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When a couple is not able to conceive after a year of regular sex on their fertile days (without contraceptives), they are said to be infertile for some reason. There are several herbal treatments available to help infertile couples and one such treatment is known as Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is highly effective for female fertility problems and its regular use prepares a woman’s body for conception. Ayurveda fertility treatment assumes the fertility to be the result of the transformation of sperm and egg and if there is any hindrance in the way, the process doesn’t occur. Ayurveda treatment specialists also recommend that the environment and preparation of making love and having sex is also important.
Do you want to lead a satisfied sexual life?As much as we need to love emotionally, the need to satisfy your partner physically cannot be ignored. CorrespondenceDo you wonder that if only Sablok Clinic was in my city, I would have been cured by now? For patients across the world who are unable to come to our clinic, we have a helpline number +919891300008 where you can call to get free consultation and after receiving your problem, the customized formula created by Dr.
Deepa Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre is a highly specialized Ayurveda treatment destination situated at Kanhangad, near the Bakkel fort and in the reach of Arabian Sea on the one side and the Malabar mountain ranges on the other side.
Ayurveda, or ayurvedic medicine, is a healthy-lifestyle system that people in India have used for more than 5,000 years.
To create life- long relationships by changing the way health and healthcare is delivered in our communities. Ayurvedic treatment emphasis on balancing between body and mind by physical exercises even with herbal therapy. Well furnished Double bedded room with attached bathroom, Dressing room,Common sit-out in each Bhavan .. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Poonam Sharma comes from the armed forces background and thus has lived and travelled all over India.

She did her Graduation in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College and Post Graduation from Nagpur University .She also did her Diploma in Travel and Tourism.
She was an active supporter of “Spice Mazay” in Jhansi in her quest to bring our rich culture and heritage to the masses. Poonam was actively involved with the management of “Rani Laxmi Bai” group of schools, which are the largest group of school in Bundelkhand Catering to 5000 children. Her business carrier started with the participation, promotion, development and product identification of “Mantra” products - a range of Herbal Cosmetic products.
We have been patrons of Mantra Vedic Spa since its inception and have found it a consistently delightful experience. Matt India is an Ayurvedic hospital with resident Ayurvedic physicians, Therapists, Health Centre, Dispensary, Yoga & Meditation Centre, Restaurant and an ever- attentive service staff. Infertility can be cured although some of the problems are difficult to treat especially when the mother is over the age of 35 years. Dried asparagus is used in the preparation of Ayurveda and it contains proteins, carbohydrates, natural steroids, and polysaccaroids. Reproductive strength of the couple actually depends on the fitness of reproductive tissues in both man and woman. This process will not initiate unless it is rejuvenated by ensuring the health and strength of both egg and sperm.
It is necessary to set a background that contains an aromatic and romantic ambiance over a soothing and relaxing couch or bed. We provide holistic healthcare services in general health maintenance, stress reduction, all the treatments for body flexibility, strength and stamina.
Poonam actively participated in many activities involving the poorer sections of society in Bundelkhand and especially focusing in the education of the girl child in that region. Stressed modern life and an increased use of chemicals and pesticides in our food is a huge cause of infertility in both men and women. The woman releases her ovum as a result of her menstrual cycle while a man releases his semen (containing sperms) when his reproductive system receives stimulation from the environment.

Ayurveda experts suggest that there are certain foods that strengthen the reproductive system better than others. This union is very important in that two forces are going to merge together to produce a new life. You can find here ayurvedic solution to overcome the allergies.Click our link to buy Allergy Care Pack. Through a combination of diet, massage and Ayurvedic medicines, i lost weight, gained energy, improved my mood and felt better overall.
This herb has proven extremely useful in the treatment of male side fertility problems i.e. You do not need to expose your identity and the medicines can be delivered to a P.O box also. We are one of the leading multi specialty hospitals in North Malabar with 100 bed capacity and well equipped with modern facilities. As a result, when a person eats healthy food, he is likely to acquire a stronger body and powerful reproductive sperms, hence resulting in the production of healthy babies. Ayurveda also suggests a detoxification program that involves simple eating and a regular oil massage. Visiting a reputable infertility clinic (link to sablok clinic goes here) will help you a lot.
The treatment emphasizes eating khichdi on daily basis as it considers it to be the best healing food. The hospital is creating a new era of customer delight in the healthcare sector ever since the induction in August 2012. Daily massage of sesame oil also helps in conception as it dilates the skin of the patient.

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