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Cancer is a very serious disease where abnormal growth of carcinoma cells occurs in the victim’s body. Conventional treatment methods can have many side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, hair loss and etc.
That’s why most of the cancer victims look for alternative forms of treatment and alternative cancer medicine.
They come up with some options that are meant to be complementary to the more modern forms of treatments. The alternative cancer medicine community is blamed of exaggerating the validity of alternative medicine, while the conventional treatment providers tend to understand the effects of alternative therapies for cancer sufferers.
The study also proved that acupuncture also help to control the neck pain and headaches associated with surgery for brain tumors or throat cancer. Ginger is a good tasting treatment and acts as alternative cancer medicine to help with nausea and vomiting which are the side effects of chemotherapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy acts as an alternative cancer medicine and is currently being studied as a relief for larynx cancer patients.
Massage also acts as a best alternative cancer medicine to relieve fatigue for all forms of cancer.
Another form of alternative cancer medicine is coupling pancreatic enzymes with chemotherapy.
Studies show that using complementary medicine you can achieve better long-term results on difficult stages of cancer, whereas alternative cancer medicine is helpful in the early stages of cancer. According to the studies 36 percent of adults with different stages of cancer use both complementary and alternative cancer medicine.

For every 500 cancer patients 79 percent of them use some form of complementary and alternative cancer medicine for their cancer symptoms. The most effective benefit of CAM therapy is that most of you feel better as you are taking some other form of control over your cancer. If you are considering complementary and alternative cancer medicine then you should ask some questions with your health care provider about the therapy before you begin treatment. You have to make confirm that, what the outcomes are if alternative cancer medicine will interfere with conventional treatments and also ask for any side effects. We exhibit how this all works and a debate surrounding what some call a spectacle cure, Monday during 5 p.m.
Our health site is designed to help you find information relating to all things health-related. In the chemotherapy, some kind drugs are inserted in the area of the carcinoma cell growth through a catheter which kills those abnormal cells.
The basic concepts included in the chiropractic treatment are powerful self-healing capability of the victim’s body, a strong spine structure. If the cancer victim feels very weak and uneasy after coming across the strong chemotherapy or radiation therapy of hormone therapy, the oncologists suggest them these complementary medicines.
NCCAM is the national center for complementary and alternative medicine has conducted studies and proved that acupuncture relieves the pain, nausea and fatigue associated with both colon and breast cancer. It can be helpful for fighting the symptoms of cancer and used in pancreatic cancer treatment. Complementary medicine is used along with conventional medicine, while alternative medicine is used instead of conventional medicine.

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There are some dietary supplements that may be helpful to relieve symptoms and improve the health of the body. If you want to use alternative or complimentary medicine, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. If this growth took place in vital organs like lungs, kidney, etc., it is very difficult to get cured. And in radiation therapy, some kind of high-energy rays are passed through the patient’s body for killing the carcinoma cell. Some sort of pain killing drugs or chemicals is inserted via thing needles in the body of the patient during the treatment. This treatment is pursued to those patients, whose spine bone structure is affected after going through the high energy ray in the radiation therapy.
Pancreatic enzymes are the proteins secreted from the pancreas that help in food digestion.
Lots of side effects are seen in these cases, the weak people couldn’t take these high energy rays and strong drugs at all. They become weaker in these therapies; in extreme cases heart diseases and heart attacks have also been noticed.

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