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The presence of a high level of uric acid in the body can be quite dangerous and if it is overlooked, it can lead to a painful condition known as gout. After making the required dietary changes and a few other lifestyle alterations, it is advisable to try various poses in yoga for reducing uric acid levels in the body and at the same time alleviating the pain caused by the accumulation of the uric acid.
Whatever the case may be, arthritis appears to be correlated with poor bone and muscle health, disproportionate body weight, and unhealthy lifestyle.
This is one of the classic Meditative Poses and is usually performed after doing the Corpse Pose. Shoulder Stretches are great in relieving stress and tension on your shoulders, as well as your entire upper back. Many people hold tension in their necks and shoulders, leading to stiffness, bad posture, and tension headaches. The Standing Side Stretch is another Yoga Pose with two lines of energy radiating outward from your center.
Hands and wrists are common body parts which are affected by Arthritis, especially Osteoarthritis. Your wrists can also be affected by arthritis, specifically Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. For you to appreciate the benefits of relaxation, you should first be familiar on how it is to be tense.
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Urinary retention, and check out Urinary retention on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Urinary retention, also known as ischuria, is an inability to completely empty the bladder. Urinary retention is characterised by poor urinary stream with intermittent flow, straining, a sense of incomplete voiding, and hesitancy (a delay between trying to urinate and the flow actually beginning). Consumption of some psychoactive substances, mainly stimulants, such as MDMA and amphetamine. Analysis of urine flow may aid in establishing the type of micturition (urination) abnormality.
Determining the serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) may help diagnose or rule out prostate cancer, though this is also raised in BPH and prostatitis.
In acute cases of urinary retention where associated symptoms in the lumbar spine are present such as pain, numbness (saddle anesthesia), parasthesias, decreased anal sphincter tone, or altered deep tendon reflexes, an MRI of the lumbar spine should be considered to further assess Cauda Equina Syndrome.
In acute urinary retention, urinary catheterization, placement of a prostatic stent or suprapubic cystostomy relieves the retention. Acute urinary retention is treated by placement of a urinary catheter (small thin flexible tube) into the bladder. Intermittent catheterization can be done by a health care professional or by the person themselves (clean intermittent self catheterization).
In most patients with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), a procedure known as transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) may be performed to relieve bladder obstruction.[5] Surgical complications from TURP include a bladder infection, bleeding from the prostate, scar formation, inability to hold urine, and inability to have an erection. A meta-analysis on the influence of voiding position on urodynamics in healthy males and males with LUTS showed that in the sitting position, the residual urine in the bladder was significantly reduced. In young males, the most common cause of urinary retention is infection of the prostate (acute prostatitis). The rhombic yellow to amber colored fenugreek seed, commonly called maithray, is frequently used in the preparation of pickles, curry powders, and pastes, and is often encountered in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent.
Fenugreek is derived from the dried seeds of the plant and is used traditionally in ayurvedic medicine as a demulcent, laxative, and lactation stimulant. Several human intervention trials demonstrated that the antidiabetic effects of fenugreek seeds ameliorate most metabolic symptoms associated with type-1 and type-2 diabetes in both humans and relevant animal models by reducing serum glucose and improving glucose tolerance. This helps to lower blood sugar levels by slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Owing to its many properties it helps in the prevention and treatment of diabetes in several ways.

Working in a similar way to the common antidiabetic drug glibenclamide, fenugreek lowers cellular insulin resistance and controls blood glucose homeostasis. It also increases the levels of several important antioxidants and reduces the damaging oxidation of lipids associated with diabetes.
All diabetics interested in lowering their blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels should take this herb into consideration in either seed or leaf form. It is absolutely essential to control uric acid levels as soon as possible, with the help of a right diet, medication, as well as certain exercises in yoga for reducing uric acid.
Since uric acid is a by product due to the metabolism of purine rich foods, it is advisable to keep down the consumption of such foods that are high in purine content. Yoga Poses can help strengthen your joints which is crucial in preventing and dealing with arthritis.
The Easy Pose helps in straightening the spine, slowing down metabolism, promoting inner tranquility, and keeping your mind still. This is a simple Yoga Posture with a wonderful stretch in which one line of energy reaches upward from your belly and outward through the arm, and one line travels downward through the legs. Manage stress and keep your ankles in good condition through therapy, having enough rest, and by doing the Ankle Bending Exercise.
In this section, know why relaxation is essential in practicing Yoga and learn how to do the Corpse Pose and other techniques for physical, mental, as well as spiritual relaxation. As the bladder remains full, it may lead to incontinence, nocturia (need to urinate at night), and high frequency. Common findings, determined by ultrasound of the bladder, include a slow rate of flow, intermittent flow, and a large amount of urine retained in the bladder after urination. A TRUS biopsy of the prostate (trans-rectal ultra-sound guided) can distinguish between these prostate conditions.
These include tamsulosin to relax smooth muscle in the bladder neck, or finasteride or dutasteride to decrease prostate enlargement.
This can be either an intermittent catheter or a Foley catheter that is placed with a small inflatable bulb that holds the catheter in place.
The other parameters, namely the maximum urinary flow and the voiding time were increased and decreased respectively.
The infection is acquired during sexual intercourse and presents with low back pain, penile discharge, low grade fever and an inability to pass urine. The young leaves and sprouts of fenugreek are eaten as greens, and the fresh or dried leaves are used to flavor other dishes. It is also used as a dietary supplement to treat various conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol, wounds, inflammation, and gastrointestinal complaints. Fenugreek is currently available commercially in encapsulated forms and is being prescribed as dietary supplements for the control of hypercholesterolemia and diabetes by practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine.
Fenugreek contains a substance that helps to control blood sugar levels and increased insulin production. It has been shown to lower blood glucose levels of Type II diabetics by as much as 46 percent. It has also demonstrated some positive benefits for abnormalities associated with diabetic retinopathy. In addition, to limiting foods high in urine content, protein and calcium must also be kept to a minimum.
Interestingly, uric acid levels are higher for people who drink too much alcohol, as it interferes with the process of getting rid of excess uric acid. In practicing the Single Leg Raise, one leg is raised while the other one stays on the floor.
Learn how to improve the range of motion of your wrists by doing the Wrist Bending Exercise. Everything related to that position including suggestions on how to do it is discussed in further detail in this article.
Acute retention, causing complete anuria, is a medical emergency, as the bladder can stretch to an enormous size, and possibly tear if not dealt with quickly.

Serum urea and creatinine determinations may be necessary to rule out backflow kidney damage. BPH may respond to alpha blocker and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor therapy, or surgically with prostatectomy or transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Patients can be taught to use a self catheterization[4] technique in one simple demonstration, and that reduces the rate of infection from long-term Foley catheters. The exact numbers of individuals with acute prostatitis is unknown, because many do not seek treatment.
The dried leaves (called kasuri methi) have a bitter taste and a strong characteristic smell.
Fenugreek exhibits hypocholesterolemic, hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic activity in healthy and diabetic animals and humans . Uric acid levels are always elevated with the higher consumption foods that are high in purines. With its virtue of balance, Yoga practice helps regulate the levels of uric acid in the body. A post-void residual urine greater than 50 ml is a significant amount of urine and increases the potential for recurring urinary tract infections. Some of the medications decrease libido and may cause dizziness, fatigue and lightheadedness. BPH is a progressive disorder and narrows the neck of the bladder leading to urinary retention.
In the USA, at least 1-3 percent of males under the age of 40 develop urinary difficulty as a result of acute prostatitis. The defatted seed material may reduce gastrointestinal glucose and cholesterol absorption and increase bile acid secretion.In addition, fenugreek may have hepatoprotective effects in animals with alcohol-induced liver damage . This guide is a work in process, but there is plenty of information here to get you started. Therefore, if you practice yoga for reducing purines, it will naturally result in a reduction of uric acid in the body.
In adults older than 60 years, 50-100 ml of residual urine may remain after each voiding because of the decreased contractility of the detrusor muscle. By the age of 70, almost 10 percent of males have some degree of BPH and 33% have it by the eighth decade of life. A few in vitro studies have shown that fenugreek exhibits chemopreventive properties against certain cancers although human studies have yet to be performed. Yoga for oxidizing uric acid should be aimed at reducing the levels of uric acid in the body and therefore, must comprise various asanas (poses) that help to eliminate uric acid from the body more effectively. More importantly, Yoga can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle that can enhance your resistance not only from arthritis but to other sicknesses as well. The increase in bladder pressure can also prevent urine from entering the ureters or even cause urine to pass back up the ureters and get into the kidneys, causing hydronephrosis, and possibly pyonephrosis, kidney failure, and sepsis.
In chronic retention, ultrasound of the bladder may show massive increase in bladder capacity (normal capacity is 400-600 ml). While BPH rarely causes sudden urinary retention, the condition can become acute in the presence of certain medications (blood pressure pills, anti histamines, antiparkinson medications), after spinal anaesthesia or stroke. Worldwide, both BPH and acute prostatitis have been found in males of all races and ethnic backgrounds.
A person should go straight to an emergency department or A&E service as soon as possible if unable to urinate with a painfully full bladder. Cancers of the urinary tract can cause urinary obstruction but the process is more gradual. Serious complications of untreated urinary retention include bladder damage and chronic kidney failure.[1] Urinary retention is a disorder treated in a hospital, and the quicker one seeks treatment, the fewer the complications.

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