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In the solid booster rockets (white) on the sides of the external tank, ammonium perchlorate (NH4ClO4) reacts with aluminium metal to produce white aluminium oxide and aluminium chloride, water vapour and nitrogen gas. These reactions generate huge amounts of energy which expand the gases produced pushing them out the nozzles of the rockets.
Chemical reactions dona€™t only happen during the launch of the Space Shuttle - they are are happening everywhere. This topic builds on the understanding of elements, compounds and chemical reactions developed in the Year 8 topic a€?Compounds and Reactions.

The launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery involves huge chemical reactions.A A  The reaction in the large red external tanks is between hydrogen and oxygen to produce enormous volumes of extremely hot water (steam). It is a known fact that the entire World is slowly and steadily gaining confidence in Ayurveda and Herbal system of medicines.
Our pure Herbal formulation comprising of Pykure Capsules, Pykure Ointment and Kabzkure Powder (for constipation) have given great relief to patients suffering from Bleeding Piles, Prolapse of Rectum, Anal Fissures and even Fistula. Patients suffering from different diseases have come to realize that Herbal Medicines are totally Safe for consumption without any Side Effects.

During the last 11 years we have successfully treated lacs of patients with these Herbal Medicines without any type of SURGERY. A pilot study of these products have been carried out by the Head of Department of Shalya IMS BHU Varanasi Pin 221005.

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