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Vitiligo is a patchy loss of color of the skin and is an acquired depigmentation of skin which results from the destruction of the melanocytes. Vitiligo, a benign cosmetic problem with no racial and gender bias is a common, acquired, primary, progressive, chronic depigmentory disorder of obscure etiology, manifesting clinically as patchy, circumscribed achromic macules sometimes associated with leucotrichia (white hair) of the involved skin. Leukoderma is a combination of two words one is “leuko” means “white” and second is “derma” means “skin” any white patch of varied pathology, it could be infectious like in Alopecia areta, Petriaresis alba, Granuloma annulare, Sutton’s halonaevus, Post-inflamatory hypopigmentation, Idiopathic gutteate hypomelanosis, Pitiariasis, lichen chronic, Mycosis fungoides, Sarcoidosis, Leucoplaqia, Infection, Leprosy, Pityriasis versi colour, Pinta, Post Kala azar, Lupus vulgaris, Hansons disease angular stomotitis.
Prevalence: The prevalence among the dermatology outdoor patients is estimated to be between 3-4%. Combination Vitiligo: Very rarely vitiligo vulgaris and segmental vitiligo are seen in the same patient. The first symptom that initially appears is a scattered white patch or a de-pigmented area over the skin in response to a trauma, injury, burns, and scalds or over the pressure points or without any obvious reason. Certain food articles like sea food along with milk products, excess use of broiler chicken and egg, pickles, etc., are considered to be a cause of aggravation of disease.
Vitiligo is a complex metabolic disorder characterized by loss of pigmentation which is polygenic in nature and mostly regarded as social stigma. Many patients with vitiligo may feel depressed and start lacking confidence especially when the lesions are on exposed areas and always eager to re-gain their lost pigmentation. The comprehensive treatment for vitiligo must consist of good amount of psychological counseling, drugs to control the further spreading and to induce re-pigmentation. Age, duration of disease, type of vitiligo, site of the lesion, extension of the lesion, distribution of the lesion, leucotrichia and the mental stress are the few factors which has influence on the treatment outcome.
Yes, there is a great need for an integrated approach for complete cure of vitiligo but not always.
The chances of repigmentation are excellent in non-dermatomal vitiligo, vitiligo vulgaris, followed by focal vitiligo, segmental vitiligo, acro-facial vitiligo and mucosal vitiligo, respectively.
Except acral areas and lips, every site of the body has an excellent re-pigmentation chance. Every patient of vitiligo is a new challenge to the doctor as a complex disease phenomenon exists. For the last two decades Unani compound formulations both for systemic and topical use are catering the needs of vitiligo patients in treating and inducing the cosmetically acceptable re-pigmentation. CRIUM, Hyderabad has taken initiatives in creating awareness about Vitiligo in order to eradicate the misconceptions of the disease by writing articles in health magazines, newspapers, etc. Alternative medical therapies, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal remedies, are in great public demand. Anyone can submit a comment any time after publication, but only those submitted within 4 weeks of an article’s publication will be considered for print publication.
Naturopathic medicine is a system of primary health care practiced by naturopathic physicians for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the primary professional association for naturopathic physicians, defines naturopathic medicine as a distinct system of primary health care; an art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness.
BOSNIAN: Crni ingver, A?umbir, Gingibar, Isiot, Isnot, Mrki ingver, Pravi ingver, VruA‡a trava, ZinA‘efil.
CROATIAN: Cencer, Crni ingver, A?umber, Gingibar, Ingver, Isjet, Mrki ingver, Pravi ingver, Zenzer.
Anti-diabetic and hypolipidaemic properties of ginger (Zingiber officinale) in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
We will show you the best tested remedies that are a Holistic Alternative to the often dangerous and less effective methods that you typically find in modern medicine. Our goal is to give you the information you need to relieve your arthritis pain, and develop a greater range of motion and experience the highest quality of life, which we call Optimum Wellness. What we would like to ultimately achieve is not the mere absence of disease or illness but rather a state of Optimum Wellness. Holistic Alternatives on the other hand, take into account the wellness of the whole person on all levels, mind, body and spirit. Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it. Arthritis Diagnosis   Arthritis is the general term given to a number of painful and debilitating conditions affecting the joints and bones. Herbs for Arthritis     Herbal Remedies for Arthritis Relief Can herbal remedies for arthritis really bring healing and joint pain relief?
Dogs Symptoms of Arthritis    Signs of Dog Arthritis   Did you know that your dog can get arthritis? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season relates to a particular organ system.
Weak (yin) kidneys show up in chronic fearfulness, over-cautiousness, lack of direction, lower back pain, urinary problems, and some types of reproductive issues. Kidney and bladder energies relate to the salty taste, liquids, and the colours dark blue, black, and dark colours in general. Although fruits, being sweet, are not specifically recommended to strengthen the kidneys, the best fruits to choose in winter are those that were grown locally and could be stored successfully throughout the season, such as apples and pears, as well as homemade preserves. Foods that weaken the kidneys include those with a sweet taste, all sugars, cold foods and drinks, coffee, chemicals, recreational drugs, and too much liquid in general. To avoid creating excessive thirst, cook sea salt, tamari, etc., into your foods instead of sprinkling them on at the table.
Get more rest: Animals know how to balance themselves with the seasons, and they naturally sleep more in winter. Include more warming (yang) foods such as hearty soups, stews, well-cooked whole grains, beans, root vegetables, and mochi (pounded sticky rice). Avoid overeating bread and other baked goods, and too much food in general, to keep yourself from getting clogged, congested, and frustrated – and ultimately less active and colder.

Remember that after the winter solstice (December 21st this year) has come and gone, the days start getting longer and the atmosphere slowly begins to brighten.
When you find yourself looking for a refreshing, cooling dessert, a healthy easy choice is a fruit aspic or pudding made with agar (a sea vegetable rich in iodine and trace minerals that has a gelling effect). However, most authors say that its incidence is around 4% which is definitely more as compared to the world’s population of 1%. Approximately, 13% patients have affected relatives but the mode of inheritance is not fully understood.
The best evidence of auto immunity in vitiligo is its clinical association with other autoimmune disorders like diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders (most commonly hypothyroidism), psoriasis, pernicious anemia, Halonevi, Addison’s disease, alopecia areata and atopic dermatitis, scleroderma and hyper parathyriodism, etc. It can be achieved sometime only with the medical treatment and some patients needs an integrated approach where a surgical intervention can be made.
However, based on new knowledge and new modalities both medical and surgical, not all but most of the patients may definitely expect a complete cure (to the extent of over 70% of vitiligo patients).
There are different treatment modalities available under the banner of Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine (CRIUM), like formulations to overcome the resistance created because of prolong treatments, to control the further spreading of the disease, to induce the re-pigmentation. By organizing radio talks and television interviews and conducting group counseling and individual counseling. Fetzer Institute, the Waletzky Charitable Trust, the Friends of Beth Israel Hospital, and the Kenneth J.
Eisenberg, MD, the Center for Alternative Medicine Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 330 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. Some managed care organizations now offer these therapies as an “expanded benefit.” Because the safety and efficacy of these practices remain largely unknown, advising patients who use or seek alternative treatments presents a professional challenge. The absence of state licensure does not necessarily imply the absence of state or local regulatory authority. One month after publication, editors review all posted comments and select some for publication in the Letters section of the print version of Annals. Naturopathic Medicine is a comprehensive system of health care within the complementary medicine world that incorporates many modalities. Naturopathic physicians are typically trained in a wide array of alternative therapies including herbology, homeopathy, massage, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, behavioral medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, and nutrition therapy, as well as clinical practices such as minor surgery, pharmacology and obstetrics. Frank JG Valentin Silva is the new NMDP Director with an expertise in Natural Medicine Research that involves plant biology such as Gugglusterone and Crataegus Oxyacantha, particularly translational clinical trials. However, there is conflicting data on its efficacy for preventing motion sickness or post-operative nausea.
The findings agree with findings of ginger's hypoalgesic effects in osteoarthritic patients. It may act as an anticancer and anti-inflammatory by inactivating NFkB through suppression of proinflammatory TNF-a.
Quantum Physics clearly shows us that each cell of our body is connected to every other cell in our body.
Raymond Hill CameronIn nature, winter appears to be a time of lifelessness and absence of growth, while in reality, invisible energy is regenerating deep inside the roots of plants, underneath the surface of the earth. Winter and cold weather most affect our kidney and bladder energies, which also rule our adrenal glands, reproductive organs, ears, and blood. Healthy kidney energy is reflected in wisdom, creativity, willpower, ambition, and adventurousness, and in a clean, clear complexion in the area underneath your eyes. On the other hand, overly yang kidney energies show up in over-confidence and fearlessness and the tendency to take extreme risks.
Typically it is best to drink when thirsty, and to slowly drink smaller amounts at a time (the body can absorb no more than 1000cc per hour).
Most traditional peoples kept their midsection well covered to protect the belly and kidney areas. Eating local foods in season is nature’s way to keep us in balance with the climate and season we live in.
Endless variations can be created using different juices or nut milks as the base, and various additional options. Arch, is a traditionally trained Feng Shui practitioner and teacher with over 20 years of experience. This person came to the emergency department with a painful bump after the wrist was hit by a car door. Gujarat and Rajasthan states have the highest prevalence in terms of seeking treatment however disease prevails more in coastal areas of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, etc. For example: after getting traumatic injury due to fall which is more common among children, after healing of the wound it may lead to the development of white patch.
Convincing the data support, the participation of caratinocytes and langarhans cells besides the loss of functioning melanocytes, various degree of cellular vacuolation and debris in all epidermal cell have been documented.
The magnitude of the problem can be highlighted with the fact that the patients of vitiligo are condemned to spinsterhood, denied of first line jobs which needs public interaction leading to social isolation. As every person has a different body condition like for some vitiligo can spread very slowly whereas for others it spreads very rapidly. The above measures are the excellent tools not only to control the disease process and to induce the re-pigmentation but also to minimize the chances of relapse.
A step-by-step strategy is proposed whereby conventionally trained medical providers and their patients can proactively discuss the use or avoidance of alternative therapies. Leaves are distichous, lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, 15 to 25 centimeters long, and 2 centimeters wide or less. Pattnaik, Kai Ludwig, Enkateswar Subudhi, Helen Rowland, Nick Claussen, Noah Zucker, Shitanshu Uppal, David M. Similarly in humans, winter can seem to be a challenge to the spirit – however it is an optimal time for inner healing and nurturing, replenishing and rebuilding, rest and reflection, and warm times with family and friends.

Under-eye areas that are discoloured, baggy, puffy, unusually sunken, or blemished all reflect various kidney imbalances. One tablespoon of sea vegetable dishes, three times per week, is generally sufficient, as more than that can lead to sweets cravings. Toasting sesame seeds and crushing them together with sea salt coats the salt with oil so it is digested slowly in the stomach instead of immediately on the tongue. Kale is an excellent winter green – it can grow in your garden until January and actually tastes better after the first frost.
Quietly tune in to the energy around you and inside you, and you’ll feel it happening.
This speaks the underlying susceptibility towards vitiligo known as active Koebenor’s phenomenon. Recently, the vacuolation was attributed to H2O2 mediated lipid per oxidation which makes the lesion resistant.
This disease is a progressive in nature and over the time, it usually spreads to other parts of the body. This strategy involves a formal discussion of patients' preferences and expectations, the maintenance of symptom diaries, and follow-up visits to monitor for potentially harmful situations. The techniques of naturopathic medicine include modern and traditional, scientific and empirical methods. He understands management and strategy and has served many years as a leadership development professional. Scape arising from the rootstocks is erect, 15 to 25 centimeters high, and covered with distant, imbricate bracts. Sea vegetables are highly valuable – not only are they natural sources of iodine and trace minerals, they also help the body to flush out radiation. Different body types are warmer and cooler and each of us needs to find our own balance, however generally in winter it is best to keep yourself warm and consume more well-cooked and less raw foods. Gomashio can be store bought, or made at home using a special ridged grinding bowl available in some natural food stores. The sleep you get before 11:00 pm is much more regenerative than the sleep that begins later at night, no matter how late you sleep in.
Traditional winter solstice holidays like Christmas and Chanukah were designed to add brightness to the darkest time of the year. Ideally, lighten your diet at this time using less oil and baked foods and more greens, lemon, and lighter cooking methods to gradually prepare yourself for warmer weather.
Briefly dip one type of vegetable at a time into the slightly salted boiling water using tongs, a slotted spoon or a strainer. Few patients report the onset of the disease followed by periods of physical and emotional stress. In the absence of professional medical and legal guidelines, the proposed management plan emphasizes patient safety, the need for documentation in the patient record, and the importance of shared decision making. Paradoxically, the ocean waters where they grow are now subject to more radiation than ever before, so it is wise to select the best quality sea vegetables. Should you notice you are craving more sweets, reduce the amount of sea salt, tamari, and sea vegetables in your diet. Note: highly acidic ingredients such as lemons, strawberries, and other citrus fruits may require more agar to set.
Pressed salads and parboiled salads (recipes follow) are beneficial ways to refresh yourself when you crave sweets, cooling foods and cold drinks. Start your day with a hot towel scrub – fill your sink with hot water and using a hot washcloth, scrub your body all over until it glows, avoiding sensitive areas. Limit your over-indulgences, or at least realize that sugar, chocolate, alcohol, overeating, and many other holiday foods can physiologically create depression.
Corolla is greenish yellow, and its tube is less than 2 centimeters long, while the lip is oblong-obovate and slightly purplish. You can also help your kidneys by placing a hot water bottle over them for 10 -20 minutes at bedtime three or four times per week. If you choose to indulge, be responsible for cause and effect, and remember that these feelings are a temporary “illusion” you willingly created! Short vacations in a warm climate can make the rest of the winter easier or harder for you. Put the vegetables under pressure between two glass bowls that nest together, putting something heavy in the upper one. You may like to cook some fruits (pears, for example) for quite some time, while other fruits such as berries get cooked enough simply by pouring the hot juice over them.Pre-test the firmness of the set by putting a small amount in a bowl in the fridge for about 5 minutes. Your return home may be much bleaker and colder if too many fruits, juices, tropical foods, etc., are enjoyed while away. Instead, continue to eat warming foods, get outside a lot (being in the ocean is especially helpful for kidneys), and stay active! When you achieve the taste you want, remove the heavy object and store them in the fridge, in a sealed container, in the liquid that has come out of the vegetables. This is also an opportunity to adjust your seasonings.Arrange fruits in a shallow glass dish or mold and pour the hot liquid over them.
Arrange the slices as you like and place in the refrigerator to set faster, or it will also set without refrigeration in about an hour.

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