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Last weekend I performed with and attended a workshop from the extraordinary electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine. It was a pleasure performing with Richard and his presentation beforehand shed light on his detailed knowledge of the history of electronic music. This entry was posted in Audio News and tagged Analog Synthesis, Moog Sub 37, Music, Performance, Rhodes, Sound Design by John Keston. If you contribute $10 or more you will receive an album download of your choice from Unearthed Music. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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Crestron has started shipping its new compact and efficient 15 watt stereo amplifier, the MP-AMP30, ideal for classrooms, halls, conference rooms and boardrooms.
The MP-AMP30 is a stand-alone amplifier that can also complement Crestron’s MPC line of controllers and wall plates.
Related ArticlesLeon Speakers Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer The all-new Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer by Leon Speakers will truly add new dimension to your living room.
TNT-Audio caught up with noted speaker designer David Smith, ex-JBL, McIntosh, KEF, Snell, and PSB.

Our leverage is our people, our knowledge, experience, our unparalleled product range and our 'can do' attitude. For a professional finish this package will need to be installed by one of our technicians.  The screen is an impressive fastfold dressed in a velveteen drape and the projector is an innovative model from Epson what allows you to project from almost any angle - even from the side! His presentation was at Slam Academy (a Minneapolis based school for electronic music and arts where I am also on the faculty roster).
He brought up electronic music pioneers like Morton Subotnick, Tod Dockstader, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. If you're unable to donate, please consider visiting one of our sponsors to help support AudioCookbook. For small to medium size room, SHARP touch-screen LED-LCD panel display is an alternative to projector.SHARP touch-screen LED-LCD panel display supports full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and high contrast ratio to provide crystal-clear images. This low cost audio amplifier is designed to work with applications in which audio from source equipment is directly connected to and switched by the video projector. The detachable output connectors facilitating the termination of speaker wiring makes the installation and setup of the amplifier very simple. In addition, the wide variety of wall plates of the amplifier enables connectivity ranging from traditional analog to HDMI.
It is a 10 inch ultra-thin subwoofer packed with music skill and theater-grade performance.

The SC-600 subwoofer line is quite affordable as compared to already available Velodyne current SubContractor series.
Later that same evening Jon Davis, Richard Devine, Graham O’Brien, James Patrick, and I performed a couple of sets at the Dakota Jazz Club (photo by Dave Eckblad).
He discussed equipment from the legendary ARP 2500 (only one hundred ever made) to the EMS Synthi, and followed it up with modern softsynths of note like the Madrona Labs AALTO. It is equipped with 2 built-in high quality speakers that support multi-media presentation. In addition to all Macromedia Flash Player abilities, it has a lot of extended features, such as animation rewinding, advanced full screen mode, browser cache integration, .exe projectors support and playlists.
Thanks to the Slam Academy, the Dakota, James Patrick, Jade Patrick, Richard Devine, Jon Davis, Graham O’Brien, Gregory Taylor, and everyone else involved for a memorable day of learning, playing, and performances.
It is the only stand-alone application for Mac OS that is able to playback SWF and FLV files with plenty of bonus features.
It supports FLV and other video formats, provides you with basic playback controls such as play, pause, rewind and forward.

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