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The canker sore in throat can be identified with the small white dots that can be felt when you are swallowing something. But many doctors think that the friction from the eating process is the main culprit for this condition.
But the important thing in treating the canker sore on throat is to relieve the pain that can be caused by it. Even though rinsing the mouth with the anti bacteria liquids will not really cure the sore, this method will be good to kill the bacteria on the mouth. When the patients eat something that is too big for their throat and cause them to choke, this is the thing that can cause the disease.
The result of this action is that you will likely to be very far from getting the canker sore on the other part of the mouth.

Also, the habit of eating the acidic or spicy food could also lead to the wound on the throat.
The method that can be done for the other kind of the canker sore will not be applied for this particular condition. They can cause the suffering for the patients and make them have the difficulty to eat or drink.
The wounded part of the throat will get the bacteria in and cause the canker sore in throat. Even rinsing the mouth with the anti bacteria liquid will not help much to really cure the sore.
Those foods will only make the condition of the sore to be worse and make you suffer even more.

This is better than having to visit the doctors just to be given the same advice on the method causes of canker sore in throat . This is actually something useless, since the canker sore including the canker sore in throat is not cancerous and they are not even contagious.

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