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It is your due right to comprehensively educate yourself concerning Basic Relevant Health Issues and Helpful General Medical Knowledge. You also duly have the unquestionable right to lawfully seek Helpful (Wellness and Wellbeing) Information ; with the Ultimate Aim of making wise use of it for your own benefit, and that of your family.
Always remember that You are the main person who is fundamentally responsible for your (very own) Health.
However , in order to make Sensible Decisions in all Health Matters, you must appropriately educate yourself.

The Informational Views , Educational Material and General Clinical Support Guidelines expressed by us are not intended to be a substitute for Conventional Medical (or Health) Services. We are Here to Lawfully Empower You in a Safe , Monitored , Efficacious , Consistent , Accessible , Affordable , Holistic and Evidence-Based Manner.
Our Wellness Practice is Fundamentally Different from many others (out there) because we always encourage the Lawful Use of Approved DIY Clinical Monitoring Equipment (and Home Testing Kits) ; so that our Clients Progress can be Jointly Monitored. If you have a Severe Medical Condition (or Emergency) , then you must urgently contact your Nearest Hospital.

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