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As an alternative to fish and chips, the restaurant is delighted to cater to guests who prefer to have chicken.
The now-famous food combination known as “fish & chips” began somewhere in Britain in the middle of the 19th century. The casual dining outlet offers superior quality meals which are healthy and delicious for all age groups.The restaurant's outlets are colourfully planned to create a family dining experience in a modern and spacious environment.
Interestingly most of the food names are inspired from the popular landmarks in London, hence the name ‘London Fish & Chips'.
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One can choose from an array of fish & chips meal's like the juicy Big Ben meal or a mouth-watering cod fillet known as Piccadilly, Fillets served together beautifully known as Oxford Street or the famous Trafalgar Square are intriguing for most diners. Today there are outlets in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

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