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Tap System Services and turn off Location-Based iAds, Setting Time Zone, Diagnostics & Usage, Traffic, Frequent Locations, and Popular Near Me. Every time you pull down Notification Cente, it uses your cellular data to keep you up to date on latest stocks, weather, and your daily summary.
The best way to save battery life while using iOS 7 is by turning off everything you don't use. And don't forget the basic of all battery saving trips like turning down your brightness (you can now do this from the Control Center) and disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can turn off Background App Refresh altogether, or you can sroll down and set individual Background App Refresh setting for each app.
For example, the parallax effect may be neat, but what good is the illusion of 3D when your phone is dead? Swipe up from the bottom of your display to open up Control Center and double tap on the AirDrop logo to disable it. You can turn off Location Services altogether, or you can sroll down and set individual setting for each app.

Here are a few iOS 7 features you may want to disable or limit so you can get more use out of your battery. If you want to pitch a story, share a tip, or just get in touch, additional contact information is available on his personal site.

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