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Daniel Henryk Rasolt writes articles that cover diabetes, health, self management, and complementary and alternative medicine.
Many members of his immediate family have diabetes so he has personal experience with the disease.
Henryk is a graduate of Cornell University, where he majored in physics, with a concentration in astrophysics. His interests outside of science include travel to over 75 countries, many by motorcycle, an extensive interest and knowledge of wine, has climbed several mountains above 20,000 feet, is an advanced and specialized scuba diver; and believes days are not to be wasted. Henryk was recently exploring the mountains, jungles, oceans, and people of South America, hoping that maybe a shaman contains the secret cure for diabetes (no luck). There is much debate amongst doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts, as to the optimal circumstances for exercise. For people living with type 1 diabetes, weight gain in the long term may in fact be beneficial. Over 60% of type 1 diabetics are considered inactive, and a recent study has concluded that a fear of exercise induced hypoglycemia might be a big reason why.
The compound resveratrol, often associated with benefits of drinking red wine, has recently been confirmed to be present in cocoa and dark chocolate. It’s a commonly accepted belief in the medical field that moderate consumption of red wine can be healthy and potentially preventative of cardiovascular disease. Older adults with type 2 diabetes who eat a characteristically unhealthy meal often experience memory loss shortly after, according to a recent study. Soaking brown rice in water for a full day before cooking might help reduce common damage done by type 1 diabetes.
Ayurvedic medicines are used throughout South Asia, especially in India, and are available throughout the world through Internet purchase.
One to two glasses of beer or wine per day, as well as other forms of moderate alcohol consumption, might help strengthen bones. Type 2 diabetics may benefit from consuming cacao-rich beverages, according to a recent study.

In a country with far and away the highest incidence of diabetes in the world, a potential preventative treatment has been found in an unlikely place; camels. A unique study performed on identical twins suggests that lifestyle choices, not genetics, plays the biggest role in the development of insulin resistance. A common antioxidant found in green tea might delay or prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes. Low aerobic fitness levels in young adults make them more than twice as likely to develop diabetes later in life, concludes a recent study. A recent study suggests that people who fast once a month are less likely to suffer from heart disease. Information comes from a variety of sources including peer reviewed research that has been translated for the layman. Because of this family history, Henryk is also aware of his increased risk of becoming diabetic, so he tries to follow a “healthier” lifestyle that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plenty of exercise. His physics research has been published, and he uses his analytic skills as a health, medical and science writer. Some believe that early morning, pre-food consumption exercise, is best for burning calories and enhancing metabolism, while others have a variety of ideas of what is best to consume before physical activity. A new study showed a general trend that over a 20 year period, type 1 diabetics that gained weight were less likely to die from the disease.
This reasoning is seriously flawed however, as proper exercise is essential to diabetes maintenance. Besides not eating such things, the study found that one might be able to prevent this effect by taking antioxidant supplements along with the unhealthy meal. While there are many proponents of its usage, it has recently been found by researchers that over 20% of internet purchased Ayurveda has unhealthy amounts of mercury, lead and arsenic.
Heavy alcohol consumption, however, appears to have the opposite effect, leading to decreased bone density. An oral consumption of pomegranate extract was seen to decrease the numbers of certain chemicals that are known to cause inflammation.

The result is connected to the anti-inflammatory abilities of herbs and spices high in antioxidants.
Some naturally occurring compounds in cacao, called flavanols, may have increase blood flow in type 2 diabetics, limiting the risk for cardiovascular disease.
According to researchers in Bikaner, India, camel milk contains sufficient levels of insulin to help prevent, and perhaps treat, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance is both a precursor and a symptom of type 2 diabetes, a disease which effects approximately 21 million adults in the United States. By reducing inflammation associated with the onset of obesity and type 2 diabetes, the answer appears to be yes. The finding was an unexpected bi-product of a study focusing on Sjogren’s syndrome, a condition associated with mouth and eye dryness due to damaged moisture glands. Young women and young African American men demonstrated the lowest fitness levels, portending serious problems in the future for these groups. Resveratrol is an antioxidant, a type of compound that limits oxidative stress by killing off free radicals. This knowledge could enable production of these specific chemicals as a diabetic treatment.
According to the study, drinking a flavanol-rich cocoa beverage daily can bring about this positive outcome.
Turmeric is a member of the ginger family, and is often found in Indian and Asian cooking, including many curries. Significant support has been made of late for the anti-inflammatory abilities of antioxidants.

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