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Species and scientific names: Foxtail (Seteria species), sandbur (Cenchrus species), and ticklegrass (Agrostis hyemalis). Identification: Foxtail seed heads resemble a bottle brush and are green or light green in color. Habitat: Foxtail and sandbur are commonly found in recently disturbed soils and sandy areas.
Control: Moxing is a relatively effective method of control for all three grasses, since timely moxing can minimize or eliminate seed production. Toxin: These plants are not listed because of a chemical toxin but rather due to the physical trauma to the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and occasionally skin of horses from due to physical contact with the plants. Signs and effects of toxicosis: Horses may have blisters or ulcers on the lips or mouth after ingestion of these plants.
Treatment: Removal of the plant source and supportive treatment of the blisters or ulcers such as rinsing with water or topical cream. Thanks to the following fact sheet reviewers: Ron Genrick, Assurance Feeds and Harlan Anderson, DVM. Mouth sores are nothing but swelling in the oral cavity with small red blisters or lesions.
This contagious disease causes blisters, sores, and sloughing of skin in the mouth, on the tongue, on the muzzle and ears, and above the hooves. The Colorado State Fair is in full swing in Pueblo this week, and Colorado State University (CSU) veterinarians join state health officials in advising livestock and horse owners to prevent the spread of infectious disease during the fair and similar events.
Of particular concern is this summer’s outbreak of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) among Colorado horses.
A: The main symptoms of vesicular stomatitis virus are blisters, sores, and sloughing of skin in the mouth, on the tongue, on the muzzle and ears, and above the hooves.
A: VSV is federally listed as a foreign animal disease, meaning it is among several animal diseases that are highly infectious, are reported to state and federal health agencies, and are monitored closely by health officials because of the potential for widespread illness and devastating economic consequences. In addition, I recommend basic steps to prevent infectious disease when traveling to events with your horse.
Segregate your traveling horse from others for a week after returning home; monitor your horse for any signs of infection or illness during this time. A: Our primary mission is to provide the best care possible for our patients and their owners, even during outbreaks such as this. Our veterinarians first examine all horses and livestock for VSV symptoms before they enter the hospital. Q: What would happen if my animal was at an event or a veterinary hospital when another animal was diagnosed with VS infection?
Q: Who determines whether shows and events will be cancelled, and why haven’t we seen more cancellations during this VSV outbreak?
A: Event sponsors and organizers make those decisions, usually on advice of the state veterinarian and other health experts. A: Travel restrictions come into play if you are transporting horses or livestock to a different state. Do you volunteer your time in the horse industry (with youth associations, breed clubs, trail organizations, rescues, therapeutic riding centers, etc.)? Researchers determined that pregnant mares can abort their fetuses as a stress response to prevent future infanticide. Glory has been trained using natural horsemanship and was previously used as a lesson horse for children and teens. From hydration to irrigation, learn how to combat challenges that come with caring for horses in arid climates.
Seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian before proceeding with any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. UpLoad your image Here !!????? ???? ????? ??????  Your browser does not support iframes. Lip care ; Easy home packsLips exfoliation is very important for a rosy and beautiful appearance. Green tea health benefitsGradually people are shifting towards the consumption of green tea instead of black tea. Simple beauty tipsEvery woman tries all possible steps to enhance her beauty.A modern woman needs simple and quick procedure which will give an attractive and unique look. Health benefits of FiberAlthough deficiency of fiber do not cause problems like malnutrition but they are very important for the healthy growth of the body. Fruits responsible for weight gainMost of the times we just start eating any fruit without knowing about its effect on health. Healthy remedy for common health issues“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” , but not only apple there are lots of other food items which can help in curing various health issues.

Sandbur is found in the central part of the United States, along the north and mid-Atlantic states, and in distinct areas of the western United States. In a grass pasture or hay field, there are no herbicides available for control of foxtail, sandbur, or ticklegrass. The leaves (vegetative growth) of sandbur and foxtail do not result in physical trauma and can be grazed, but are not considered recommended forage species.
Animals may develop weight loss due to gastrointestinal tract damage if large amounts of the plants are ingested for long periods of time.
It can appear in gums, tongue, cheeks and upper roof of the mouth causing irritation and pain. Infection has forced the quarantine of 206 properties, where horses and some cattle have tested positive for the disease, the Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office reported on Monday, and.
ACVIM, a CSU veterinarian and director of infection control for the university's James L.
The virus also is spread through direct contact, meaning when an infected animal touches noses with another animal.
We recommend frequent application of fly repellent approved for animals, including on the face and ears. Preventing the spread of infectious disease is central to our hospital’s daily operations, and rigorous standards are always in place to protect patients. Get some perfect beauty tips form here.Perfect beauty tipsKnow your skinBefore using any product know your skin type.
Ticklegrass is found from the Dakotas south to Texas, encompassing most of the central and eastern United States. Ticklegrass is found in dry or moist soil in woods, fields, bogs, meadows, roadsides, waste areas, stream banks, shores, and also in upland habitats, often where alkaline (basic) soils persist. Spot treatment with glyphosate is an option, but good pasture management practices will help reduce or eliminate weed populations.
These are also called canker sores or blisters and every one of us may get mouth sores at one point in life. Horses have been hit hardest during this summer’s outbreak in Colorado, although several cows have been confirmed as infected. Department of Agriculture requires a specific list of responses to foreign animal diseases, including testing, confirmation of infection, quarantine, and monitoring. During this outbreak we have initiated extra precautions in line with those recommended by the state veterinarian for the Colorado State Fair and other events.
If an animal is admitted to the hospital, it is treated twice daily with insect repellent; our entire large animal hospital is additionally sprayed three times daily.
Keith Roehr (DVM), the state veterinarian for Colorado, has not recommended event cancellations. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without written permission of The Horse Media Group LLC is prohibited. Like consumption of these nutrients their digestion is of equal importance.Fiber does not nourish the body in any way, but it plays an important role in digestion. But it is totally a myth that by consuming fruits and avoiding a regular meal weight can be reduced. Burning the mouth by eating hot foods and drinks, hurting the mouth with sharp objects accidentally and biting the tongue occasionally may give rise to mouth sores. Weld, Boulder, and Larimer counties in northern Colorado have the highest number of confirmed cases. Infection risk may be further reduced by sheltering horses during peak times for biting attacks. Instead, he has encouraged that event grounds be inspected and issued certificates of veterinary inspection before the start of shows and events. Here are some easy home remedies for making the lips healthy and charming.For lips exfoliation take slices of beetroot or lemon peels for massaging as they retain the redness of lips. If your skin is rough or oil free then use products containing moisturizers.For good figureFor reducing excess calories follow the Detox Diet. It very important to know the different types and amount of fiber we consume.Fiber benefitsZero calorie dietFibers are zero calorie diet and are of two types, one is insoluble fiber which are rich in wheat, nuts and many vegetables. They are caused by virus called herpes simplex and initially the person may experience tingling sensation in the affected region. In case if the swelling is severe, then you can buy topical ointments like Blistex for treating mouth sores. Those times typically are mid-morning, with a more intense phase in evening, ending at dusk, according to CSU insect scientists.
You can also apply milk cream mixed with turmeric on lips.Easy to make home packsLime honey packMix some drops of lemon juice in honey and apply on lips daily.

According to various researchers the health benefits present in green tea is because of these polyphenols only.
The medication was stopped after taking the Antiretroviral drugs for an average of three years.Eliminating HIVMedicines can prevent the spread of virus but the virus already present in the body’s immune system can not be eliminated. There are some fruits which instead of reducing weight are the major causes of weight gain.
The vitamins present in lime and orange will keep to stress free and will help in eliminating the unwanted elements from the body.AnemiaMost of the women suffer from the problem of blood loss or anemia. Biting intensifies at the onset of storms and may persist all day when overcast conditions occur. We continuously clean, and all animals are constantly monitored for signs of VSV or other infectious disease. Most shows require that competitors have health certificates issued by veterinarians as proof of good animal health. This situation usually happens when the patient stops the consumption of medicines as the virus seems to flourish again. Green tea helps in keeping us healthy and prevents various diseases.Green tea benefitsPeople who drink at least 3 cups of green tea daily are 11 % less affected to heart diseases.
It slows down the absorption of sugar which reduces the level of cholesterol form the body.Reduces weightThe calories present in fiber helps in reducing weight also.
According to the research most of the patients who opt for small treatments fails to control the infection, but some of them gets successful.
The main cause of anemia in the body is less amount of hemoglobin in the body.Remedy - Include iron rich elements in your daily diet like spinach, beetroot, banana, milk and sprouts. Roehr has also strongly advised that horse and livestock owners take extra caution in controlling flies, and I agree. Use Aloe Vera gel or fresh Aloe Vera  pulp for massaging lips and keep it for 15 minutes.
Try to eat steamed vegetables.Water for moisturizingDrink 8-10 glasses of water daily for good metabolism. Fiber is chewed more as it slows down the process of absorbing nutrients which makes you feel that tour stomach is full. All these food items are capable of increasing the level of hemoglobin in the body.DiabetesSugar is not the cause of diabetes, rather the level of sugar increases in the blood because of diabetes. HIV has become a global epidemic and modern medicines are not a proven cure.In addition to ayurvedic treatment nutritious diet, yoga and meditation, timely Allopathic treatment for opportunistic infections and regular consultancy is very important for the proper management of this disease. Because of wrong food habits the working capacity of beta cells in the body stops which causes diabetes.Remedy- Avoid eating junk food and oily food. Regular intake of green tea can help in loosing weight as according to researchers the catechin present in green tea helps in burning the unwanted fat from the body. It is observed that continuous consumption of green tea burns 70 calories per day that means you can loose up-to 7 pounds weight in a year.Limited consumptionHerbal products are very beneficial but at the same time they can be harmful for health. Timely dinner helps in easy digestion of food that helps the body to get enough nutrients.Use sunscreenDo exfoliation to get instant shine to the skin. Keep in mind that herbal items will be most beneficial to those who dont have any serious diseases.
Most of the people consume 15 grams of fiber per day.People who consume more quantities of fiber have less problems related to heart.
Along with CD4 cells CD8 are also known to fight HIV and ayurvedic medication plays its role to promote these cells in the body.Ayurvedic medicines cleans the body, nerves and even the cells. One important thing to keep in mind it that the amount of carbohydrates consumed per day should be equal to the consumption of fiber.
The caffine present in it develops mood swings, sleeping disorders, anexity and unconsiousness. For this take some drops of lemon juice and mix it with water now apply face-wash and clean with lemon water afterwards. Now apply grape seed oil on the face, it will give a natural glow on the face.Blush onTake enough sleep. This will remove pollutants and dust accumulated on the face and skin will breathe freely.Apply cold creamApply cold cream on your face at night before bed.

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