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Filterable means, a virus particle small enough to pass through a filter of diatomaceous earth or porcelain.
But, spread of the diseases from one to another is rare, as the skin surface does not allow for the lodgment of the virus in the individuals with good immunity. A combination of oral Ayurvedic medicines along with topical application of ointments or herbal powder mixes is advised. The below applications work well when the wart area is made moist and the top layer of dead skin is scraped out under sterile conditions.
Keep  your immunity at optimum levels with regular use of turmeric, curry leaves, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, Chyawanprash, etc. In case of plantar warts (on the foot), apply bandage or athletic tape and change it daily. Cauterization, or minor surgical procedures are adopted if the oral medicines and external application do not yield results. There is no term like Verruca necregamia instead there is a term named Verruca necrogonica — is a rash of small, red papular nodules in the skin that may appear 2–4 weeks after inoculation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a previously infected and immunocompetent individual.
Corns on the other hand are hard, thickened areas of skin that form as a consequence of friction, rubbing or pressure on the skin. Regarding Genital warts: The genital area is too sensitive for many products and you could damage your skin. To remove a soft corn,Soak your feet in salted warm water for 5 – 10 minutes to make the area soft.
Mix one teaspoon of aloe vera gel with one half teaspoon of turmeric and apply on the corn. For chronic, hardened and persistent corns, you need advanced ayurvedic treatment by a physician.
Due to above said factors, Vata is vitiated and lodge (occluded) in the corresponding nerves, arteries and veins, situated in the face.
Facial paralysis is a Vata imbalance disorder, often associated with Pitta and Kapha. Now a days, antibiotics and vitamin supplements are given to pacify the complaint. During an attack of facial palsy it makes sense to take the patient to a nursing home to undergo investigations to know the real cause – internal hemorrhage, nerve damage etc. Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative medicine that is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, having been developed in India thousands of years ago.

It is based on the belief that health and wellbeing depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit, and the primary focus is to promote good health rather than fight disease.
When it comes to constipation, there are some specific ayurvedic remedies that can help provide relief of your symptoms. Nicola has a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine London.
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Six C ointment  – an Ayurvedic ointment with purified sulphur, zinc, neem oil, Karanja oil etc. Tankana bhasma is mixed with lemon juice and fine paste is made and applied over the warts. Khadirarishta-Well-known blood purifier.It has its role even in strengthening the muscles and blood tissues. Gandhaka Rasayana– Well known and potent drug to strengthen the skin and connective tissues. It can take some weeks, or even months, for a verruca to appear after you have caught the infection.
Apply the paste on your corn, secure it with an adhesive bandage and leave it on for three days. Then, scrub the area gently with the help of a pumice stone or some other scrubber to rub off the dead skin. Lashuna-garlic for facial palsy – Garlic is a very good in normalizing Vata and clearing the body channels from obstructions. Nirgundi- Vitex negundo – is good to relieve nerve pain and to improve muscle strength. Masha- Blackgram – black gram is known for its Vata balancing and nourishing qualities. Fine paste of clove, mustard, nirgundi leaves and eranda leaves is applied 20 minutes before bath. Karpasathyadi taila – This oil is used for Basti (oil enema), Shirodhara and massage in all cases of paralysis. Saindhavadi taila – especially used in paralysis caused due to blood vessel blockage.

Laghuvishagarbha taila and Vishagarbha taila – useful where stiffness is a striking feature. Even though the patients get relief from these, the chances of repeated attacks are observed in my clinical practice.
Mild Ayurvedic medicines in low dose, oil massage etc will help the patient to gain strength.
Triphala powder - A very popular Ayurvedic medicine for constipation is something called Triphala Churna (or Triphala tablets), which is made by grinding three kinds of fruits or herbs, and taken before bed in warm water or milk. Since qualifying in 2009, she writes regularly for Women's Fitness magazine and other publications, as well as seeing patients in London.
This means, the virus, once inside the body can take up to 3 – 4 months time to show up warts. After the pus discharge the elevated growths will be stable in the body part for longer period. It is an ingredient of Nirgundyadi taila, Manasamitra Vataka which are widely used in neurological, psychological, blood vessel and muscle related conditions. If the palsy is caused due to blockage of artery and after the routine treatments, to avoid further blockage and to improve local blood circulation, mustard – internal usage and mustard oil for massage is useful. If the paralysis is caused due to weak nerves, then black gram can be used in form of many dishes and Its oil Mahamasha tailam can also be used. Is helpful to stimulate nerves, to improve blood circulation and to relieve pain and inflammation (if any). Boil 1 teaspoon of dandelion root in water and drink 3-4 times a day, or you can take 3-4 tablets a day with a cup of warm water instead.
Whereas age old Ayurveda system of medicine denotes some specific and minute reasons for the manifestation of this condition. But because mustard oil is quite hot in nature, care should be taken during massaging near eyes.

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