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We've asked for average monthly running costs, and also the insulation grade and size of their homes to give a better picture, rather than an ambiguous figure such as cents per hour. The monthly costs below are for homes operating their central heating for most of the week, and on an average 6-8 hours per day.
The outcome was the all electric household paid on average $100 more per month on their energy bill. These prices are based on a Brivis ducted heating system installed by Karl at Warm Zone Ltd prior to 2009.
The running costs will differ between installers depending on the quality of the installation.A A 1 star increase is approximately 10% saving in running costs. With the property market booming again, those desperately hoping to get on the ladder might be wise to look at where you get most for your money. In a small market town, this character property, dating from 1878, has spacious accommodation with period features. Forget about the state of the cottage, which needs a make-over: you're buying a slice of island. This delightful second-floor flat in an imposing converted manor house is spacious, and boasts sash windows, a stone fireplace with granite hearth, high ceilings and the open-plan flows through to the kitchen. This former chapel, built in 1906, is now a lovely three-bed house in a small, bustling village outside Goole.

For mountaineers and hikers, what could be better than a snug cottage handy for the Highlands and Islands, five miles outside Dunoon?
Hyde Park: Double bed, one bedside table, tiny dining table with two chairs, heated towel racks, anti-steam mirrors.
Notting Hill: A room for the agile with a sleeping area that appears to have been converted from a lounge with a high ceiling. Covent Garden: A bolthole, containing a double bed, wardrobe, high-end kitchen and small dining table with two chairs. This month Nationwide said the average UK property costs A?186,512, up more than 10 per cent on this time last year.
It's also got a mature garden, with a chicken run, and views over the open countryside towards the sea less than a mile away. Tiree is the most westerly island in the Inner Hebrides, and is only 12 miles long and three miles wide.
This one - simple and refurbished - is in Willows Riverside Park and has a new family bathroom, fitted kitchen, low-maintenance garden and two parking spaces.
This two-bed bungalow, in CardiffA?s leafy suburb of Radyr has good access to the city centre, and golf and tennis clubs.
Stylishly refurbished and super eco-friendly, it has solar panels to heat water, and a heat pump, which extracts energy from air outside.

Just weeks ago one in Islington a€” little more than a 6ft-wide kitchen with a bed in it a€” was advertised for A?730 a month. Eat dinner for one at your tiny dining table then climb a ladder to the mezzanine level for 40 winks.
Three-quarters of buyers are foreign in this neighbourhood, but Stella McCartney lives nearby.
This sort of money might only get you a run-down studio flat in London a€” but head to rural Scotland or Wales, and it could buy you a comfortable family home with spectacular views.
Benefiting from the Gulf Stream, it has a mild climate, with some of the highest levels of sunshine recorded in the UK. But it seems people will pay anything up to A?5,000 a month to sleep next to their kitchen bin. In recent years, overseas buyers have seen Knightsbridge as a safe investment and rarely sell. These are booked by financial institutions so their high-flyers can grab some sleep between multi-million-pound deals.

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