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Snakes are able to convert their venom back into harmless molecules that scientists say could help find a cancer cure. A joint British-Australian study of venom and tissue gene sequences in snakes showed that venom not only evolved from regular cells but could be turned back into harmless proteins. Gavin Huttley, from the Australian team, said it was the first time snakes' venom had been shown to evolve back into regular tissues and was a significant finding for the development of drugs for conditions like cancer or diabetes. Snake venom typically targets the same physiological pathways as many human diseases and Huttley said understanding how the venom molecule changed form could help scientists develop new drug cures. Some snake venoms, for example, cause the cells that line blood vessels to separate and die, including the kinds that feed cancerous tumors, and Huttley said mapping how that worked could lead to more effective cancer treatments. An emerging technology to treat type 1 diabetes, the external artificial pancreas is an automated system that simulates the normal pancreas by continuously adapting insulin delivery based on changes in glucose levels. People living with type 1 diabetes must carefully manage their blood glucose levels to ensure they remain within a target range in order to prevent serious long-term complications related to high glucose levels (such as blindness or kidney failure) and reduce the risk of hypoglycemia (dangerously low blood glucose that can lead to confusion, disorientation and, if severe, loss of consciousness, coma and seizure).

The world's first clinical trial compared three alternative treatments for type 1 diabetes. IRCM researchers are pursuing clinical trials on the artificial pancreas to test the system for longer periods and with larger patient cohorts. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, an estimated 285 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes, approximately 10 per cent of which have type 1 diabetes. Today, more than nine million Canadians - or one if four - are living with diabetes or the rather ridiculously defined prediabetes, which most medical bodies wish researchers would stop invoking.
Take a look at the best of Science 2.0 pages and web applications from around the Internet! Current Topic:The Science Of BeerThe best writers in science tackle science's hottest topics. Indigestion, dyspepsia and biliousness are usually bought on by overeating, and cause acute discomfort in the throat, chest and abdomen.

Two configurations exist: the single-hormone artificial pancreas that delivers insulin alone and the dual-hormone artificial pancreas that delivers both insulin and glucagon. The technology should be available commercially within the next five to seven years, with early generations focusing on overnight glucose control. With a further 7 million people developing diabetes each year, this number is expected to hit 438 million by 2030, making it a global epidemic. Combile all the ingredients and cover the pan and bring it to simmer till the water is reduced to half a cup, Strain before drinking.

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