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Suzanne Somers has a controversial new book out, Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer?And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place, in which she offers alternative cancer treatments from what she claims are experts who are curing the disease. Unfortunately not only are Somer?s claims unproven, they?re also potentially deadly in that she?s steering cancer patients away from traditional treatments.
The Daily Beast has an article that lays out all the reasons we should take Somers? advice with a grain a salt.
Several doctors and experts she uses as the basis for her book have medically checkered backgrounds. One outside expert, based on his examination of 30 years of photographs, believes she had plastic surgery, which would undercut her reputation for health through alternative medicine.
Somers cites ?over 40 studies showing that bioidentical hormones are safe? but they are all observational studies, not a single one meets the standards for a clinical determination of a drug?s safety profile. What infuriates physicians even more than Somers? unproven claims of safety and health benefits is that in Knockout she proclaims that bioidentical hormone replacement is protective against cancer.
Somers blames her breast cancer on other medications, including birth control pills she took for many years. A review of the doctors and experts in Knockout by The Daily Beast reveals that many do not fare better. In 1995, Burzynski was charged with a multi-count indictment, mostly for mail fraud and shipping unapproved drugs across state lines. Burzynski ?s clinic doesn?t charge for the medication?as its experimental ? but does for everything else, averaging $9,000 weekly.
Some of the other doctors or experts cited by Somers in Knockout also raise sometimes unsettling questions upon closer examination.
The article also quotes a plastic surgeon who states the obvious - Somers has had a lot of work done to her mug despite her claim that she only uses Botox.
I?m all for safe, alternative treatments in additional to traditional medicine and I do take a few supplements and try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables for my health. Remember how Somers criticized Patrick Swayze?s chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer? I hate that her ego, lack of qualifications, and stupidity might turn people off real medical alternatives or conventions. She and Tom Cruise must have attended the same medical school to be such experts in their respective fields.

What?s more is that some of her recommendations, including taking bioidentical hormones, have been linked to cancer and may have caused her own cancer, which she treated through a combination of traditional and alternative means.
Some key excerpts are below, but you may want to read the article if you?re at all inclined to follow Somers? advice. In 2002, one of the largest-ever medical studies, The Women?s Health Initiative, concluded that estrogen and progesterone, the hormones used by Somers and millions of menopausal aged women, increased the risks of cancer and death rates.
But she admits that her hysterectomy was likely due to an incorrect dosage of bioidenticals. Without any clinical cancer research experience, he announced in 1976 he had discovered a cure for cancer based on an assumption that he could use amino acids?that he called antineoplastons?to cause spontaneous regression of cancer.
The jury deadlocked, and the judge dismissed most of the government?s counts before acquitting Burzynski of one remaining charge and ordering the FDA to allow Burzynski to conduct limited clinical trials. Nicholas Gonzalez, whose ?results are impressive.? Gonzalez has refined a natural cancer treatment originally created in the 1960s by an offbeat Grapevine, Texas dentist. One has been investigated by the Nevada medical board two dozen times and a medical board investigator dubbed him, ?one of the five most serious offenders in the state;? he pleaded guilty once to excessive billing for tests and services, but was acquitted in 2006 of illegally importing human growth hormone from Israel. She goes beyond just telling people to eat more natural food and take vitamins and into serious quackery territory. She therefore concludes that bioidenticals are safe and natural, noting that they aren?t made by pharmaceutical companies but instead in non-FDA regulated compounding pharmacies as part of customized preparations. That risk can be reduced by adding a progestagen, but that increases the risk of breast cancer. A review of the 60 trials connected to antineoplastons completed since then reveals no substantive results for their patients. Keith Black, chairman of Cedar Sinai?s Department of Neurosurgery, estimates that since the clinic opened 33 years ago, Burzynski has treated 8,000 patients for an average of $60,000 each?a whopping $480 million. Gonzalez, who has no oncology training, insists that cancer can be eliminated if major organs are detoxified. Another was fired from Sloan-Kettering after the hospital cited his failure ?to properly discharge his most basic job responsibilities,? although he claims it was because he ?had broken ranks with the party line? about traditional cancer therapies.? A third was accused of lying about being a doctor on a patent office application. The problem is that she may have be right about a few things in additional to all her her dangerous recommendations.
Why couldn?t they have built him up nutritionally and gotten rid of the toxins?? Swayze had state of the art targeted radiation, called CyberKnife surgery, at Stanford University Cancer Center.

People with more advanced cancer don't have that luxury, and chemo is their only chance of survival, though it is basically poison.
She maintains that chemotherapy, which she opted not to use, is deadly.) To add more evidence that Somer?s recommendations are unsafe, many of the experts she profiles in her book have undergone disciplinary action, and one has been on trial for fraud.
Somers thinks they are safe despite the fact that she developed breast cancer while on them, and later developed endometrial hyperplasia (abnormal uterine cell growth), which led to a hysterectomy.
His therapy involves everything from twice-a-day coffee enemas, yogurt, dried beans, and megavitamin supplements (up to 175 pills daily). He did get the patent but has not responded in two years to the charge about the doctor?s degree, a title he no longer uses. It?s hypocritical to say the least to deny plastic surgery yet claim you have the secret to wellness and longevity.
Those that would be inclined to agree with her on the side effects of traditional medical options might be opting out of treatments that could help prolong their lives. This isn?t just because they?re touting non-traditional treatments - one guy bilked cancer patients out of their life savings with promises of a miracle cure. Both are known side effects of hormone therapy.? Parikh adds that human growth hormone, which Somers injects daily, has also been linked to increased cancer risks. Otis Brawley, a practicing oncologist who is the American Cancer Society?s Chief Medical Officer. Another suggests that ?an epidemic of hepatitis, AIDS, venereal diseases and highly resistant tuberculosis? was part of a ?nefarious? Soviet program about which the U.S. In August 2009, the Journal of Clinical Oncology published the results of an eight-year controlled study of 55 pancreatic cancer patients. Those who chose chemo lived more than three times as long and had better quality of life than those who used Gonzalez?s protocol.

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