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If you’re looking for the ultimate in simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility then consider the Zumaround Electric Kick Scooter. TestimonialsMy husband has bad knees which prevented him from bike riding with me, so we decided to get him an electric bike.
Community residents propose bringing back express buses as an alternative to Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) plans to develop Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along 16 miles of Ashland Avenue between Irving Park Road and 95th Street. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the CTA, and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) on April 19 announced plans to develop dedicated center bus lanes on Ashland Avenue that would have limited stops half a mile apart and at CTA rapid transit stations. The result of a federally funded year-long study that also looked at Western Avenue, BRT’s initial implementation phase would cover Ashland Avenue from Cortland Avenue to 31st Street, with work to begin in 2016. A CTA drawing shows before and after renditions of the BRT station at Ashland Avenue at Polk Street. Community members, including the Ashland-Western Bus Service Coalition, a volunteer group of residents, churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations, have expressed serious concerns over reduced parking and losing traffic lanes in both directions on one of the city’s most used north-south corridors. The coalition is encouraging the CTA to improve bus service on Ashland and Western by modernizing the popular express buses that operated along both streets from 2002 through 2010.

Calling its approach Modern Express Buses (MEB), the coalition proposes reducing standard bus stops by 30% but retaining a center lane for vehicle traffic Like the BRT, the coalition proposes traffic signal technology to increase bus speeds as well as quick-scan bus passes and wider bus doors to allow faster passenger boarding. The University Village Association (UVA) also expressed concerns regarding the Ashland BRT and possible negative effects on local business. Some community organizations have endorsed BRT, praising its innovation that will lead to greater economic vitality for the community. Due to its size, weight, and ease of handling, it can take you places that even an electric bike cannot.
BRT would eliminate a lane of traffic in each direction and at least 10% of street parking at an implementation cost of approximately $10 million per mile.
Buses would have traffic signal priority to help increase speeds by more than 80% during peak travel times.
The coalition also wants to facilitate left turns while keeping most curbside parking, and it would retain curbside stops but proposes putting them on the far side of intersections to expedite vehicle right turns. In fall 2012, Active Transportation Alliance, a 7,000- member nonprofit that works to improve conditions for biking, walking, and transit in Chicago, obtained more than 1,300 signatures asking City officials to include bus-only lanes and pedestrian- friendly streets as part of its plans for Western and Ashland Avenues.

In addition, the MEB calls for enhanced bus shelters and street amenities while maintaining existing center median planters. The Metropolitan Planning Council, which promotes regional growth, also supports the BRT concept.
If bicycle gears confound and confuse you, the Zumaround will satisfy with its simple one button control.
A lockable and removable lithium battery pack provides up to 20 miles from a single charge.
Or you can ramp things up a bit to replicate the full body engagement of sports such as skateboarding, surfing, or skiing.
Larger 20” wheels provide a smoother more stable ride than the tiny wheels found on many traditional kick scooters.

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