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The fact that conventional medicine cannot cure COPD leads many people to look for alternative treatments.
Some cultures have been using naturally-sourced herbs for thousands of years to relive everything from headaches to nerve disorders. The healing power of certain herbs can be traced to their potent antioxidants, compounds that fight disease-causing free radicals and energize your body on a cellular level.
The same crawling green vine that decorates temperate areas could help open your airways, recent research suggests. However, there is some concern that it may not be the best pick for every patient: it can cause skin irritation in some people, which means it could also irritate vulnerable airways. A controlled study that pitted ginseng against a placebo found that the participants who took the ginseng experienced remarkable improvement in their lung function. A few other studies have confirmed those findings, and although more research is in the works, ginseng is one of the leading choices for a complementary herbal treatment since it has received more laboratory focus than most other supplements. Although evidence is minimal, the same studies that revealed the benefits of ginseng also pointed to the therapeutic possibilities of red sage (salvia miltiorrhiza).

The powerful collection of compounds in turmeric has piqued the interest of the medical community in recent years.
As for the lungs, no direct connection has been found between curcuma and healthier airways — yet. Even when you’ve brought exacerbations under control, the discomfort is always there, and since there’s no cure for the disease, it’s hard to imagine you’ll ever be symptom-free. As eastern and western approaches continue to meet in the modern medical arena, herbal remedies are gaining ground as a complement to inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators.
Before you head to the herbalist, consider what scientific research has uncovered about herbal remedies, respiratory health, and interactions with your COPD management plan. As far as the respiratory tract is concerned, a few common plants may hold the keys to easier breathing.
In other cases, plant derivatives are able to relieve specific symptoms, or target specific systems in the body. The supplement is made from the extract of the plant, and in some clinical trials, it has brought just as much relief as conventional COPD medications.

They reported that exercise was easier, breathing was less labored, and their general quality of life improved. This herbs may help relieve some of the inflammation in the airways, especially when used alongside conventional COPD medicine.
Not only is curcumin anti-inflammatory and absolutely packed with antioxidants, it appears to have antiviral properties and may even protect against cancer. But considering the range of health benefits and virtual absence of side effects, it certainly can’t hurt.

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