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Alternative MedicineChinese Herbal Medicine has been used for millenia for a variety of ailments on millions of people. Acupuncture is an ancient form of healthcare that originated in China at least 5,000 years ago. We have the ability to detect a Breast Tumor up to 10 years before detection through other means. Acupuncture, among the oldest healing practices in the world, is part of traditional Chinese medicine.
With 70,000 patient visits spanning over 3 decades, Raman Basha, Medical Director, is eminently qualified to provide a consultation, diagnosis and World Class Treatment for your particular condition. Confessions Of A Convert Basha, I read something today that I think is so appropriate to what I am going through. When anesthetic and conventional medicine does not work, then people search for the alternative medicine. Alternative medicine - conventional concept that combines methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of human, who for one reason or another have not received universal acceptance among physicians. User are requested to read our Copyright Policy before downloading anything from this site.

If you will find cheaper product with the same functions, we will pay the difference to you. Our aim is to provide the excellent equipment to alternative medicine practitioners and treatment for the most affordable prices.
If you have any questions or concerns - we will be glad to answer them within 24 hours period.
Features of Clientsa€™ tab: It is possible to add a new client or edit or delete information on existing client.
Diagnostic function: Gives an information about tested point (its description, location and indication) The user is able to shift to another pointa€™s testing with time delay, it is possible to set necessary time when the software shifts to another pointa€™s measurement ( may be useful for a beginner).
If you do not have your own website and planning to develop it, you can use our FREE service for site and webshop development. Now you can put your personal information, download your picture and video (showing your work for advertising purpose), to integrate or set-up your webshop for e-commerce (in case if you sell your own healthcare products or resell them). Basha Health has a thorough understanding of alternative, natural remedies to help improve almost all of your health concerns and conditions. General areas include but are not limited to Pain Management ,Sports Injury, Endocrinology, Heart Health, Auto-Immune Disease, Women’s Health, Fertility, and Weight Loss.

The main reason for this is usually a lack of clear rules, a large proportion of subjectivity in the selection and application of these methods. The all programs come up from real practice and the best proof - our hundreds of customers from different countries.
With the help of a clienta€™s ID or name, last name, city, phone, date of birth, email you can search for a necessary client within softwarea€™s database.
Noteworthy that we specially provided the site development service for doctors, practitioners, clinics, medical related organizations. Please spend a little time to discover what Basha Health can do to help you attain your health goals.
Mark necessary test dates, view and compare how physiological response changed within a period of time.
We invite you to see a series of unusual photos that may seem strange, funny, or, conversely, terrible.

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