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KALPATARU AYURVEDA CHIKITSALAYA -  Mission and VisionMission "Providing Excellent Medical Treatment, by a team of dedicated staff and creating a premier, patient focused and integrated health care delivery system and achieving highest degree of patient satisfaction."Vision"The aim of the Hospital is to provide comprehensive health Care to every section of society through personalized care by highly competent professionals. Azoospermia may occur due to the presence of anti-sperm antibodies which bind themselves with the sperms and make them less motile or even dead that they cannot reach the ejaculate (obstructive cause). Obstructive causes: These include genetic conditions that affect sperm flow such as congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens, varicocele and infections of the male reproductive organs. Non-obstructive causes: These include genetic conditions that affect sperm production such as Klinefelterand Kallmann syndrome and unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs.
In most of the cases, men who have this condition do not have any indication that there is an issue with their fertility until their partner experience difficulty in getting pregnant. Allopathic medicines are effective for curing low sperm count, sperm mobility and quantity but there are many side-effects associated with the treatment hence ayurvedic treatment is the safest and effective male infertility treatment. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments: A special panchakarmatherapy known as Uttar basti is extremely useful for this condition. It will remain our constant Endeavour to improve the quality of our service to make it better and still better. It is defined as a medical condition of men not having any countable number of normal, motile (moving) sperms in their seminal fluid. In certain individuals, hormone imbalance or conditions that impeded the passage of sperms may show some symptoms like excess body fat, hair growth. Synthetic medicines in diabetes consideration work by stimulating the pancreas to release more insulin, keeping the liver from producing more glucose or increasing the sensitivity of the body towards the insulin discharged by the pancreas.
Some individuals may also feel difficulty in maintaining an erection, low sex drive, transparent watery discharge from the penis and pain, swelling or lumps in the testicle area (varicocele).

Apart from these herbs, there are different traditional combinations which are extremely useful for treating this condition like Immune AG churna, DhatupostikChurna, ShilajeetAdiwati and many more. Providing traditional treatment methods of Ayurveda without any compromise, at the same time arranging a calm & quite atmosphere and friendly staff. During treatment, practitioners assist patients to achieve spiritual, mental, and physical harmony. So that the ayurvedic approach of treating the tripod of body, mind and soul together is achieved. The goal of Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is that the patient will know how to keep the disease under control and thereby improve his or her overall well-being.Ayurvedic Medicines For DiabetesWhat is Diabetes?Diabetes is a disorder characterized by excess amount of blood glucose or blood sugar.
To create a patient friendly atmosphere with the help of highly qualified Doctors and dedicated staff.
This occurs due to lack of the hormone insulin in the body or because the insulin that is present in the body is not absorbed by the body. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes called insulin dependent diabetes that usually affects children and teenagers and Type 2 that was previously called non-insulin dependent diabetes and usually affects adults. If left untreated, high glucose levels can damage blood vessels, posing great health problems in the long run.Ayurvedic Herbal Cure for DiabetesGymnema SylvestreGymnema sylvestre is an effective hypoglycemic component in Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes.
Yogeshwar Pawale, M.D (Ayurveda) is a rank holder from Prestigious Govt Ayurveda College affiliated"The aim of the Hospital is to provide comprehensive health Care to every section of society through personalized care by highly competent professionals.
The efficacy of Gymnema sylvestre leaves in reducing the blood sugar level has been demonstrated in experimental and clinical studies. By assisting regeneration of the residual pancreatic beta cells, it reduces dependence on insulin medications.Morus IndicaMorus indica leaves are recommended in Ayurveda for lowering the blood sugar level.

Since diabetes is all about the body not being able to metabolize sugar, drinking mango leaf infused water is a good way to keep your blood sugar levels in check. The correct way of using mango leaves for diabetes is to wash and boil about 3-4 mango leaves before going to bed and leave it overnight with the leaves soaking in their own extract. In the morning, sieve the water so that the leaves are removed from it and drink it on an empty stomach.Gymnema SylvestreCaution with AyurvedaAyurvedic medicines are effective for treating diabetes but relying on this type of treatment alone can have adverse health consequences.
Consult your allopathic physician before you stop the allopathic drugs for diabetes treatment.
Some of the ayurvedic medicines can interact with medicines, foods, or dietary supplements. Yogeshwar Pawale established the Kalpataru Ayurveda Chikitasalay, Hadapsar, Pune and Kalpataru Ayurveda Super Speciality hospital in eastern part of pune city, which treat thousands of patients every year from all over the world. Dr. Inform your allopathic physician if you are using ayurvedic remedies.Turmeric And Bitter MelonThe herbs turmeric and bitter melon may be recommended as an herbal Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes. A general turmeric dosage is two capsules taken three times a day before meals for one month. Anyone who decides to take vasanta kusumakar ras should monitor blood sugar levels very closely.

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