are bioenergy therapy, magnet therapy and magnetic field therapy.
This Radiation Therapy has been found to be good for reducing the cases of breast cancer reappearance in some women.
This Intraoperative Therapy can also be considered as an alternative to external beam Radiotherapy for patients with early breast cancer.
If for some reason you prefer a hospital, the cost of a private room with all amenities and extra beds is about $50 a day. Our holistic treatment can get you out of the wheelchair and back on your feet most of the time even if you have been told there is no hope. These are helpful in recovering from the severe damage that chemotherapy, surgery and radiation cause to the immune system, but they will NOT help you defeat cancer. Like I said, anyone trying to treat cancer without nanoparticles is doomed to inevitable failure. We have a machine which tests which ones help, and in most cases 97 out of a hundred are useless, but we have carefully selected from the thousands available to include only those which are very well tested, and which our testing indicates will help you personally.
It will probably produce a fever overnight for most patients, but it's a small price to pay for doubling your survival. Colon cancer also likes to go the the liver, and conventional treatment for liver mets is hopeless, that is when honest oncologists admit there is nothing they can do for you.

How to best detect breast cancer, which breast cancer detection programs are dangerous, which breast cancer detection systems are most reliable. Pancreatic cancer treatment with chemotherapy does not improve survival time at all no matter what your oncologist tells you.
Holistic Alternative holistic treatment for leukemia increases the odds of success and brings real hope to leukemia patients. In either case, alternative holistic treatment is far safer for liver cancer, because the liver specializes in removing toxins from the body, and nothing is more toxic than chemotherapy.
The metastatic brain tumors can be killed with natural cancer holistic treatment just like the primary brain tumors. There are many options for holistic treatment, in my opinion the totally natural ones are of very limited value unless incorporated into a full holistic cancer treatment, but should be a starting point and natural techniques should dominate the protocol. The sensitizer is 90% of the battle, and we clearly have the best sensitizer for holistic cancer therapy.
The FDA comes down hard on anyone that even uses the words cure and cancer in the same paragraph, but that is because conventional cancer treatment does not cure cancer, in fact it propagates cancer and makes it worse. Get a beverage and settle in for a bit of a read, you will not find the solution without dedicating time. In ideal circumstances in the earliest of cancer, you can sometimes get temporary remission, but it almost always comes back and when it comes back it is worse and more deadly than before, because Chemotherapy actually makes cancer more aggressive. One technique may work for one patient, and it may take another technique for a different patient. Conventional doctors will not discuss anything but conventional treatment because it takes money out of their pockets and they are ALL about money, not finding the best or the safest treatment for the patient. They insist that if you take anything they are not recommending for cancer they will stop treating you. Billy Best is alive and healthy 16 years after taking matters into his own hands, something the hospitals can not give anyone. Please be aware, there are many alternative holistic cancer treatments offered which are outright fraud, or only slightly effective, and only in very early cases. The mice that ingested the antioxidants developed tumors that were three times bigger, and they died twice as fast.
Cancer treatment in the hands of an oncologist always destroys the immune system, damages the kidneys and liver, spreads the cancer and eventually consigns the patient to suffering and death 97% of the time. A lot is written about Shitake mushroom and Transfer factor, but according to our testing they are essentially worthless for cancer. If you are researching cancer, this site will provide more information on cancer than you could find in years on your own. Having said that, I agree with most of the things they mention, they are of little or no worth.
When you sign up you have to say what your profession is, if you are taking care of a patient including yourself it is reasonable to say you are in health care.
Think about it, if you follow your oncologists advice instead of looking at other options, there is over 97% probability that you will die from that mistake. In alternative-therapy-breast-cancer of the magnetic therapy variety, magnets of different strengths and sizes will be placed strategically on your body and this will help you to obtain relief from the pain of breast cancer and this disease will also be treated. After much research we have found the correct frequency and our testing indicates it is a big help in the battle.
It's hard enough with all the right tools, but when you aren't even using the right tools the best you can hope for is to slow it down a bit, and complete remission becomes very unlikely.
That is not the only source of damage, the wifi in our computers, high altitude flights, x-rays, CT scans and radiation therapy can cause the same damage. We use up to 18 herbs depending on the patient, all of which have excellent scientific proof that they work. The problem becomes how to support the immune system while it takes on the challenge of attacking the cancer. We can treat liver mets with a harmless drink more effectively than conventional treatment, and our success rate with holistic colon cancer treatment is much higher than conventional treatment could even dream of.
Prostate biopsies, like all biopsies, spread the disease very rapidly so if you have biopsies, in a short while you will have prostate cancer in your bones, then prostate cancer in your liver, then the prostate cancer spreads to the lungs.
If they offer chemo for pancreatic cancer, demand to see 3 scientific papers showing a survival improvement. Liver cancer can be treated with alternative holistic treatments including activating the immune system against it by killing the primary site, and we can also treat it with stunningly effective alternative holistic treatments using safe medications that you drink, with no side effects. Glioblastoma is another thing altogether, far more difficult to kill type of brain cancer but we can manage it using some very special medications only we have.
Having said that, without photo-dynamic therapy the chances of success are greatly reduced. A cancer cure can only be achieved by activating the immune system, and then the immune system not only cures the cancer but keeps it from coming back. Look at alternatives, do NOT discuss alternative holistic cancer treatment with an oncologist. Read the cancer therapy page linked above and watch out who you choose for photo-dynamic therapy for cancer.
We have a technique for testing this in our patients, but more importantly we have a tool for repairing the damage within minutes! After years of doing this, in my experience herbal supplements are very helpful and MUCH better than conventional treatment, but used on their own they can NOT completely stop cancer except in the very earliest stages, and then only after months of use. Most people use things like shitake mushrooms but, while they do activate the immune system, it does not work for cancer, it's the wrong kind of immune cells.
Our holistic treatment approach to lung cancer gives excellent results with essentially no side effects. As with all cancer treatment, colon cancer requires a holistic approach for best success and best possibility of a cure.
Fantastic rapid response of prostate cancer to photo-dynamic therapy is a very repeatable holistic approach.. What Alternative pancreatic cancer holistic treatments work, how they work and how much benefit is there to alternative pancreatic holistic treatment is discussed here. We can usually stop all forms of leukemia in just a few days, and our leukemia holistic treatment does not have any negative side effects.
We have lost osteosarcoma patients in the past, but in the process we learned several things that give us a better chance of beating it now than ever before. This is another disease where nanoparticles are crucial, and we have the best nanomolecules in the world for treating liver cancer. Even years ago we were able to triple the survival time of brain cancer patients with a high quality of life, and with our new adjuvants we are seeing brain cancer results better than ever before. If an oncologist insists on a particular treatment demand to see at least three independent papers that give the probability of being alive ten years after you let them do it to you.
The biggest most advertised group offering cancer treatment with photo-dynamic therapy are actually worthless, so take the time to read the cancer therapy link before you make a mistake. The blood vessels allow small molecules to pass in and out of them, but larger molecules can not get out. Their main shortcoming is they can not cause the body to recognize cancer as an enemy, only PDT can do that properly. Holistic approach to breast cancer involves treating the breast tissue with a photosensitizer, then illuminating the breast with very high power lasers and led's to kill the breast cancer, but to succeed in treating breast cancer the additional holistic treatment of stopping glycolysis, alkalizing the body, using the right nutrients to control the cancer and help the breast return to normal are all important aspects of breast cancer holistic treatment. Visit this link for a video from a patient who had prostate cancer for 16 years and tried all other alternatives to no avail, but his prostate was returned to normal four days after photo-dynamic therapy for prostate cancer. Pancreatic cancer is actually easy to control, but if it is advanced there is a high chance of internal bleeding which can be handled with hemostatin and K2. As with all cancers, to treat leukemia we use a holistic approach which includes diet, vitamins, minerals, very special custom medications, photodynamic therapy and some recently discovered combinations of nutrients and herbal extracts which bring it under control fast, with no suffering. Can be lethal in minutes if you make a mistake, so it is worth looking at, but be VERY careful, preferably only do it under a doctors care if you can find a doctor who will work with a cesium chloride protocol.
Think of it as a small sieve with marbles in it, the water can go through but the marbles can not.
Garcia, who uses special equipment to detect the radiation damage, he has never seen a cancer patient that did not have radiation damage, and he believes you can not cure cancer unless you can repair the damage.
Photodynamic therapy works best when there is an adequate supply of oxygen, so lung cancer responds very well to our holistic treatment.
Reduction in the size of the prostate is very fast and permanent if the immune system takes over. Some cancers are very low in oxygen, these are called anoxic cancers, and they do not respond well to NORMAL photodynamic therapy, but we have a special protocol which allows us to use photodynamic therapy in a holistic fashion, mixing special natural chemicals into the process which allows us to kill cancer even when there is NO oxygen present. If you have a marble (nano particle) of the right size, it can ONLY get into the cancer, will not go anyplace else in the body. Also, cancer does not have lymphatic vessels to get rid of waste products, so once the nanoparticles are in, the cancer can not get them out. Because, as horrible as it may seem, conventional medicine does not want a cure for cancer, they want endless money for treating it without curing it.
Wollin has tried to portray is that cancer cells and magnetic fields might be spirals, but their scales are different and they are placed on different scales. The magnetic spirals have the capacity to kill and overpower the cancer cell spirals for the latter are smaller and weaker while magnetic spirals are larger. That is why when doctors apply on cancer tumors, electromagnetism, the results are very encouraging, to say the least. Thanks to this breakthrough research, alternative therapy breast cancer will receive a big boost.

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