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Acupressure is a type of alternative treatment where physical pressure is given on different points of the body using hands, or other devices. Aromatherapy is a type of Alternative Medicine treatment which uses natural ingredients like plants, to make essential oils for treatment.
Founded by Edward Bach, Bach flower remedy uses diluted forms of the different kind of flowers that include remedial properties in them.
Biochemic medicine is made out of 12 essential mineral salts which fulfils the deficiency in a person to cures certain illness. Herbalism is also a form of Alternative Medicine that is said to be the study of plants for using them as medicinal elements to cure various diseases. Magneto therapy that is also known as magnetic therapy is a type of alternative treatment that is done with the help of magnetic fields. Massage therapy also known as Swedish therapy in some parts is the most enjoyable treatments one can ask for fighting against any health issues. Naturopathy is regarded as one type of complementary medicine that includes various types of treatment techniques involving no surgeries or drugs. Reflexology is a kind of Alternative Medicine where certain types of techniques are used to apply pressure without using any oil or lotion.
Reiki falls into the category of Alternative Medicines that use no drugs or surgical methods for healing or curing any critical disease.

Yoga therapy is an Alternative Medicine which existed in traditional healing methods, but recently, yoga is accepted as a very effective way of treatment. Alternative health care medicine cures are slightly different from the conventional style of treatment. Today, more than 135 types of different alternative treatment practices are recognized all over the world.
Alternative health care medicine practices are given various descriptions due to its different methods which are applied during the treatment. There is no doubt that the western medicine has been progressing a lot, but it's also true that the treatments and facilities are still beyond reach for many sections of the population.
Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research is a leading institute in the field of educating Alternative Medicine; here you can find various Alternative Medicine Courses in this field.
Till date, we have a number of students passed out who are practicing these methods successfully.
Prestigious bodies like the Medical Faculty of the University of Rome and WHO (World Health Organization) has also enlisted more than 100 types of practice referred to as traditional medicine. For example – Indian calls it Ayurveda, English say Herbalism, for Japan it is known as Shiatsu, etc.
Thus, the need of alternative health care medicine is growing fast as it is not so expensive.

Under the affiliation of Open International University for Complementary Medicines, our institute aims at teaching high-quality academic programs through distance mode or regular class system.
It is a healing technique which is acquired by rigorous knowledge and practice involving many scientific methods; health experts have found various forms of treatment other than the conventional medicine. But in today’s present scenario, this has been given the honour of mainstream medical practice and no longer are its practitioners considered to be alternatives. For a long time people have been using the health benefits of natural plants and fruits, homeopathic cures, yoga, etc.
This practice is known as Alternative Medicine, some of which are Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Naturopathy, etc. Alternative Medicine is now very popular and healthy way of treatment hence more people are opting for these therapies. INDIA, in well spacious building almost all departments with Library, Laboratory and other essentials. Thus, the demands of alternative treatment studies are very high which ensures safe and secure career.

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