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Everybody wants a relaxing and healthier lifestyle but with the ingredients used in ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years, yoga exercises nourishment utilizes the best and strongest Ayurvedic herbs, spices, and clean fruit ingredients to promote optimal wellness for making your lifestyle more relaxed and treated. The herbs for blood purification in ayurveda can effectively extricate toxins from the bloodstream. As individuals do more and more to seek out a healthier lifestyle and a better way of living, it is sometimes necessary to get back to the basics. Panchakarma Center in Kovalam has recently got Olive Certification award for offering quality Ayurvedic facilities.
There is a quickly growing trend out there, and if you haven’t yet heard about it, you will soon. Triphala is one of the most commonly used herbal blends in Ayurvedic medicine and I love it because it is simply put, it is a cure for so many ailments.
Polycystic Ovary Disease or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome   is a problem in which a woman’s hormones are imbalanced.
Patients suffering from PCOS have multiple cyst formations in their ovaries, which is formed due to the unreptured follicles in the ovary during normal menstrual cycle.
Enlarged ovary with multiple small cysts, an abnormally high number of follicles at various states of maturation, and a thick, scarred capsule surrounding each ovary.
Ayurvedic diets for PCOS focus on developing healthy Aartava.  Include more amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet.
Ayurvedic treatments include both Samana and sodana.  Samana oushadies include the medicines to normalize the hormonal imbalance and the medicines to remove the extra growth over the ovary. Sodana Chikitsa (Ayurvedic purification therapy) does the detoxification of the female body. If the liver is damaged, or its function is deranged then it produces symptoms like indigestion, loss of appetite, gas production, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, yellowish discoloration of the skin, foul breath, distended abdominal veins.
An ayurvedic medicine AROGYAVARDHINI, a compound of katuki and calx copper, can be administered.
In case of jaundice, juice of bitter luffa (karvi torai) can be given after removing the pulp part from the mixer. High quality of protein intake is necessary in liver disorders like cirrhosis of the liver. Kindly advise me on the above subject and e-mail me contact details of an expert Ayurvedic Mumbai based doctor practicing on the liver treetment. However, I recently came accross a doctor practicing ayurved, and he said that he can cure chronic liver cirrhosis without a transplant.
Given the sensitivity of the situation, I want to make sure there’s an ayurvedic cure for chronic liver cirrhosis.
Recently (on 29 August), we came to know that my father has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of Liver, and Portal Hypertension. My father (Age: 61 years) is drinking for almost 30 years, now he has stopped taking alcohol. My mother 60 yrs of age is suffering from Chronic Liver Cirrhosis from past one and half year due to HepC genotype 3.
My mother non-alcholic ( 65yrs) is suffering from liver cirrosis and is currently hospitalised.She has Ascites and her 75% Liver is damaged as per endoscopy report and doctor suggested to do liver trasnplant but I would like to know about Ayuredic treatment which would cure or prevent to damage liver further .
I alos request you to please provide me with the details of a good Ayurvedic Doctor diet in Pune.
We had been to patanjali(Baba Ramdev’s ashram), where they said that they can cure it. Please suggest if this can be actually reversed, and should we continue with the medications.
My brother is suffering from liver cirrhosis which, as per the doctors, has become very serious and requires transplant.
My mother age now 55yrs, has been suffering from liver cirrhosis, as per doctor said it is now in second stage. I know in Ayurveda have treatment for cirrhosis, please suggest me how and from where we will get cure. According to all attached test reports, you please make a suggestion that would it be possible to solve the issue without liver transplantation because he is doing all his works without any problem and also able to take the meals and digest this.
Now a days every another woman is suffering from one or the other gynaecological problems like painful menstruation, irregular menstruation, over bleeding, PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), Uterine prolapse, Fibroids, Cancer etc.

The heading includes mithya ahara (abnormal diet) and mithya vihara (abnormal mode of life) both. Abnormal diet:  It refers  to excessive, mal or inadequate diet along with noncongenial, unwholesome, unhygienic and incompatible food. Abnormal mode of life:  Coitus in abnormal body postures or with a weak or young woman by a strong man, use of artificial organ for sexual orgasms etc. Rasayana is an important and an unique concept in Ayurveda.  Rasayana therapy increases ayu (span of life), smriti (memory), medha (Intellect), health, glow, complexion, strengthens body and indriyas (sense organs) and gives healthy glow to the body.
The definition of health in Ayurveda stresses the need for the happy state of atma (soul), indriyas (sense organs) and mana (mind) apart from the disease free condition. Shodhana Therapy is an important unique   remedial therapy adopted to cleanse the system of vitiates doshas. If you practice these tips regularly,  you will lot at least ten years younger than your age. Alternative medicines such as Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine have used herbs, diet, exercise and supplements for detoxification for over 3,000 years.
Moreover, the medicines of ayurveda are completely herbal, and free from any kind of side effects. All too often, we get caught up in all of the modern advances and we have no ability to see that the best solution is a small thing that’s been set up right in front of us. As more and more people look for the best ways to get their body to a healthy place, holistic treatments are gaining steam. The three fruits contained in Triphala; Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki, each correspond to one of the three humors or doshas of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is a system of holistic health and aims at a combination of diet, medicine and life style changes to bring the body and soul in harmony. It is common endocrinal disorder which affects approximately 5-10% women of reproductive age (15-45 years) and is one of the leading cause for the female infertility and menstrual disorder in women.
This results in the enlargement of ovary and produces excessive amounts of androgen and estrogen hormones. Examples like Sukumara kashayam, Varunadhi kashayam, Kanachanara gulgulu, Chandraprabha gulika etc. The all treatments are having very good result for reducing the formed cyst and to normalize the hormonal activity.
Liver is the detoxifying machine, sugar storing organ of our body and performs various other important roles like that of being the controller of cholesterol metabolism, producer of bile acids and bile salts, and substances important for blood coagulation. And in severe cases things like blood vomiting and accumulation of fluid in abdomen known as ascitis is seen.
Juice of this plant is administered in doses of one teaspoonful thrice a day in case of infantile liver cirrhosis.
A tender bark of papal tree soaked in water overnight and consumed in the morning, increases urine flow thereby excreting bile salts and pigments. Another home remedy is green leaves of radish, half a litre per day makes bowel thoroughly clean. Raw goat milk, home made cottage cheese, almonds are the best sources of high quality proteins which are easily available.
He has had fluid extraction about 2-3 times in the last six months, and yet there seems no sign of this problem coming to an end. Doctors have given him a window of ~6 weeks, within which he’ll have to undergo a liver transplant.
I read on the internet that transplant is the only cure for chronic liver cirrhosis, but on the other hand the ayurvedic doctor I consulted seems very confident in treating my father.
Please advise if there’s a ayurvedic cure for chronic liver cirrhosis, and if so, are there any statistics related to success rate?
She has undegone interferon therapy for 6 motnhs where her viral load has gone down from 5,47,000 to not detected.
He has diabetes, BP and had knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis, this when we found he has cirrhosis.
Over eating may cause various gynecological disorders by producing over body weight, obesity and diabetes etc. Beejadosha (abnormalities of sperm or ovum): Various  chromosomal or genetic abnormalities  come under this group.

The important principle behind rasayana karma is to make man healthy both physically and mentally which is reflected on the face, giving natural beauty to an individual. Shodhana therapy aims not only at the rejuvenation of the  cells of the body but also makes the mind calm, gives healthy glow to the body and skin. Drinking plenty of fresh, pure water is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to reverse the aging process. Sleep for at least six to eight hours restfully in the night without the aid of meditation. Raw vegetable juice is full of known and unknown anti-oxidants, which in turn help in reducing  free radical activity. Furthermore, ayurveda is not only an alternative treatment method but also, an age old science. If you are interested to regain your health and inner peace then this is the perfect place to visit. This excess of male hormone leaves to the absence of ovulation which in turn cause infertility, acne and growth of extra hair on body.  It also develops Insulin resistance to the body causing diabetes and obesity. It is also recommended to avoid spicy food, fermented food, and butter milk, to improve the Agni.
It provide strength to the reproductive organ like uterus, ovaries, phalopian tubules, Vajina etc. A number of cases are been treated at our hospital as a female infertility case and got 100% result in curing the disease like PCOS. A 250mg tablet of this medicine is available, and two to four tablets should be given thrice during the day with a cup of warm water.
Is there any ayurvedic treatement for the liver , to reduce the acitis, portal hypertension, esophagal varices and Kidneys to fuction better and increase the survival rate. Doctors suspect that he got this disease due to uncontrolled medication for Arthritis and Diabetes. As my father (age 55 years) is suffering from Ascites, hepatitis b and jaundice from last 20 days and currently he is admit in Vivekananda Institute of Hospitals in Lucknow.
If collectively we see according to Ayurvedic classics the following etiological factors emerge out. Ovum is the egg, menstrual blood is a result of endometrial changes brought about by hormones and reflects the status of reproductive system as well as hormones. Shodhana therapies like  vasti, vamana and virechana are being practiced popularly to cleanse the body of its toxins. Excessive fat intake increases free radical activity, Recycling the used oil is another harmful habit practiced by most home makers. According to Ayurveda, PCOS can be caused due to the imbalance of any of the three doshas Vata, pita and Kapha.  The prime ones being Pitta and Kapha.
In turn ayurvedic treatment will increase the quality of the life of the patient suffering from such disease. This stimulates the liver to produce more bile, the excretion of which will relieve liver from congestion thereby also relieving liver pain. A tablespoon of juice is obtained by grinding the seeds, mixed with 10 drops of fresh lime juice and given twice a day for atleast a month. So Ayurvedic therapies play multiple role of internal and external purification and enhancing mental and physical health. Besides these also reflects abnormal psychology of individuals, these psychosomatic abnormalities are causes of gynecological disorders. This further causes accumulation of ama in the weaker channels of body.  In PCOS patients, these toxins get accumulated in the manovaha strotas (channels of the mind), causes an imbalance of hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. This condition results imbalance in female hormones and increase in Kapha, which causes formation of cysts, an ovulatory periods and other symptoms. Liver Function Test shows high SGOT & SGPT but billirubin and albumin are within normal range.

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