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We normally refuse to give out information about patients, as it is their privacy at stake. The picture to the left is one of our patients who was featured in a news paper in australia. Compared to conventional chemo surgery and radiation treatment, photodynamic therapy is far gentler and more effective.
Brain metastases of any kind of cancer are difficult or impossible to treat with chemo or radiation. We are introducing new protocols to elevate and sustain the immune response and the success of treatment.
If you’ve ever wondered how Complementary Healing Modalities such as therapeutic massage, reiki work and acupuncture have assisted healing for cancer patients? Master Massage Equipment has been dedicated to promoting the practice of massage therapy for nearly two decades—in homes like yours, in luxury spas and salons and beyond. The popularity of complementary and alternative medicine is increasing among cancer patients.

Researcher Daniel Silva, at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, USA, investigated the therapeutic potential of Phellinus linteus medicinal mushroom. The medicinal mushroom Phellinus linteus (you may know it as meshimakobu, or song gen) is a popular ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Various organic compounds were extracted from the Phellinus linteus, including polysaccharides.
Animal studies using other Phellinus linteus medicinal mushroom extracts showed the medicinal mushroom prevented the development of cancer by obstructing the disease’s signaling pathways.
Silva concludes that dietary supplements containing Phellinus linteus medicinal mushroom extract will soon form an alternative, or complementary, treatment of cancer. It produces results you simply can not get with conventional treatment with virtually zero side effects.
Take a look at the infographic above to find out more about these Alternative Medical Treatments. In fact, complementary and alternative medicine is one of the fastest growing treatment modalities in America. Would supplements containing isolated extracts of this mushroom withstand rigorous scientific testing?

Phellinus linteus is also widely used in Japan and Korea, and is now becoming more popular in North America. For example, a case report from Japan described a positive response to Phellinus linteus intake in a prostate cancer patient.
Many of these therapies include dietary supplements, often with medicinal mushroom extracts, like Phellinus linteus. The polysaccharides from Phellinus linteus significantly prolonged the survival of mice with cancer. It shows cancer as the leading cause of death for people between 35 and 64 and the second most common cause of premature death for those over 65. It also shows that the available evidence suggests that regular treatments can provide patients with at least some relief from the symptoms and side effects associated with cancer.

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