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Harvard is not a place known for its humility, but taking on the US government is pretty audacious even for the Crimson Horde.
The government’s “is simple,” but “maybe too simple,” said Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition and chair of HSPH’s department of nutrition, on a conference call with reporters. The Boston Globe talked to nutrition expert Marion Nestle to get her views on Harvard's proposal. This isn't the first time the Harvard School of Public Health has challenged the USDA's food guideline hegemony. Demand has grown rapidly for chemicals generated from renewable sources, creating a need for alternative, environmentally friendly production routes. VTT has developed a method of manufacturing BTX chemicals by combining the gasification of lignocellulosic biomass, the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and aromatisation. VTT is continuing larger-scale development work in its Bioruukki piloting centre in Espoo, Finland.
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But the Harvard School of Public Health apparently considers nutrition a cause worthy of rousing its anti-governmental spirit.
But unlike its government-sponsored rival, Harvard's proposal tells people that they should not drink sugary drinks, that potatoes do not count as vegetables and that bacon should be avoided whenever possible.
She had some kind words to say, but ultimately disputed its injunction against eggs and low-fat dairy. Back in the days of the Food Pyramid, the school released its own, rival version of the pyramid, which, like the new Healthy Eating Plate, emphasized exercise, produce and whole grains over red meat and processed carbohydrates. Particularly sought-after chemicals include pure aromatics, such as the BTX chemicals benzene, toluene and xylene.
Over 85 percent of the separated benzene exceeded 90 percent purity and around 50% of the separated toluene was over 70 percent purity.
However, both benzene and toluene can also be used in the manufacture of more sophisticated compounds, such as paracetamol, a painkiller that VTT used as an example compound in its tests. This price is higher than the current price of raw material derived from crude oil, but significantly more competitive than the price of other biobased routes.

It can also be worn as regular Camisole for its extra warmth and to improve overall health. Leaves are are green, swordlike, cylindrical and rigid, furrowed or grooved along its entire length, with pointed tips, sometimes with a dark green striped pattern, growing to a height of 2 feet or more, up to about 3 centimeters thick. Copying and pasting the information on the search window or using the DOI (if available) will often redirect to the new link page. The aim of this research is to enable the use of wood-based chemicals to replace crude oil in, for example, plastics, fuels, medicine and paints. Since the compound's synthetic route requires pure source materials, VTT's research proves the high quality of aromatics produced through gasification.
VTT will further develop the synthetic route in order to improve the technical and economic feasibility of the process as a step towards commercial viability.

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