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The Clinical Medicine Guide - A Holistic PerspectiveThe definitive pathology textbook from Stephen Gascoigne, containing 19 chapters covering every major organ system with dedicated chapters on Philosophy, Pathological Processes, Investigations, Infectious Disease and Cancer.
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If you cancel an order within 7 days you will be entitled to a full refund of the price you paid excluding the cost of delivery. Alternative Training will replace any goods found to be faulty within 28 days of the purchase date. Gavin Ong provides coaching and peak performance training by introducing and promoting non-invasive energy modalities that fortify the mind-body integration system and harmonize the spirit, evolving the stage for Energy Medicine to transform Health Care in the 21st Century.
Gavin's interest in a natural healing body was boosted when he was introduced to Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. Before his career crossover, Gavin was holding various senior management positions in public-listed companies in Singapore; the latest being a General Manager in a local public-listed international paint company. Besides being an Energy Medicine practitioner (USA), Gavin is also into Energy Psychology (USA) and is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist (USA). Gavin Ong's latest training was in Neurofeedback from the EEG Institute in USA which has been a leader in the development and practice of Neurofeedback since 1989. Gavin utilises the successful and established Symptom-Based Tracking Protocol and he combines it with the effective Protocol-Based Placement technique. A stable brain state can improve attention, reduce impulsivity, control hyperactive behaviors, improve sleep pattern and lead to better emotional wellness. The number of sessions of treatment received per week varies, depending on the time available, transportation issues, finances, progress, and individual preferences. In the initial stages of training, many practitioners prefer that sessions occur two to three times per week. The EEG Biofeedback equipment is connected to the individual with sensors that are attached on the scalp and ears. Neurofeedback practitioners will help the client learn to change his or her brainwave activity.
The specific brain wave frequencies we reward and the sensors locations on the scalp are unique to each individual. Self-regulation training enhances the function of the central nervous system and thereby improves mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability. Trainees have also reported improvements in school or work performance, social relationships and self-esteem as well as reduction in irritability and oppositional behavior.
While you should not experience negative side-effects, you may experience additional benefits. It is a comprehensive training system that promotes growth and change at the cellular level of the brain.
Neurofeedback is technology’s answer to poor cerebral functioning, cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy. It has been successfully applied to address depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, addictions, seizure disorder and unresolved emotional issues. Neurofeedback can help a variety of childhood problems such as bedwetting, nightmares, sleep walking and teeth grinding. Neurofeedback also help in peak-performance training for business executives, athletes, performers and many others. Some notable people who have benefited from Neurofeedback are Fortune 500 CEOs, Superbowl players, PGA golfers, NASA astronauts and Olympians.
During Neurotherapy, you or your family member will be learning to change and control brainwave patterns. To begin, you will need to find a practitioner competent to provide Neurofeedback services. During the first appointment, the practitioner will conduct a background interview to ascertain the history of the person.
During the first or second appointment(s), the practitioner may also conduct an evaluation of the client. The reason for periodic evaluations of the client during the Neurofeedback process is to determine whether improvement is occurring in important areas of the client's life and to adjust the treatment programme as appropriate.
You may be asked to sign a consent form to allow the practitioner to use the data collected during the Neurofeedback process for research purposes.
Over the course of treatment, individuals using medications may be able to reduce or terminate the use of these medications while maintaining control over disruptive behaviors. By scheduling an appointment with you, a practitioner has reserved for you a room, computerized equipment and a staff professional's time. Should you need to cancel an appointment, please give the practitioner as much notice as you can and no less than a 24-hour notice, as most practitioners can fill a canceled appointment in less than that amount of time. At your first appointment, the practitioner will probably ask you to sign a number of forms which will allow her or him to provide the best possible services to you.
In the case of organic brain disorders, it can only be a matter of having the brain to function better rather than curing the condition. Individuals who are not willing or unable to understand the general principles and goals of the feedback used.

Individuals who experience anxiety or an unpleasant feeling associated with Neurofeedback training.
In epilepsy, there may be a causal relationship between EEG training of certain EEG frequencies, and incidence of seizure. Researchers had looked at information from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III which consisted of 13,644 adults who were not pregnant and had a BMI (body mass index) of a minimum 16.5. Researchers found each 10% increase in the skeletal muscle index shows an 11% decrease in insulin resistance and 12% decrease in prediabetes. There is various type of resistance training which includes: resistance bands, free weights and weight machines. Consult with your health practitioner before starting any new exercise program especially if you are overweight, over forty years old and have a preexisting medical condition or have not exercise in a long time.
Debbie NicholsonDetroit Alternative Medicine ExaminerAuthor Debbie Nicholson resides in Michigan. She provides various treatments and therapies including food medicine, reflexology, champissage and more.Her belief is treating the person as a whole and not just the symptoms.
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No refund will be given if more than six months have elapsed since the student was enrolled on the course. Refunds may be given for Units paid for and not yet dispatched, providing that a study cancellation request is made within six months of purchase.
No refund will be given if more than three months have elapsed since the student was enrolled on the course. If you purchased the course with tutor marking, are still inside the three-month period and have not sent work in to your tutor then a partial refund for the tutor marking element of the course may be given. Simple energy techniques, it can improve health, sharpen the mind and increase joy and vitality. His other qualifications enable him to provide services in Internet Business consultancy (Canada) and Business Planning advisory (Aust). It involves helping a person learn how to modify his or her brainwave activity so that this gradual learning process can train the brain to function with better control and stability. Clients also practice maintaining learned brainwave states when engaged in school- or work-related tasks (e.g. Some individuals report increased relaxation, reduced stress, and a heightened sense of control over their bodies, thoughts, and feelings during or immediately after treatment sessions. It is also helpful in assisting adolescents cope with drug-taking, alcohol, phobias and learning disabilities.
The best news is that almost any brain can be trained to function better regardless of its level of function. Some individuals with sensitive skin may experience small breaks in the skin when the cleaning occurs. The anxiety levels of family members may increase, because they have been used to focusing on one problem and now must focus on a new one. Many individuals report initial progress after ten sessions, but effective treatment usually requires between 20 and 40 sessions. The two most commonly used criteria for finding a competent practitioner are to look for someone who is certified in the use of EEG Biofeedback and someone who is trained as a practitioner of Neurofeedback.
The data collected from the individual will only be reported in relationship to data collected from other individuals.
Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, or Cylert) can, when effective, produce a rapid reduction in the frequency of impulsive and hyperactive behaviors. The physician and family together will decide whether a reduction in medications is appropriate. We suggest that you arrive five to 10 minutes early to avoid the rush of finding a parking space. Therapy should be discontinued if periodic monitoring of therapeutic progress indicates that the individual is not learning despite adequate review of instructions for feedback.
With this philosophy in mind, Dr Faith Nelson created an Quantum Biofeedback Weight Loss protocol using the frequency of HCG. Researchers wanted to observe how body mass affects insulin resistance, a marker to diabetes.
Karlamangla states if you do start an exercise program but do not lose weight there is no reason to give up hope.
Karlamangla continues to note that resistance exercise could have a part in aiding people with type 2 diabetes have better use of the insulin they do produce. If these levels are not checked high glucose levels can cause damage on the body and also could cause numerous diabetes related complications. Nicholson is also a Alternative Medicine practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist at A & L Chiropractic Center Farmington Hills, Michigan. In addition, there are clear disease classifications that are tailored for the holistic practitioner.
This volume combines orthodox pathology with energetic concepts in a clear and precise way.

Clients will be asked to participate in enough sessions to ensure that treatment produces the desired changes in behavior or to make clear that the intervention does not seem to be working for a particular client. As such, many patients will start a trial of medications or be on medications when they start receiving Neurofeedback.
To complete the detoxification of the system, which will enhance all the Systems to function properly and allow the endocrine system to be normalized. Karlamangla, PhD, M.D, associate professor of medicine in the division of geriatrics at the University of California, Los Angeles and study researcher states weight just not only matter but what proportion of your weight is muscle mass. Each disease is discussed from the viewpoint of: Definition, Complication, Investigation, Treatment, Holistic management cases and SymptomsThe section on holistic management discusses how to deal with cases complicated by prescribed drugs, how to assess the severity of a case and includes details of the corresponding syndrome in terms of Chinese Medicine. I completed my medical training in 1976 in Liverpool, UK and worked for over 6 years in hospital and then general practice.
Buse further continues that the more muscle mass you have the more glucose you can eliminate in response to insulin. I truly think this is a wonderful book!"Jeremy Sherr, Homeopath, Author, Lecturer, Principal and Founder of Dynamis"Dr Gascoigne's book fills the gap in current literature between orthodox medical knowledge and perspective and that which needs to be known by the prospective practitioner of healing. It was during my time in general practice that I began to see methods of treating people that were quite different to my experience and understanding.There were homoeopaths, acupuncturists and osteopaths working locally who were clearly, in many cases, doing more for patients than I could with my knowledge and training in conventional medicine. In this phase of the Program, we can now insert the HCG Frequency into existing homeopathics, NRG cards or other carriers with our Quantum Biofeedback. The philosophy of healing is understood in its universal application and this is woven into the fabric of the text. This aroused my curiosity and I began training in methods of holistic medicine particularly allergy work and nutrition.For a time I was medical advisor the the Morecambe Bay Cancer Help Centre which was run by someone who had recovered from cancer by using natural methods of diet and relaxation. You now have a ?New Niche? for your practice in offering the Quantum Weight Loss Program to your clients with great success. We use it as a basic text at The School of Homeopathy."Misha Norland, Homeopath, Author, International Lecturer, Principal and Founder of the School of Homeopathy"I opened up the book today to take a quick peek and an HOUR later was deep into it. I did several weekend courses as a GP in homoeopathy and acupuncture and I used these methods with some success. Successful Applications    Dr Faith Nelson has worked for the past 28 years as a Health professional. However, when I met someone who had trained in acupuncture for 6 months in China, I quickly realised that a weekend course was not quite enough to enable me to call myself an acupuncturist!
You've incorporated lots of pragmatic distillations (rather than the millions of useless words in the big medical manuals or the not very helpful home symptom guides).
At the same time, I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with conventional medical practice. Faith's alopathic background had an emphasis in the Critical Care and Integrative Medicine fields.
The differential diagnoses (integrating holistic medical thinking and common sense) are excellent.
I spent a couple of years at the Northern College of Homoeopathy in the UK and had a great time beginning to understand the philosophies of holistic medicine, specifically homoeopathy. However, I felt that I had a closer connection with Oriental philosophies and, in 1985, I went to China myself to study acupuncture. Fifteen years of her Nursing career were spent in a variety of Intensive Care settings and specialty areas, where she practiced as a clinician and supervisor.
I was completely inspired particularly by the fact that a whole system of holistic medicine is state supported with hospitals and clinics dedicated to Chinese medicine. During this time, she pursued her interests in the eclectic fields of Integrative Medicine. Following my return to the UK, I practised acupuncture and subsequently trained in London in Chinese herbal medicine with the esteemed master of Chinese medicine, Tinh Thong Nguyen, a 3rd generation Vietnamese practitioner of Chinese medicine.
I am a fully registered medical practitioner with the UK General Medical Council and the Medical Council in Ireland. I am also registered with the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK, the Irish Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and The Acupuncture Council of Ireland.
I am keen to support practitioners of holistic medicine in their practice and offer supervision to individuals as well as seminars and lectures to students, practitioners and colleges. The Chinese Way to Health (Connections, 2000) is an introduction to Chinese medicine and its methods for the general public. Since 1987, Faith has also practiced privately in the field of Integrative Medicine and complements these approaches with the Quantum Biofeedback. She currently is co-owner of Focus On Health, educating, consulting, and providing alternative healthcare services. Two textbooks are for students and practitioners of holistic medicine - The Clinical Medicine Guide (2001) and The Prescribed Drug Guide (2003).
In addition, there is a distance-learning study guide to accompany The Clinical Medicine Guide - Pathology & Diease for Alternative Practitioners by Alternative Training. This enables people to study at their own pace with support from other resources as well as a tutor.
In 2006, I wrote a booklet Natural Alternatives to Depression (2006) which was accompanied by a public launch and talks at Neal's Yard Remedies throughout the UK.

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